A patient with a limb fracture must be administered a depolarizing drug from the myorelaxant group for the purpose of a shorttime surgery. What drug is it?

D. *Dithylinum

190. It was established that agglutination of the recipient's blood erythrocytes had been caused by the standard sera from the I and II groups. Serum from the III group as well as anti-Rh serum hadn't provoked any agglutination. Which blood group and rhesus is allowed to be transfused this recipient?

D. *B, a (III) Rh

191. A worker of a cattle farm fell acutely ill and then died from the progressing intoxication. Autopsy revealed enlarged, hyposthenic spleen of dark-cherry colour when dissected; excessive pulp scraping. At the base and fornix of brain pia maters are edematous, soaked with blood, dark-red ("scarlet hat"). Microscopic examination revealed serous haemorrhagic inflammation of brain tissues and tunics along with destruction of small vessel walls. What is the most likely diagnosis?

C. *Anthrax

Pharmacological effects of antidepressants are based upon blocking (inhibiting) the enzyme that acts as a catalyst for the breakdown of biogenic amines noradrenalin and serotonin in the mitochondria of cephalic neurons. What enzyme takes part in this process?

C. *Monoamine oxidase

A patient with clinical presentations of immunodeficiency has undergone immunological tests. They revealed significant decrease in number of cells that form rosettes with sheep erythrocytes. What conclusion can be drowning on the ground of the analysis data?

E. *Decrease in T-lymphocyte level

194. A 50-year-old patient complains about general weakness, appetite loss and cardiac arrhythmia. The patient presents with muscle hypotonia, flaccid paralyses, weakened peristaltic activity of the bowels. Such condition might be caused by:

A. *Hypokaliemia

A 60-year-old patient presents with weakened peristaltic activity of the bowels. Which of the following foodstuffs would stimulate peristalsis most of all?

A. *Brown bread

A patient has an increased pyruvate concentration in blood. A large amount of it is excreted with the urine. What vitamin is lacking in this patient?

A. *B1

A patient presents with twilight vision impairment. Which of the following vitamins should be administered?

C. *Retinol acetate

ECG of a patient shows such alterations: F-wave is normal, P — Q-interval is short, ventricular QRST complex is wide, .R-wave is double-peak or two-phase. What form of arrhythmia is it?

C. *WPW syndrome (Wolff-Parkinson-White)

In the pubertal period cells of the male sexual glands start producing the male sexual hormone testosterone that is responsible for formation of the secondary sexual characters. What cells of the male sexual glands produce this hormone?

A. *Leidig cells

200. While eating a child choked on food and aspirated it. The child has severe cough, cyanotic skin and mucous membranes, rapid pulse, infrequent respiration, prolonged expiration. The child has developed the following disorder of the external respiration:

C. *Expiratory dyspnea under asphyxia

Krok 1. Medicine-2010

Two hours after an exam a student had a blood count done and it was revealed that he had leukocytosis without significant leukogram modifications. What is the most probable mechanism of leukocytosis development?

A. Leukopoiesis intensification and deceleration of leukocyte lysis

B. Redistribution of leukocytes in the organism

C. Deceleration of leukocyte migration to the tissues

D. Deceleration of leukocyte lysis

E. Leukopoiesis intensification

A patient was stung by a be E. Examination revealed that his left hand was hot, pink, edematic, there was a big red blister on the site of sting. What is the leading mechanism of edema development?

A. Reduced vessel filling

B. Drop of osmotic pressure in tissue

C. Increased vessel permeability

D. Injury of vessels caused by the sting

E. Drop of oncotic pressure in tissue

A patient caught a cold after which there appeared facial expression disorder. He cannot close his eyes, raise his eyebrows, bare his teeth. What nerve is damaged?

A. Glossopharyngeal

B. Trigeminus

C. Vagus

D. Infraorbital

E. Facial

 4 A newborn child has convulsions that have been observed after prescription of vitamin B6. This most probable cause of this effect is that vitamin B6 is a componet of the following enzyme:

A. Netoglubarate dehydromine

B. Pyruvate dehydrostase

C. Glutamate decarboxylase

D. Aminolevulinate synthase

E. Glycogen phosphorylase

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