A. It blocks synthesis of cytoplasm proteins

B. It blocks DNA synthesis

C. It blocks synthesis of peptidoglycan of microbal membrane

D. It blocks RNA synthesis

E. It blocks thiol enzymes

Students who are taking examinations often have dry mouth. The mechanism that causes this state is the realization of the following reflexes:

A. Unconditioned peripheral

B. Unconditioned sympathetic

C. Conditioned sympathetic

D. Unconditioned parasympathetic

E. Conditioned parasympathetic

A patient is 44 years ol D. Laboratory examination of his blood revealed that content of proteins in plasma was 40 g/l. What influence will be exerted on the transcapillary water exchange?

A. Filtration will be decreased, reabsorption - increased

B. Both filtration and reabsorption will be decreased

C. Both filtration and reabsorption will be increased

D. Exchange will stay unchanged

E. Filtration will be increased, reabsorption - decreased

A viral infection has damaged cells that form walls of bile capillaries. This stimulated conditions for inflow of bile into the blood of sinusoidal capillaries. What cells are damaged?

A. Pit-cells

B. Endotheliocytes

C. Kupffer's cells

D. Ito cells

E. Hepatocytes

A healthy man is in a region with high risk of catching malari A. What drug should be administered for individual chemoprophylaxis of malaria?

A. Biseptol

B. Sulfalen

C. Tetracycline

D. Metronidazole

E. Chingamin

A child is pale, pastose, muscular tissue is bad developed, lymph nodes are enlarge D. He often suffers from angina and pharyngitis, blood has signs of lymphocytosis. The child is also predisposed to autoallergic diseases. What type of diathesis can be presumed in this case?

A. Exudative

B. Gouty

C. Asthenic

D. Hemorrhagic

E. Lymphohypoplastic

Autopsy of a 5 year old child revealed in the area of vermis of cerebellum a soft greyish-pink node 2 cm in diameter with areas of haemorrhag E. Histologically this tumour consisted of atypical monomorphous small roundish cells with big polymorphous nuclei. What tumour is it?

A. Astrocytoma

B. Oligodendroglioma

C. Glioblastoma

D. Meningioma

E. Medulloblastoma

Surface with an intact toad on it was inclined to the right. Tone of extensor muscles became reflectory higher due to the activation of the following receptors:

A. Proprioreceptors

B. Photoreceptors of retina

C. Vestibuloreceptors of semicircular ducts

D. Mechanoreceptors of foot skin

E. Vestibuloreceptors of utricle and saccule

Lungs of a preterm infant have areas of atelectasis (pulmonary collapse). The main cause is:

A. Underdeveloped inspiration muscles

B. Diminished force of surface tension of lungs

C. Increased viscous resistance

D. Surfactant excess

E. Surfactant deficiency

A patient got a trauma that caused dysfunction of motor centres regulating activity of head muscles. In what parts of cerebral cortex is the respective centre normally localized?

A. Inferior part of precentral gyrus

B. Angular gyrus

C. Superior parietal lobule

D. Superior part of precentral gyrus

E. Supramarginal gyrus

A patient suffers from stenocardia and takes isosorbide mononitrat E. He was prescribed a complementary drug with disaggregating effect. What drug is it?

A. Propranolol

B. Nitroglycerine

C. Acetylsalicinic acid

D. Validol

E. Nifedipine

A patient in a transplantation centre underwent heart transplantation. The organ was taken from a donor who died in a road accident. Foreign heart can be rejected as a result of development of transplantation immunity. It is usually prevented by means of:

A. Immunosuppressors

B. X-ray therapy

C. Chemotherapy

D. Enzymes

E. Ultrasound

A woman was delivered to a hospital for trachea intubation. What of the following drugs should be applied in this case?

A. Metronidazole

B. Nitroglycerine

C. Dithylinum

D. Atropine sulfate

E. Gentamycin sulfate

A patient with skin mycosis has disorder of cellular immunity. The most typical characteristic of it is reduction of the following index:

A. T-lymphocytes

B. Immunoglobulin E

C. Immunoglobulin G

D. B-lymphocytes

E. Plasmocytes

Examination of a patient suffering from frequent haemorrhages in the inner organs and mucous membranes revealed proline and lysine being included in collagen fibers. Impairment of their hydroxylation is caused by lack of the following vitamin:

A. C

B. K

C. D

D. E

E. A

 62 A patient complained about being unable to adduct and abduct fingers in the metacarpophalangeal articulations towards and away from the 3rd finger. Which muscles' function is impaired?

A. Long flexors of fingers

B. Interosseous muscles

C. Lumbrical muscles

D. Breviflexors of fingers

E. Extensors

A newborn child suffers from milk curdling in stomach, this means that soluble milk proteins (caseins) transform to insoluble proteins (paracaseins) by means of calcium ions and a certain enzym E. What enzyme takes part in this process?

A. Pepsin

B. Renin

C. Lipase

D. Secretin

E. Gastrin

During preparation of a patient to a heart surgery it was necessary to measure pressure in heart chambers. In one of them pressure varied from 0 mm Hg up to 120 mm Hg within one cardiac cycl E. What heart chamber is it?

A. Left ventricle

B. Left atrium

C. -

D. Right ventricle

E. Right atrium

A 50 year old patient underwent resection of tumour of large intestine wall. Microscopically it presents itself as fascicles of divergent collagen fibers of different thickness and form and some monomorphous fusiform cells that are irregularly distributed among the fibers. Cellular atypia is not evident. What tumour is it?

A. Fibromyoma

B. Fibrosarcoma

C. Soft fibroma

D. Hard fibroma

E. Desmoma

During regular examination of schoolchildren it was revealed that a 10 year old girl had asymmetric oval eggs with a larva in the scrape from her perianal folds. What diagnosis should be made?

A. Ascariasis

B. Trichocephalosis

C. Enterobiasis

D. Amebiasis

E. Ankylostomiasis

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