Introduction of a big dose of histamine to an experimental animal caused abrupt drop of arterial pressure as a result of:

A. Constriction of resistance vessels

B. Dilatation of resistance vessels

C. Increase of heart rate

D. Decrease of heart rate

E. Decrease of heart rate and force

A patient died from acute cardiac insufficiency, among clinical presentations there was gastrointestinal haemorrhag E. Examination of mucous membrane of sromach revealed some defects reaching myenteron; their edges and bottom were mostly even and loose, some of them contained dark-red bloo D. What pathological process was revealed?

A. Thrombosis

B. Inflammation

C. Erosions

D. Chronic ulcers

E. Acute ulcers

 168 Electronic microphotography of pulmonary alveole's wall presents a big cell. Its cytoplasm has a lot of mitochondria, developed Golgi apparatus, osmiophil lamellated corpuscles. What is the main function of this cell?

A. It is a component of blood-air barrier

B. It absorbs microorganisms

C. It warms the air

D. It purifies the air

E. It produces surfactant

A patient underwent an operation on account of gall bladder excision that resulted in obstruction of Ca absorption through the bowels wall. What vitamin wil stimulate this process?

A. D3

B. C

C. B12

D. K


 170 A 48 year old patient complained about intense pain, slight swelling and reddening of skin over the joints, temperature rise up to 38oC. Blood analysis revealed high concentration of urates. This condition might be caused by disturbed metabolism of:

A. Collagen

B. Pyrimidines

C. Cholesterol

D. Carbohydrates

E. Purines

 171 A 17 year old boy fell seriously ill, the body temperature rose up to 38,5oC, there appeared cough, rhinitis, lacrimation, nasal discharges. What inflammation is it?

A. Serous

B. Fibrinous

C. Purulent

D. Catarrhal

E. Hemorrhagic

It is known that the gene responsible for development of blood groups according to AB0 system has three allele variants. If a man has IV blood group, it can be explained by the following variability form:

A. Phenocopy

B. Phenotypic

C. Genocopy

D. Mutational

E. Combinative

Characteristic sign of glycogenosis is muscle pain during physical work. Blood examination reveals usually hypoglycemi A. This pathology is caused by congenital deficiency of the following enzyme:

A. Glycogen phosphorylase

B. Lysosomal glycosidase

C. Gamma amylase

D. Glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase

E. Alpha amylase

A concentrated solution of sodium chloride was intravenously injected to an animal. This caused decreased reabsorption of sodium ions in the renal tubules. It is the result of the following changes of hormonal secretion:

A. Reduction of atrial natriuretic factor

B. Aldosterone increase

C. Aldosterone reduction

D. Vasopressin increase

E. Vasopressin reduction

 175 An unconscious patient was delivered to the admission war D. Objectively: the patient's skin is cold, pupils are myotic, he has laboured Cheyne-Stokes respiration, arterial pressure is low, urinary bladder is full. What substance has caused intoxication?

A. Tranquilizers

B. Non-narcotic analgetics

C. -

D. Muscarinic receptor blockers

E. Narcotic analgetics

 176 A 22 year old patient from the West Ukraine complains of laboured nasal breathing. Morphological examination of biopsy material of nasal mucous membrane revealed lymphoid, epithelioid, plasma cells as well as Mikulicz's cells. What is the most probable diagnosis?

A. Leprosy

B. Rhinoscleroma

C. Tuberculosis

D. Syphilis

E. Glanders

An isolated cell of human heart automatically generates excitement impulses with frequency of 60 times per minut E. This cell was taken from the following heart structure:

A. Atrioventricular node

B. Atrium

C. Ventricle

D. Sinoatrial node

E. His' bundle

Voluntary breath-holding caused increase of respiration depth and frequency. The main factor stimulating these changes of external respiration is:

A. Increased tension of CO2 in blood

B. Decreased tension of O2 in blood

C. Decreased concentration of H+ in blood

D. Increased tension of O2 in blood

E. Decreased tension of CO2 in blood

A patient has low rate of magnesium ions that are necessary for affixion of ribosomes to the endoplasmic reticulum. It is known that it causes disturbance of protein biosynthesis. At what stage is protein biosynthesis impaired?

A. Translation

B. Amino acid activation

C. Replication

D. Transcription

E. Termination

A 45 year old patient was admitted to the cardiological department. ECG data: negative P wave overlaps QRS complex, diastolic interval is prolonged after extrasystol E. What type of extrasystole is it?

A. Ventricular

B. Atrial

C. Atrioventricular

D. Sinus

E. Bundle-branch

 181 A 5 year old child is ill with measles. Blood analysis revealed increase of total number of leukocytes up to 13*109/l. Leukogram: basophils - 0, eosinophils - 1, myelocytes - 0, juvenile neutrophils - 0, band neutrophils - 2, segmented neutrophils - 41, lymphocytes - 28, monocytes - 28. Name this phenomenon:

A. Lymphocytosis

B. Agranulocytosis

C. Eosinopenia

D. Monocytosis

E. Neutropenia

Surgical approach to the thyroid gland from the transverse (collar) approach involves opening of interaponeurotic suprasternal spac E. What anatomic structure localized in this space is dangerous to be damaged?

A. Subclavicular vein

B. External jugular vein

C. Jugular venous arch

D. Superior thyroid arthery

E. Inferior thyroid arthery

During an operation a patient got injection of muscle relaxant dithylinum. Relaxation of skeletal muscles and inhibition of respiration lasted two hours. This condition was caused by absence of the following enzyme in blood serum:

A. Glutathione peroxidase

B. Catalase

C. Acetylcholinesterase

D. Butyrylcholin esterase

E. Glucose 6-phosphatase

 184 Microscopical examination of a microbal culture revealed fusiform spore-forming microorganisms that get violet-blue Gram's stain. What microorganisms were revealed?

A. Actinomycete

B. Streptococci

C. Clostridia

D. Diplococci

E. Spirochaete

A 63 year old male patient who had been suffering from chronic diffuse obstructive disease, pulmonary emphysema, for 15 years died from cardiac insufficiency. Autopsy revealed nutmeg liver cirrhosis, cyanotic induration of kidneys and spleen, ascites, edemata of lower limbs. These changes of internal organs are typical for the following disease:

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