B. Tumorous form of silicosis

C. Tuberculoma

D. Lung cancer

E. Chondroma

A patient visited a dentist with complaints of redness and edema of his mouth mucous membrane in a month after dental prosthesis. The patient was diagnosed with allergic stomatitis. What type of allergic reaction by Gell and Cumbs underlies this disease?

A. Cytotoxic

B. Anaphylactic

C. Stimulating

D. Delayed type hypersensitivity

E. Immunocomplex

The process of heart transplantation determined the viability of myocardial cells. The determination of what myocardium parameter is the most important?

A. Concentration of Ca-ions in heart vessels

B. Heart temperature

C. Concentration of calcium-ions in myofibrils

D. Concentration of oxygen in heart vessels

E. Rest potential of cardiomyocytes


A man died 8 days after the beginning of the disease. He was diagnosed with dysentery. At the autopsy it was found out a thickened wall of the sigma and rectum, fibrinous membrane on the surface of mucous membrane. Histologically: there is a deep necrosis of mucous membrane with infiltration of necrotic masses with fibrin. What kind of colitis does correspond to the changes?

A. Catarrhal

B. Diphtheritic

C. Chronic

D. Gangrenous

E. Ulcerative

An isolated muscle of a frog is rhythmically irritated with electric impulses. Every next impulse is in a period of relaxation from the previus contraction. What contraction of the muscle occurs?


A. Asynchronous

B. Single

Waved tetanus

E. Continuous (smooth) tetanus

A young man felt sharp pain in the back during active tightening on the horizontal bar. Objectively: pain while moving upper extremity, limited pronation and adduction functions. Sprain of what muscle can be observed here?

A. М.romboideus major

B. М.trapezius

C. М.latissimus dorsi

D. М.levator scapulae

E. М.subscapularis

A 50-year-old man has felt vague abdominal discomfort within past 4 months. Physical examination revealed no lymphadenopathy, and no abdominal masses or organomegaly at palpation. Bowel sounds are heard. An abdominal CT scan shows a 20 cm retroperitoneal soft tissue mass obscuring the left psoas muscle. A stool specimen tested for occult blood is negative. Which of the following neoplasms is this man most likely to have?

A. Adenocarcinoma

B. Lymphoma

C. Melanoma

D. Lipoma

E. Hamartoma

 147 A consumptive patient has an open pulmonary form of disease. Choose what sputum staining should be selected for finding out the tubercle (Koch's) bacillus?

A. Method of Ziel-Neelsen

B. Method of Burry-Gins

C. Method of Gram

D. Method of Romanowsky-Giemsa

E. Method of Neisser

A 10-year-old child complains of weakness, nausea, irritability. Helminthes of while color and 5-10 mm long were found on the underwear. On microscopy of the scrape from the perianal folds achromic ovums of unsymmetrical form were revealed. Indicate what helminth is parasiting on the child?

A. Ascaris lumbricoides

B. Ancylostoma duodenalis

C. Enterobins vermicularis

D. Trichina

E. Trichuris

A tissue sample of benign tumor was studied under the electron microscope. A lot of small (15-20 nm) spherical bodies, consisting of 2 unequal subunits were detected. These are:

A. Microtubules

B. Golgi complex

C. Mitochondria

D. Ribosomes

E. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum

In the microspecimen of red bone marrow multiple capillares were revealed through the walls of which mature blood cells penetrated. What type of capillares is it?

A. Sinusoidal

B. Somatical

C. Fenestrational

D. Visceral

E. Lymphatic

M-r S presents all signs of the hepatic coma: loss of consciousness, absence of reflexes, cramps, convulsion, disorder of heart activity, recurrent (periodical) respiration. What are cerebrotoxical substances which accumulate in blood under hepar

A. Autoantibody

B. IL-1

C. Ammonia

D. Ketonic body

E. Necrosogenic substances

A patient with encephalopathy was admitted to neurological department. Correlation of increasing encephalopathy and substances absorbed by the bloodstream from the intestines was revealed. What substances created in the intestines can cause endotoxemia?

A. Butyrate

B. Indole

C. Acetacetate

D. Biotin

E. Ornithine

A 27- year-old woman has used penicillin containing eye drops. In a few minutes itching, skin burning, lips and eyelids edema, whistling cough, decreasing BP appeared. What antibodies can lead to this allergic reaction?

A. IgE and IgG

B. IgM and IgG

C. IgA and IgM

D. IgM and IgD

E. IgG and IgD

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