A patient with bronchial asthma had been taking tablets which caused insomnia, headache, increased blood pressure. What medecine can cause such complications?

A. Chromolin sodium

B. Izadrine

C. Euphyline

D. Adrenaline

E. Ephedrine

A journalist’s body temperature has sharply increased in the morning three weeks after his mission in India, it was accompanied with shivering and bad headache. A few hours later the temperature decreased. The attacks began to repeat in a day. He was diagnosed with tropical malaria. What stage of development of Plasmodium is infective for anopheles-female?

A. Sporozoites

B. Shizontes

C. Gametocytes

D. Merozoites

E. Microgamete

A patient has been taking a mixture prescribed by neuropathologist for neurasthenia for two weeks. The patient feels better but has developed coryza, conjunctivitis, rash, inertia, decrease of memory. She is diagnosed with bromizm. What should be prescribed to decrease the symptoms?

A. Polyglucin

B. -

C. Natrium chloride

D. Asparcam

E. Glucose solution 5\%

Galactosemia has been revealed in a child. Concentration of glucose in the blood has not considerably changed. What enzyme deficiency caused this illness?

A. Amylo-1,6-glucosidase

B. Galactokinase

C. Phosphoglucomutase

D. Hexokinase

E. Galactose-1-phosphate uridyltransferase

 45 Slime, blood and protozoa 30-200 microns of length have been revealed in a man's feces. The body is covered with cilias and has correct oval form with a little bit narrowed forward and wide round shaped back end. On the forward end a mouth is visible. In cytoplasm there are two nucleuses and two short vacuoles. For whom are the described attributes typical?

A. Balantidium

B. Lamblia

C. Intestinal amoeba

D. Trichomonas

E. Dysenteric amoeba

 46 A 50-year-old patient with typhoid fever was treated with Levomycetin, the next day his condition became worse, temperature rose to 39,60С. What caused the complication?

A. Irresponsiveness of an agent to the levomycetin

B. Secondary infection addition

C. The effect of endotoxin agent

D. Reinfection

E. Allergic reaction

A 52 year-old patient with bronchial asthma was treated with glucocorticoids. Fever reaction appeared as a result of postinjective abscess. The patient had subfebrile temperature, which didn’t correspond to latitude and severity of inflammatory process. Why did patient have low fever reaction?

A. Inhibited endogen pyrogens production

B. Thermoregulation center inhibition

C. Violation of heat loss through lungs

D. Inflammatory barrier formation in injection place

E. Violation of heat-producing mechanisms

The action of electric current on the exitable cell caused depolarization of its membrane. Movement of what ions through the membrane caused depolarisation?

A. Сl-

B. Са2+

C. Na+

D. НСО3-

E. К+

 49 A patient with abscess of the cut wound applied to the traumatological department.The wound was washed with 3% hydrogen peroxide to be cleaned from the pus. Foam was not observed. What caused inefficiency of the drug?

A. Low concentration H2O2

B. Shallow wound

C. Inherited insufficiency of catalase

D. Inherited insufficiency erythrocyte's phosphatdehydrogenase

E. Pus in the wound

An autopsy revealed large (1-2cm) brownish-red, easy crumbling formations covering ulcerative defects on the external surface of the aortic valve. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A. Diffusive endocarditis

B. Recurrent warty endocarditis

C. Fibroplastic endocarditis

D. Acute warty endocarditis

E. Polypus-ulcerative endocarditis

The conjugated protein necessarily contains special component as a non-protein part. Choose the substance that can’t carry out this function:

A. Glucose


C. Thiamine pyrophosphate



Moving of the daughter chromatids to the poles of the cell is observed in the mitotically dividing cell. On what stage of the mitotic cycle is this cell?

A. Metaphase

B. Anaphase

C. Prophase

D. Telophase

E. Interfase

A person has steady HR not exceeding 40 bpm. What is the pacemaker of the heart rhythm in this person?

A. Branches of His' bundle

B. Sinoatrial node

C. Atrioventricular node

D. Purkinye' fibers

E. His' bundle

A 2-year-old child experienced convulsions because of lowering calcium ions concentration in the blood plasma. Function of what structure is decreased?

A. Pineal gland

B. Thymus

C. Hypophysis

D. Adrenal cortex

E. Parathyroid glands

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