A denaturation of proteins can be found in some substances. Specify the substance that is used for the incomplete denaturation of hemoglobin:

A. Sulfuric acid

B. Nitric acid

C. Toluene

D. Sodium hydroxide

E. Urea

A 18-year-old patient came to the out-patient department with the complaints of bleeding trauma in the vestibule of his nose. On examination: the mechanical injure of the mucous layer of the vestibule without continuation into nasal cavity proper. What is the boundary between the vestibule and nasal cavity proper?

A. Nasal roller

B. Nasal limen

C. Nostrils

D. Nasal septa

E. Choanes

The B cells of endocrine portion of pancreas are selectively damaged by alloxan poisoning. How will it be reflected in blood plasma?

A. The content of globulins decreases

B. The content of albumins decreases

C. The content of fibrinogen decrease

D. The level of sugar decreases

E. The content of sugar increases

Patient with diabetes mellitus experienced loss of consciousness and convulsions after an injection of insulin. What might be the result of biochemical blood analysis for concentration of sugar?

A. 3,3 mmol/L

B. 10,0 mmol/L

C. 8,0 mmol/L

D. 1,5 mmol/L

E. 5,5 mmol/L

A 37-year-old man was admitted to the surgical department with the symptoms of acute pancreatitis: vomiting, diarrhea, bradycardia, hypotention, weakness, dehydration of the organism. What medicine should be used first of all?

A. Ephedrine

B. Contrycal

C. No-spa

D. Platyphylline

E. Etaperazine

A woman suffering from dysfunctional metrorrhagia was made a diagnostic abortion. Histologically in the scrape there were a lot of small stamped glandulars covered with multirowed epithelium. The lumens of some glandulars were cystically extended. Choose the variant of general pathologic process in the endometrium.

A. Atrophy of endometrium

B. Metaplasia of endometrium

C. Glandular-cystic hyperplasia of endometrium

D. Hypertrophic growth

E. Neoplasm of endometrium

The CNS stimulation produced by methylxanthines, such as caffeine, is most likely due to the antagonism of one of the following receptors:

A. Cholinergic muscarinic receptors

B. Adenosine receptors

C. Glycine receptors

D. Glutamate receptors

E. GABA receptors

A doctor administered Allopurinol to a 26-year-old young man with the symptoms of gout. What pharmacological action of Allopurinol ensures therapeutical effect?

A. By general analgetic effect

B. By general anti-inflammatory effect

C. By inhibiting leucocyte migration into the joint

D. By increasing uric acid excretion

E. By inhibiting uric acid synthesis

A student is thoroughly summarising a lecture. When his groupmates begin talking the quality of the summarising worsens greatly. What type of inhibition in the cerebral cortex is the cause of it?

A. Dying

B. Differential

C. External

D. Protective

E. Delayed

Examination of a person revealed that minute volume of heart is 3500 mL, systolic volume is 50 mL. What is the frequency of cardiac contraction?

A. 60 bpm

B. 90 bpm

C. 80 bpm

D. 70 bpm

E. 50 bpm

A lung of a premature infant is presented on electronic photomicrography of biopsy material. Collapse of the alveolar wall caused by the deficiency of surfactant was revealed. Disfunction of what cells of the alveolar wall caused it?

A. Secretory cells

B. Alveolar macrophages

C. Alveocytes type II

D. Alveocytes type I

E. Fibroblasts

A 16 year-old patient got numerous traumas in automobile accident. Now the patient is haning a shock. АP - 80/60 mm Hg. daily urine volume 60-80 ml. What pathogenic mechanism leads to kidneys function violation?

A. Increased vasopressin blood concentration

B. Increased osmotic pressure in glomerular capillaries

C. Increased pressure in Bowman’s capsule

D. Trauma of the urinary bladder

E. Decreased hydrostatic pressure in glomerular capillaries

During surgical operation a blood transfusion was made. The blood must be checked to find antigens of some disease. What disease is expected to be found?

A. Adenovirus

B. Enterovirus

C. Virus of hepatitis E

D. Virus of hepatitis A

E. Virus of hepatitis B

In the ovary specimen colored with hematoxylin-eosin, follicle is determined where cubic-shaped follicle epithelium cells are placed in 1-2 layers, and scarlet covering is seen around ovocyte. Name this follicle:

A. Secondary

B. Mature

C. Primary

D. Primordial

E. Atretic

Inflamation is characterised by increasing penetration of vessels of microcirculation stream, increasing of their fluid dynamic blood pressure. Increasing of the osmotic concentration and dispersity of protein structures can be found in the intercellular fluid. What kind of edema are to be observed in this case?

A. Membranogenic

B. Lymphogenic

C. Mixed

D. Colloid-osmotic

E. Hydrodynamic

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