A. Apical and posterior basal

B. Medial and lateral

C. Superior and inferior lingular

D. Apical, posterior, anterior

E. Apical and median basal

A patient ill with thrombophlebitis of his lower limbs had chest pain, blood spitting, progressing respiratory insufficiency that led to his death. Autopsy diagnosed multiple lung infarctions. What is the most probable cause of their development?

A. Thromboembolism of bronchial arteries

B. Thrombosis of pulmonary artery branches

C. Thrombosis of bronchial arteries

D. Thrombosis of pulmonary veins

E. Thromboembolism of pulmonary artery branches

A full-term newborn child has yellowish skin and mucous membranes. This might be probably caused by temporary deficiency of the following enzyme:

A. Biliverdin reductase

B. Heme synthetase

C. Uridine transferase

D. Heme oxygenase

E. UDPglucoronyltransferase

Ultrasonic examination of a patient revealed aneurism in the area of aortic arch that caused alteration of vocal function of larynx. What nerve was constricted?

A. Superior laryngeal

B. Mandibular

C. Recurrent laryngeal

D. Sublingual

E. Diaphragmatic

 121 Atria of an experimental animal were superdistended by blood that resulted in decreased reabsorption of Na+ and water in renal tubules. This can be explained by the influence of the following factor upon kidneys:

A. Renin

B. Vasopressin

C. Angiotensin

D. Aldosterone

E. Natriuretic hormone

A patient suffers from hepatocirrhosis. State of antitoxic liver function can be characterized by examination of the following substance exreted by urine:

A. Amino acids

B. Ammonium salts

C. Hippuric acid

D. Uric acid

E. Creatinine

Dietary intake of a 30 year old nursing woman contains 1000 mg of calcium, 1300 mg of phosphorus and 20 mg of iron per day. It is necessary to change content of these mineral substances in the following way:

A. To increase calcium content

B. To reduce fluorine content

C. To reduce iron content

D. To increase iron content

E. To increase phosphorus content

A 25 year old patient was examined by a medical boar D. Examination revealed pathology of chest. Transverse dimensions were to small and the sternum was strongly protruding. What chest type is it?

A. Flat chest

B. Funnel chest

C. Keeled chest

D. Barrel chest

E. Cylindrical chest

A 50 year old patient has been taking treatment thrice for the last 6 months because of fractures caused by domestic accidents. Microscopical examination of bony tissue revealed foci of lacunar resolution, giant-cell granulomas in the tumour-like formations, cysts. Bony tissue was substituted by fibrous connective tissu E. Examination revealed also adenoma of parathyroid gland and hypercalcemi A. What is the most probable diagnosis?

A. Osteopetrosis

B. Parathyroid osteodystrophy

C. Paget's disease

D. Osteomyelitis

E. Myelomatosis

A young woman who entered a production department where it strongly smelt of paints and varnishes had a bronchospasm. This reflex was caused by irritation of the following receptors:

A. Central chemoreceptors

B. Peripheral chemoreceptors

C. Pleura receptors

D. Irritant

E. Juxtaglomerular

An isolated muscle fiber is under examination. It was established that the threshold of stimulation force became significantly lower. What is the cause of this phenomenon?

A. Inactivation of sodium channels of membrane

B. Inactivation of potassium channels of membrane

C. Block of energy production in the cell

D. Activation of potassium channels of membrane

E. Activation of sodium channels of membrane

Burned skin surface was treated with a certain preparation. Its antiseptic properties are provided by atomic oxygen that is formed in presence of organic substances. What preparation was applied?

A. Sodium hydrocarbonate

B. Alcoholic iodine solution

C. Potassium permanganate

D. Furacillin

E. Chlorhexidine bigluconate

Examination of a patient suffering from cancer of urinary bladder revealed high rate of serotonin and hydroxyanthranilic aci D. It is caused by excess of the following amino acid in the organism:

A. Alanine

B. Tyrosine

C. Tryptophan

D. Methionine

E. Histidine

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