B. Х -linked dominant inheritance

C. Х -linked recessive inheritance

D. Y-linked inheritance

E. Autosomal-recessive


The examination of blood serum of a patient with immunodeficiency signs revealed antybodies to gP120 i gP41 proteins. The presence of what infection of this patient does it confirm?

A. Н LTV-1-infection

B. TORCH-infection

C. ЕСНО -infection

D. НВ V-infection

E. HIV-infection


The increased intraocular tension is observed in the patient with glaucoma. Secretion of aqueous humor by the ciliar body is normal. Injury of what structure of the eyeball wall caused the disorder of fluid flow-out from the anterior chamber?

A. Back epithelium of cornea

B. Venous sinus

C. Choroid

D. Ciliary muscle

E. Ciliar body


94.   A patient'l liver can not normally detoxify its natural metabolites and xenobiotics.The reduced activity of what cytochrome can cause this?

A. Cytochrome B

B. Cytochrome Р - 450

C. Hemoglobulin

D. Cytochromoxidase

E. Cytochrome C-1


A patient with prolonged bronchopneumonia was admitted to the therapeutic department. Antibiotic therapy was ineffective. What medicine should be added to the complex therapy of the patient to increase the immune status?

A. Analgin

B. Paracetamol

C. Sulfocamphocain

D. Timalin

E. Dimedrol


During the examination of a patient with bleeding wounds the doctor found out that the tissue was damaged by maggots, there were local maturations. The diagnosis was obligate myiasis. The maggots of what insect caused the disease?

A. Triatomic bug

B. Stable fly

C. Filth (house) fly

D. Tsetse fly (Glossina)

E. Blow fly (Musca Volfarti)


 97. Woman applied to the medico-genetic consulting centre for information about the risk of haemophilia in her son. Her husband has been suffering from this disease since birth. Woman and her parents are healthy (don't have haemophilia). Is the boy likely to have the disease in this family?

A. 75% of the boys will be ill

B. 25% of the boys will be ill

C. All boys will be ill

D. 50% of the boys will be ill

E. All boys will be healthy


Local lymphonodules enlarged near the infected wound. Increased amount of macrophages, lymphocytes, lymphatic follicles in the cortical layer and large amount of plasma cells were revealed on histological examination. What process in the lymphatic nodules represent these histological changes?

A. Tumour transformation

B. Innate insufficiency of the lymphoid tissue

C. Antigen stimulation

D. Hypersensibility reaction

E. Acquired insufficiency of the lymphoid tissue


The patient has taken the mixture prescribed by neuropathologist for neurasthenia for 2 weeks. Patient felt better but developed coryza, conjunctivitis, rash, inertia, decrease of memory. Bromizm was diagnosed. What should be prescribed to decrease symptoms?

A. Polyglucin

B. -

C. Natrium chloride

D. Glucose solution 5%

E. Asparcam


During the intraoperative biopsy of thyroid gland the histological examination revealed lymphoid structures with growth centers, which were among the folliculi full of colloid. What disease was it?

A. Endemic goiter

B. Hashimoto's thyroiditis (lymphadenoid goiter)

C. Thyrotoxicosis (Basedow's goiter)

D. Ridel's goiter

E. Sporadic goiter


101. On blood grouping on the system ABO, standart serum of the I and II groups caused erythrocytes agglutination of the examined blood and serum group of the III didn't. What agglutinogens are in this erythrocytes?

A. В

B. D and C

C . С

D . А and В

E . А


The microscopic examination of wound lavage of a patient with acute woundy process of his shin revealed big contents of irregular extended-formed cells, with tough nucleus, the basophilic cytoplasm of which includes many lysosomes, phagosomes and pinocytotic bubbles. What cells are found out in the wound?

A. Tissue basophils

B. Connective tissue macrophages

C. Fibrocytes

D. Fibroblasts

E. Plasmocytes


To anaesthetize the manipulation connected with burn surface treatment, a patient was intravenously injected a medication for short-acting narcosis. 1 minute later the patient being under anaesthesia had elevated blood pressure, tachycardia, increased tone of sceletal muscles; the reflexes were reserved. After awakening the patient had desorientation and visual hallucinations. What medication was injected to the patient?

A. Nitrous oxide

B. Ketamine

C. Thiopental sodium

D. Sombrevin

E. Diethyl ether


A patient, undergoing a course of curative starvation, has a normal glucose level of the blood mainly due to glucogenesis. What aminoacid in human liver the most actively synthesizes glucose?

A. Valine

B. Glutamic acid

C. Lysine

D. Leucine

E. Alanine


During the football match a player injuried his knee joint. The X-ray examination showed fracture of the bone, which is situated in the tendon thickness of musculus quadriceps femoris. What of the mentioned groups does this bone belong to?

A. Tubular

B. Hollow

C. Sesamoid

D. Combined

E. Flat


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