A man was intoxicated with mushrooms. They contain muscarine that stimulates muscarinic cholinoreceptors. What symptoms signalize intoxication with inedible mushrooms?

A. Rise of arterial pressure

B. Bronchi dilatation

C. Increased heart rate

D. Mydriatic pupils

E. Myotic pupils

A patient who suffers from insomnia caused by emotional disorder was prescribed a hypnotic drug with tranquillizing effect. What hypnotic was prescribed?

A. Sodium ethaminal

B. Bromisoval

C. Phenobarbital

D. Nitrazepam

E. Chloral hydrate

Examination of a 66 year old patient revealed a lytic tumour in the locus of pathological rib fractur E. Histologically this tumour consists of atypical plasmoblasts. Further examination revealed osteoporosis in the bones of vertebral column and pelvis. These changes are typical for:

A. Myelomatosis

B. Metastatic lung cancer

C. Ewing's osteosarcoma

D. Neuroblastoma

E. Tuberculous osteomyelitis

A 46 year old patient who had been suffering from tuberculosis for 6 years died from massive pulmonary haemorrhag E. Autopsy revealed different-sixed foci of sclerosis and caseous necrosis in lungs, in the upper part of the right lung there was a cavity 5 cm in diameter with dense grey walls, the cavity contained liquid blood and blood clots. What type of tuberculosis is it?

A. Fibrocavernous

B. Acute cavernous

C. Acute focal

D. Fibrous focal

E. Infiltrative

 134 During the repeated Widal's agglutination test it was noticed that the ratio of antibody titers and O-antigens S.typhi in the patient's serum had increased from 1:100 to 1:400. How would you interpret these results?

A. The patient is an acute carrier of typhoid microbes

B. The patient previously had typhoid fever

C. The patient has typhoid fever

D. The patient is a chronic carrier of typhoid microbs

E. The patient was previously vaccinated against typhoid fever

 135 A patient complained about muscle rigidity, constrained motions, constant tremor of arms. On the grounds of examination his disease was diagnosed as Parkinson's diseas E. What drug should be administered?

A. Diphenylhydantoin

B. Diazepam

C. Phenobarbital

D. Ethosuximide

E. Levodopa

Labelled amino acids alanine and tryptophane were injected to a mouse in order to study localization of protein synthesis in its cells. The labelled amino acids will be accumulated near the following organellas:

A. Ribosomes

B. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum

C. Cell centre

D. Golgi apparatus

E. Lysosomes

A 56 year old patient suffering from cardiac insufficiency has edema of feet and shins, edematous skin is pale and col D. What is the leding mechanism of edema pathogenesis?

A. Increase of capillary permeability

B. Rise of hydrostatic pressure in venules

C. Drop of oncotic pessure in capillaries

D. Disorder of lymph outflow

E. Positive water balance

A 50 year old man who was referred to the hospital for treatment of cervical lymphadenitis underwent test for induvidual sensitivity to penicillin. 30 seconds after he went hot all over, AP dropped down to 0 mm Hg that led to cardiac arrest. Resuscitation was unsuccessful. Autopsy results: acute venous plethora of internal organs; histological examination of skin (from the site of injection) revealed degranulation of mast cells (tissue basophils). Degranulation was also revealed in myocardium and lungs. What type of hypersensitivity reaction is it?

A. Anaphylactic

B. -

C. Delayed-type hypersensitivity

D. Immunocomplex-mediated

E. Complement-mediated cytotoxic

 139 During examination of a patient a dentist revealed a lot of "white spots" - zones of enamel demineralization. What microorganisms take part in the development of this process?

A. Streptococcus salivarius

B. Streptococcus mutans

C. Staphylococcus epidermidis

D. Veilonella parvula

E. Streptococcus pyogenes

A patient who has been abusing tobacco smoking for a long time has got cough accompanied by excretion of viscous mucus; weakness after minor physical stress, pale skin. The patient has also lost 12,0 kg of body weight. Endoscopic examination of biosy material his illness was diagnosed as squamous cell carcinom A. Name a pathological process that preceded formation of the tumour:

A. Metaplasia

B. Hyperplasia

C. Hypoplasia

D. Sclerosis

E. Necrosis

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