A. Medial cutaneous nerve of forearm

B. Cardiac cutaneous nerve

C. Musculocutaneous nerve

D. Ulnar

E. Radial

Usually the intravenous injection is done into median cubital vein because it is slightly movable due to fixation by the soft tissues. What does it fix in the cubital fossa?

A. Anconeus muscle

B. Brachioradial muscle

C. Aponeurosis of biceps muscle

D. Brachial muscle

E. Tendon of the triceps muscle

Obturative jaundice developed in a 60-year-old patient because of malignant tumour of the big papillary of the duodenal. Lumen of what anatomical structure is squeezed with tumour?

A. Left hepatic duct

B. Cystic duct

C. Right hepatic duct

D. Common hepatic duct

E. Hepatopancreatic ampulla

If strong oxidizers get into the bloodstream, a methemoglobin is formed. It is a compound, where iron (II) becomes iron (III). What has to be done to save the patient?

A. He has to be given pure oxygen

B. He has to be calmed down and put to bed

C. Respiratory centers have to be stimulated

D. Interchangeable hemotransfusion has to be done

E. Patient has to be exposed to the fresh air

A 55-year-old patien was hospitalized in result of the trauma of the medial group of femoral muscles. What kind of movements is the patient unable to do?

A. Flexion of femur

B. Abduction of femur

C. Extension of femur

D. Suppination of femur

E. Adduction of femur

A patient with the symptoms of acute alcoholic poisoning was brought to the hospital. What carbohydrates metabolism changes are typical for this condition?

A. The anaerobic glucose metabolism predominates in muscles

B. The gluconeogenesis is increased in liver

C. The breakage of glycogen is increased in liver

D. The gluconeogenesis velocity in liver is decreased

E. The anaerobic breakage of glucose is increased in muscles

The high level of Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) isozymes concentration showed the increase of LDH-1 and LDH-2 in a patient’s blood plasma. Point out the most probable diagnosis:

A. Diabetes mellitus

B. Skeletal muscle dystrophy

C. Viral hepatitis

D. Myocardial infarction

E. Acute pancreatitis

A man after 1,5 litre blood loss has suddenly reduced diuresis. The increased secretion of what hormone caused such diuresis alteration?

A. Vasopressin

B. Corticotropin

C. Cortisol

D. Parathormone

E. Natriuretic

The sterile Petri dishes and pipettes are necessary to prepare for microbiological tests in bacteriological laboratory. What way of sterilization should be applied in this case?

A. Pasteurization

B. Steam sterilization in autoclave

C. Boiling

D. Dry-heat sterilization

E. Tyndallization

Necrosis focus was observed in the area of hyperemia and skin edema in a few hours after burn. What mechanism strengthens destructive effects in the inflammation area?

A. Proliferation of fibroblasts

B. Diapedesis of erythrocytes

C. Primary alteration

D. Secondary alteration

E. Emigration of lymphocytes

 28 A patient died 3 days after the operation because of perforated colon with manifestations of diffuse purulent peritonitis. The autopsy revealed: colon mucos membrane was thickened and covered with a fibrin film, isolated ulcers penetrated at different depth. The histology result: mucous membrane necrosis, leukocytes infiltration with hemorrhages focuses. What disease complication caused the patient's death?

A. Crohn's disease

B. Nonspecific ulcerative colitis

C. Dysentery

D. Typhoid

E. Amebiasis

A 59-year-old man has symptoms of parenchymatous jaundice and portal hypertension. Histological examination of the puncture of the liver bioptate has revealed an affected beam-lobule structure, part of hepatocytes has signs of fat dystrophy, port-portal connective tissue septa with formation of pseudo-lobules, with periportal lympho-macrophage infiltrations.

A. Viral hepatitis

B. Liver cirrhosis

C. Toxic dystrophy

D. Chronic hepatosis

E. Alcohol hepatitis

 30 While enrolling a child to school Mantu's test was made to define whether revaccination was needed. The test result is negative. What does this test result mean?

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