A 2-year-old child has got intestinal dysbacteriosis, which results in hemorrhagic syndrome. What is the most likely cause of hemorrhage of this child?

A. Vitamin К insufficiency

B. Hypocalcemia

C. РР hypovitaminosis

D. Fibrinogen deficiency

E. Activation of tissue thromboplastin


A woman came to the surgeon because of the solid mass in her mamma. What direction should the surgeon make an incision in during the operation to injure the lobe less?

A. -

B. Arcuate

C. Vertical

D. Radial

E. Transverse


Chronic glomerulonephritis was diagnosed in a 34-year-old patient 3 years ago. Edema has developed for the last 6 months. What caused it?

A. Hyperosmolarity of plasma

B. Hyperproduction of vasopressin

C. Proteinuria

D. Disorder the livers protein formation function

E. Hyperaldosteronism


During the examination of blood gases a patient with chronic respiratory diseases accompanied by dyspnea, tachycardia and cyanosis demonstrated the development of hypoxemia and hypercapnia. What disorder of the external respiration does the patient have?

A. Hyperperfusion

B. Hyperdiffusion

C. Hyperventilation

D. Hypoperfusion

E. Hypoventilation


 167. An experimental dog by means of stomach tube was given 150 ml of meat broth. The concentration of which of the belowmentioned substances will be increased in animal's blood?

A. Gastrin

B. Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide

C. Neurotensin

D. Somatostatin

E. Insulin


168.            Testosterone and it's analogs increase the mass of skeletal muscles that allows to use them for treatment of dystrophy. Due to interaction of the hormon with what cell substance is this action caused?

A. Ribosomes

B. Nuclear receptors

C. Proteins-activators of transcription

D. Chromatin

E. Membrane receptors


A group of men applied to the doctor complaining of rising temperature, headache, swelling of face and eyelids, myalgia. From the history it became known that they all were hunters and they often ate meat of wild animals. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A. Teniarrhinchosis

B. Teniasis

C. Cysticercosis

D. Trichinosis

E. Filariasis


A patient, who suffers from congenital erythropoietic porphyria, has skin photosensitivity. The

Accumulation of which compound in the skin can cause it?

A. Coproporphyrinogen 3

B. Protoporphyrin

C. Uroporphyrinogen 1

D. Uroporphyrinogen 2

E. Heme


A patient who came to the doctor because of his infertility was administered to make tests for toxoplasmosis and chronic gonorrhoea. Which reaction should be performed to reveal latent toxoplasmosis and chronic gonorrhoea in this patient?

A. RIHA - Reverse indirect hemagglutination assay

B. IFA - Immunofluorescence assay

C. RDHA - Reverse direct hemagglutination assay

D. Immunoblot analysis

E. (R)CFT- Reiter's complement fixation test


A 48-year-old patient after severe psychoemotional exertion suddenly began feeling sharp pain in the heart region, irradiating into left arm. Nitroglycerin releaved pain 10 minutes later. What pathogenetic mechanism is responsible for the development of pain in this case?

A. Compression of coronary vessels

B. Spasm of coronary vessels

C. Dilation of peripheral vessels

D. Occlusion of coronary vessels

E. Increase of myocardial needs in oxygen


A 38-year-old patient after taking aspirin and sulphanilamides has profound hemolysis of erythrocytes, which is caused by glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase insufficiency. The disorder of formation of what coenzyme causes this pathology?



C. Pyridoxalphosphate

D. Ubiquinone



During the breakout of acute respiratory infection in order to diagnose influenza the express-diagnosis, based on revealing of specific viral antigen in the examined material (nasopharyngial lavage), is carried out. Which reaction is used for this?

A. Immunofluorescence

B. Agglutination

C. Precipitation

D. Opsonization

E. Complement binding


A patient with symmetric dermatitis of open dermal areas came to the doctor. Talking to the patient the doctor found out that the patient mostly eats cereals and eats little meat, milk and eggs. The deficiency of which of the mentioned vitamins is dominant in this patient?

A. Folic acid

B. Tocopherol

C. Calciferol

D. Nicotinamide

E. Biotin


During the examination of a patient, who had been to the mountain pasture and had been hospitalized in a bad condition with fever, the doctor found out the enlargement of inguinal lymph nodes to 8 cm, which were attached to the surrounding tissues, immovable, the skin above them was red and tender. The microscopic examination of the node revealed acute serohemorrhagic inflammation. What disease is it typical for?

A. Brucellosis

B. Syphilis

C. Anthrax

D. Tularemia

E. Plague


A patient with acute myeloblast leucosis has developed liver and spleen enlargement, anemia, myeloblasts in peripheral blood. What principal sign allows to differ myeloblast leukosis from chronic one?

A. Leukemic collapse

B. Pancytopenia

C. Anemia

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