Hydroxylation of endogenous substrates and xenobiotics requires a donor of protons. Which of the following vitamins can play this role?

A. Vitamin C

B. Vitamin E

C. Vitamin P

D. Vitamin A

E. Vitamin B6

Only one factor can influence the charge of amino acid radicals in the active centre of enzyme. Name this factor:

A. The presence of a competitive inhibitor

B. Temperature

C. Pressure

D. pH medium

E. The surplus of a product

 156 A patient with clinical signs of immunodeficiency has unchanged number and functional activity of T and B lymphocytes. Dysfunction's defect of antigen-presentation to the immunocompetent cells was found during investigation on the molecule level. Defect of what cells is the most probable here?

A. Fibroblasts, Т-lymphocytes, В-lymphocytes

B. Т-lymphocytes, В-lymphocytes

C. NK-cells

D. Macrophages, monocytes

E. 0-lymphocytes

 157 Succinate dehydrogenase catalyses the dehydrogenation of succinate. Malonic acid HOOC-CH2-COOH is used to interrupt the action of this enzyme. Choose the inhibition type:

A. Allosteric

B. Competitive

C. Non-competitive

D. Dephosphorylation

E. Limited proteolysis

A 60-year-old patient was hospitalised to the surgical department because of infection caused by blue pus bacillus (Pseudomonas aeruginosa) which is sensative to penicillin antibiotics. Indicate which of the given penicillins has marked activity to the Pseudomonas aeruginosa?

A. Phenoxymethylpenicillin

B. Oxacillin

C. Carbenicillin disodium

D. Benzylpenicillin

E. Methicillin

A patient with injured muscles of the lower extremities was admitted to the traumatological department. Due to what cells is reparative regeneration of the muscle fibers and restoration of the muscle function possible?

A. Myofibroblasts

B. Myoblasts

C. Myoepithelial cells

D. Fibroblasts

E. Satellite-cells

A woman who was sick with rubella during the pregnancy gave birth to a deaf child with hare lip and cleft palate. This congenital defect is an example of:

A. Genocopy

B. Down’s syndrome

C. Edward’s syndrome

D. Patau’s syndrome

E. Phenocopy

A patient with hypersecretion of the gastric juices was recomended to exclude concentrated bouillons and vegetable decoctions from the diet because of their stimulation of gastric secretion. What is dominating mechanism of stimulation of secretion in this case?

A. Irritation of mechanoreceptors of the oral cavity

B. Irritation of taste receptors

C. Stimulation of excretion of secretin in the duodenum

D. Irritation of mechanoreceptors of the stomach

E. Stimulation of gastrin production by G-cells

A 55-year-old patient with continuing ventricular arrhythmias was admitted to the hospital. The patient is taking timolol drops for glaucoma, daily insulin injections for diabetes mellitus, and an ACE inhibitor for hypertension. You have decided to use phenytoin instead of procainamide. What is the reason?

A. The local anesthetic effect of procainamide would aggravate the hypertension

B. The anticholinergic effect of procainamide would aggravate glaucoma

C. The local anesthetic effect of procainamide would potentiate diabetes

D. The hypertensive effects of procainamide would aggravate the hypertension

E. The cholinergic effects of procainamide would aggravate the diabetes

A 6-year-old child fell on the cutting object and traumatized soft tissues between tibia and fibula . What kind of bone connection was injured?

A. Gomphosis

B. Suture

C. Ligament

D. Membrane

E. Fontanel

A patient had been taking glucocorticoids for a long time. When the preparation was withdrawn he developed the symptoms of disease aggravation, decreased blood pressure and weakness. What is the reason of this condition?

A. Hyperproduction of ACTH

B. Appearance of adrenal insufficiency

C. Sensibilization

D. Habituation

E. Cumulation

A 58-year-old female has undergone surgery for necrotic bowel. Despite having been treated with antibiotics, on postoperative day 5, she develops symptoms (fever, hypotension, tachycardia, declining urine output, and confusion) consistent with septic shock. What hemodynamic support would be helpful?

A. Antibiotic administration

B. Dobutamine infusion

C. Atropine administration

D. Fluid administration

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