A. Increased mineralocorticoid production

B. Increased production of glucocorticoids

C. Reduced production of thyroid hormones

D. Increased insulin production

E. Reduced glucagon production

A patient in postoperative period was prescribed an anticholinesterase drug for stimulation of intestinal peristalsis and tonus of urinary bladder. What drug is it?

A. Propanolol

B. Proserin

C. Dichlothiazide

D. Reserpine

E. Mannitol

A patient suffering from initial hypertension has been taking an antihypertensive preparation for a long tim E. Suddenly he stopped taking this preparation. After this his condition grew worse, this led to development of hypertensive crisis. This by-effect can be classified as:

A. Cumulation

B. Dependence

C. Sensibilization

D. Abstinence syndrome

E. Tolerance

Hepatitis has led to the development of hepatic failur E. Mechanism of edemata formation is activated by the impairment of the following liver function:

A. Chologenetic

B. Barrier

C. Protein-synthetic

D. Antitoxic

E. Glycogen-synthetic

A patient has acne on his fac E. Microspcopic examination of scrapings from the affected areas revealed living porrect vermiform arthropoda 0,2-0,5 mm large with four pairs of short extremities in the front part of their bodies. What is the laboratory diagnosis?

A. Myiasis

B. Scabies

C. Demodicosis

D. Pediculosis

E. Phthiriasis

A 64 year old woman has impairment of twilight vision (hemeralopy). What vitamin should be recommended in the first place?

A. Vitamin E

B. Vitamin A

C. Vitamin C

D. Vitamin B6

E. Vitamin B2

 101 A patient has difficulties with hand movement. Examination revealed inflammation of common synovial sheath of flexor muscles. It is known from the patient's anamnesis that he got a stab wound of finger a week ago. Which finger was most probably damaged?

A. Digitus medius

B. Pollex

C. Digitus anularis

D. Digitus minimus

E. Index

A patient with obliterating atherosclerosis underwent sympathectomy of femoral artery in the region of femoral trigon E. What type of arterial hyperemia was induced by the operation?

A. Functional

B. Neurotonic

C. Metabolic

D. Neuroparalytic

E. Reactive

A 47 year old man with myocardium infarction was admitted to the cardiological department. What changes of cellular composition of peripheral blood are induced by necrotic changes in the myocardium?

A. Monocytosis

B. Eosinophilic leukocytosis

C. Neutrophilic leukocytosis

D. Lymphopenia

E. Thrombocytopenia

A 60 year old patient has impaired perception of high-frequency sounds. These changes were caused by damage of the following auditory analyzer structures:

A. Eustachian tube

B. Main cochlea membrane near the helicotrema

C. Tympanic membrane

D. Main cochlea membrane near the oval window

E. Middle ear muscles

 105 Examination of a 42 year old patient revealed a tumour of adenohypophysis. Objectively: the patient's weight is 117 kg, he has moon-like hyperemic face, red-blue striae of skin distension on his belly. Osteoporosis and muscle dystrophy are present. AP is 210/140 mm Hg. What is the most probable diagnosis?

A. Cushing's syndrome

B. Conn's disease

C. Cushing's disease

D. Essential hypertension

E. Diabetes mellitus

A histological specimen presents an artery. One of the membranes of its wall has flat cells lying on the basal membran E. What type of cells is it?

A. Smooth myocytes

B. Macrophages

C. Mesothelium

D. Fibroblasts

E. Endothelium

A patient with hip fracture was prescribed a narcotic analgeti C. Its anesthetic action is determined by interaction with the following receptors:

A. Cholinoreceptors

B. Benzodiazepine receptors

C. Opiate receptors

D. Adrenoreceptors

E. GABA-ergic receptors

A 46 year old woman suffering from chololithiasis developed jaundic E. Her urine became dark-yellow and feces became colourless. Blood serum will have the highest concentration of the following substance:

A. Mesobilirubin

B. Urobilinogen

C. Biliverdin

D. Conjugated bilirubin

E. Unconjugated bilirubin

 109 Normal, actively dividing cells of human red bone marrow are analyze D. What number of cells' chromosomes is typical for G1 period?

A. 46

B. 48

C. 23

D. 45

E. 47

A patient is ill with diabetes mellitus accompanied by hyperglycemia on an empty stomach (7,2 millimole/l). The hyperglycemia rate can be retrospectively estimated (over the last 4-8 weeks before the examination) on the ground of the rate of the following blood plasma protein:

A. Ceruloplasmin

B. Fibrinogen

C. C-reactive protein

D. Albumin

E. Glycated hemoglobin

When blood circulation in the damaged tissue is restored, then lactate accumulation comes to a stop and glucose consumption decelerates. These metabolic changes are caused by activation of the following process:

A. Gluconeogenesis

B. Aerobic glycolysis

C. Glycogen biosynthesis

D. Lipolysis

E. Anaerobic glycolysis

 112 During influenza epidemic 40% of pupils who didn't go in for sports were affected by the disease, and among the pupils who regularly did physical exercises this index was only 20%. What adaptative mechanisms determined such a low sickness rate of pupils participating in the sports?

A. Specific adaptation

B. Biochemical adaptation

C. Physiological adaptation

D. Cross adaptation

E. Genetic adaptation

A 65 year old female patient suffers from chronic renal insufficiency accompanied by evident edemata caused by chronic glomerulonephritis. What diuretic should be administered for forced diuresis?

A. Cyclometazide

B. Acetazolamide

C. Hydrochlorothiazide

D. Chlorthalidone

E. Furosemide

A patient suffering from chronic cardiac insufficiency was recommended to undergo a prophylactic course of treatment with a cardiological drug from the group of cardiac glycosides that is to be taken enterally. What drug was recommended?

A. Cordarone

B. Strophanthine

C. Cordiamin

D. Corglycon

E. Digoxin

One of sections of central nervous system has layerwise arrangement of neurocytes. Among them there are cells of the following forms: stellate, fusiform, horizontal, pyramidal. What section of central nervous system is this structure typical for?

A. Cortex of cerebrum

B. Hypothalamus

C. Medulla oblongata

D. Spinal cord

E. Cerebellum

A 4 year old child complained of pain during deglutition, indisposition. Objectively: palatine arches and tonsils are moderately edematic and hyperemic, there are greyish-white films up to 1 mm thick closely adhering to the subjacent tissues. What pathological process are these changes typical for?

A. Dystrophy

B. Inflammation

C. Metaplasia

D. Organization

E. Necrosis

 117 A foreign body (a button) closed space of the right superior lobar bronchus. What segments of the right lung won't be supplied with air?

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