A. Chronic posthemorragic anemia

B. Acquired hemolytic anemia

C. Acute posthemorragic anemia

D. Anemia from iron deficiency

E. Hypoplastic anemia

A businessman came to India from South America. On examination the physician found that the patient was suffering from sleeping-sickness. What was the way of invasion?

A. Through dirty hands

B. With contaminated fruits and vegetables

C. As a result of mosquito's bites

D. After contact with a sick dogs

E. As a result of bug's bites

For a long time a 49-year-old woman had suffered from glomerulonephritis which caused death. The autopsy revealed that the size of her kidneys was 7х3х2,5 sm, weight 65,0 g, they were dense and small-grained. Microscopically: fibrinogenous inflammation of serous and mucous capsules, dystrophic changes of parenchymatous organs, brain edema. What complication can cause such changes of serous capsules and inner organs?

A. Sepsis

B. DIC-syndrome

C. Anemia

D. Uraemia

E. Thrombopenia

A damage of the atomic power plant reactor resulted in the run-out of radioelements. People in the superstandard radiation zone were radiated with approximately 250-300 r. and were immediately hospitalized. What changes in the blood count would be typical?

A. Thrombopenia

B. Leukopenia

C. Anemia

D. Neutropenia

E. Lymphopenia

 74 A patient's blood was analyzed and the decreased erythrocyte’s sedimentation rate (ESR) was discovered. What disease from the listed below is accompanied with decreased ESR?

A. Myocardial infarction

B. Hepatitis

C. Splenomegaly

D. Polycytemia

E. Vitamin B deficiency

The patient has come to the hospital from the smelting workshop in the condition of hyperthermia. What is the direct cause of loss of consciousness at the heat stroke?

A. Decreased brain blood supply

B. Arterial pressure drop

C. Increased water loss through sweating

D. Dilatation of peripheral vessels

E. Decrease of heart output

X-ray examination discovered lungs emphysema in the patient. What is the reason of short breath development in this case?

A. Decreased lungs elasticity

B. Decreasing of alveoli receptors sensitivity

C. Increased lungs elasticity

D. Inhibition of respiratory center

E. Excitation of respiratory center

Substitution of the glutamic acid on valine was revealed while examining initial molecular structure. For what inherited pathology is this symptom typical?

A. Favism

B. Thalassemia

C. Minkowsky-Shauffard disease

D. Sickle-cell anemia

E. Hemoglobinosis

The electronic microphoto of kidney fragment has exposed afferent glomerular arteriole, which has giant cells under its endothelium, containing secretory granules. Name the type of these cells:

A. Smoothmuscular

B. Interstitial

C. Juxtavascular

D. Juxtaglomerular

E. Mesangial

The penetration of the irritable cell membrane for potassium ions has been increased during an experiment. What changes of membrane electric status can occur?

A. Local response

B. Action potential

C. No changes

D. Depolarization

E. Hyperpolarization

A 60-year-old patient was diagnosed with hypothalamic lateral nuclei stroke. What changes in patient’s behavior may be expected?

A. Thirst

B. Aggressive behaviour

C. Unsatisfied hunger

D. The rejection of food

E. Depression

Electrocardiogram of a 45-year-old man showed absence of P-wave in all the leads. What part of the conducting system is blocked?

A. Common branch of the bundle of His

B. Sinu-atrial node

C. Branches of the bundle of His

D. Atrioventricular node

E. Purkinje’s fibres

The concentration of albumins in human blood sample is lower than normal. This leads to edema of tissues. What blood function is damaged?

A. Maintaining the body temperature

B. Maintaining the oncotic blood pressure

C. Maintaining the blood sedimentation system

D. Maintaining the Ph level

E. All answers are correct

 83 Marked increase of activity of МВ-forms of CPK (creatinephosphokinase) and LDH-1 was revealed by examination of the patient's blood. What is the most probable pathology?

A. Miocardial infarction

B. Hepatitis

C. Pancreatitis

D. Rheumatism

E. Cholecystitis

A patient after hypertension stroke does not have voluntary movements in his right arm and leg with the increased muscle tone in these extremites. What type of disfunction of nervous system is it?

A. Reflex paresis

B. Peripheral paresis

C. Central paresis

D. Central paralysis

E. Peripheral paralysis

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