A student came to see a doctor and asked to administer him a drug for treatment of allergic rhinitis that occurs in the period of linden flowering. What drug may be used?

B. *Loratadine

A mother consulted a doctor about her 5-year-old child who develops erythemas, vesicular rash and skin itch under the influence of sun. Laboratory studies revealed decreased iron concentration in the blood serum, increased uroporphyrinogen I excretion with the urine. What is the most likely inherited pathology in this child?

C. *Erythropoietic porphyria

137. A patient suffers from the haemorrhagic syndrome that shows itself in frequent nasal bleedings, posttraumatic and spontaneous intracutaneous and intraarticular haemorrhages. After a laboratory study a patient was diagnosed with the type B haemophilia. This disease is provoked by the deficit of the following factor of blood coagulation:

D. *IX

138. After a trauma a patient lost lability of elbow extension. This might have been caused by dysfunction of the following main muscle:

E. *m. triceps brachii

139. Preventive examination of a patient revealed an enlarged lymph node of metastatic origin on the medial wall of the left axillary crease. Specify the most likely localization of the primary tumor:

E. *Mammary gland

140. A 30-year-old patient complains about having abdominal pain and diarrhea for five days; body temperature rise up to 37, 5°C along with chills. The day before a patient had been in a forest and drunk from an open water reservoir. Laboratory analyses enabled to make the following diagnosis: amebic dysentery. What is the drug of choice for its treatment?

C. *Metronidazole

141. In clinical practice tuberculosis is treated with izoniazid preparation — that is an antivitamin able to penetrate into the tuberculosis bacillus. Tuberculostatic effect is induced by the interference with replication processes and oxidation-reduction reactions due to the buildup of pseudo-coenzyme:


142. A patient complains about edemata of legs, skin cyanosis, and small ulcers on one side of the lateral condyle. Examination revealed a swelling, enlarged veins, formation of nodes. The pathological process has started in the following vein:

D. *V. saphena parva

A section of the left lung was found to have an area of dense red tissue. The area was cone-shaped, stood out distinctly from the healthy tissue, with its base directed to the pleura. The dissected tissue was granular, dark-red. What is the most likely diagnosis?

D. *Haemorrhagic infarction

A middle-aged man went to a foreign country because he had been offered a job there. However he had been unemployed for quite a long time. What endocrine glands were exhausted most of all in this man?

E. *Adrenal glands

A man has worked in an African country for 3 years. A month after his return to Ukraine he consulted an ophthalmologist and complained about eye ache, eyelid edema, lacrimation and temporary visual impairment. Underneath the eye conjunctiva the doctor revealed helminths 30-50 mm long with elongated filiform body. What diagnosis might be suspected?

C. *Filariasis

146. A girl has been diagnosed with adrenogenital syndrome (pseudohermaphroditism). This pathology is caused by hypersecretion of the following adrenal hormone:

D. *Androgens

A patient with severe course of respiratory viral infection presented with clinical signs of progressing heart failure that led to his death in the 2nd week of disease. Autopsy revealed that the heart cavities were significantly dilated, the heart was flabby. Histological examination of the myocardium revealed microvascular plethora and diffuse stroma infiltration with lymphocytes and histiocytes. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A. *Myocarditis

148. During examination of an 11-month-old infant a pediatrician revealed osteoectasia of the lower extremities and delayed mineralization of cranial bones. Such pathology is usually provoked by the deficit of the following vitamin:

B. *Cholecalciferol

149. A patient was admitted to the hospital with an asphyxia attack provoked by a spasm of smooth muscles of the respiratory tracts. This attack was mainly caused by alterations in the following parts of the airways:

C. *Small bronchi

A patient with a hypertensive crisis was admitted to the cardiological department. He was given an intravenous injection of an antihypertensive drug - alkali-earth metal salt. What drug was injected?

B. *Magnesium sulfate

A patient consulted an urologist about pain during urination. Analysis of his urine taken in the daytime revealed eggs with a characteristic sharp point. It is known from the anamnesis that the patient has recently returned from Australia. What is the most likely diagnosis?

B. *Urogenital schistosomiasis

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