A patient has herpetic rash. What medication should be administered?

A. Benzylpenicillin sodium salt

B. Gentamycin

C. Biseptol

D. Clotrimazole

E. Acyclovir

Inflammation of the tympanic cavity (purulent otitis media) was complicated by inflammation of mammillary process sockets. What wall of tympanic cavity did the pus penetrate into the sockets through?

A. Lateral

B. Anterior

C. Medial

D. Posterior

E. Superior

ECG of a patient shows prolongation of T-wav E. This is caused by deceleration in ventricles of:

A. Depolarization and repolarization

B. Contraction

C. Depolarization

D. Relaxation

E. Repolarization

A patient suffers from chronic left-ventricular insufficiency. What medication should be administered?

A. Pyracetam

B. Vinpocetine

C. Bemegride

D. Digoxin

E. Etimizole

A patient suffering from infectious mononucleosis has been taking glucocorticosteroids for two weeks. This resulted in remission but the patient got exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis. This complication is induced by the following effect of glucocorticosteroids:

A. Anti-shock

B. Antitoxic

C. Antiallergenic

D. Immunosuppressive

E. Anti-inflammatory

 84 An alcoholic woman has born a girl with mental and physical developmental lag. Doctors diagnosed the girl with fetal alcohol syndrom E. What effect is the cause of the girl's state?

A. Malignization

B. Carcinogenic

C. Mechanic

D. Teratogenic

E. Mutagenic

A patient complained about dizziness, memory impairment, periodical convulsions. It was revealed that these changes were caused by a product of decarboxylation of glutamic aci D. Name this product:

A. Pyridoxal phosphate





During an experiment a skeletal muscle is stimulated by a series of electric impulses. What type of muscle contraction will be observed provided that each subsequent impulse comes in the period of shortening of the previous single muscle contraction?

A. Holotetanus

B. A series of single contractures

C. Asynchronous tetanus

D. Partial tetanus

E. Muscle contracture

Vagus branches that innervate heart are being stimulated during an experiment. This caused reduction of heart rate due to the intensification of the following process (through the cell membrane of cardiac pacemaker):

A. Calcium ion yield

B. Calcium and potassium ion yield

C. Calcium ion entry

D. Potassium ion entry

E. Potassium ion yield

Untrained people often have muscle pain after sprints as a result of lactate accumulation. This might be caused by intensification of the following biochemical process:

A. Lipogenesis

B. Glycogenesis

C. Pentose phosphate pathway

D. Glycolysis

E. Gluconeogenesis

A patient complains of frequent diarrheas, especially after consumption of rich food, weight loss. Laboratory examination revealed steatorrhea; his feces were hypocholi C. What might have caused such condition?

A. Unbalanced diet

B. Lack of pancreatic phospholipase

C. Lack of pancreatic lipase

D. Inflammation of mucous membrane of small intestine

E. Obturation of biliary tracts

A 30 year old woman has face edemat A. Examination revealed proteinuria (5,87 g/l), hypoproteinemia, dysproteinemia, hyperlipidemi A. What condition is the set of these symptoms typical for?

A. Nephritic syndrome

B. Chronic pyelonephritis

C. Nephrotic syndrome

D. Acute renal failure

E. Chronic renal failure

A scheme presents an exocrinous gland that has unbranched excretory duct with a terminal part in form of a saccule openining into the duct. How is this gland called according to the morphological classification of exocrinous glands?

A. Compound unbranched alveolar tubular

B. Compound unbranched alveolar

C. Simple branched tubular

D. Simple unbranched alveolar

E. Compound branched alveolar

In course of laparotomy a surgeon revealed gangrenous lesion of descending colon. It was caused by thrombosis of the following artery:

A. Sinister colic

B. Ileocolic

C. Superior mesenteric artery

D. Median colic

E. Dexter colic

Brain tomography revealed a tumour in the region of red nucleus. What part of brain isdamaged?

A. Midbrain

B. Interbrain

C. Medulla oblongata

D. Cerebellum

E. Pons cerebelli

 94 A patient has been suffering from elevated temperature and attacks of typical cough for 10 days. Doctor administered inoculation of mucus from the patient's nasopharynx on the agar. What microorganism is presumed?

A. Klebsiella

B. Pfeiffer's bacillus

C. Staphylococcus

D. Listeria

E. Pertussis bacillus

A 44 year old woman complains of general weakness, heart pain, significant increase of body weight. Objectively: moon face, hirsutism, AP is 165/100 mm Hg, height - 164 cm, weight - 103 kg; the fat is mostly accumulated on her neck, thoracic girdle, belly. What is the main pathogenetic mechanism of obesity?

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