A. Unilateral right-side spinal cord injuiry

B. Midbrain injuiry

C. Brainstem injuiry

D. Cerebellum injuiry

E. Motor zone brain cortex injuiry


Buffer capacity of blood was decreased in the worker due to exhausting muscular work. Entry of what acid substance to the blood can this state be explained by?

A. 3-phosphoglycerate

B. Pyruvate

C. 1,3-bisphosphoglycerate

D. Lactate

E. α -ketoglutarate


After trauma a 44-year-old patient had a rupture of left palm muscle tendons and of the surface of blood vessels. After operation and removal of the most part of the necrotically changed muscle tissue the bloodstream was normalized. What vessels helped to restore the bloodstream?

A. Arcus palmaris profundus

B. Aa. perforantes

C. Aa. metacarpeae palmares

D. Arcus palmaris superficialis

E. Aa. digitales palmares communes


 152. A patient died with uremia.The autopsy demonstrated kidneys to be enlarged, of flabby consistence, cortex was broad, edematous, with red spots; medulla was dark red in colour. Microscopic examination in the glomeruli capsule cavity revealed "semilunar formations", squeezing capillaries, nephrocytes dystrophy, edema and infiltration of stroma. What disease caused the death of the patient?

A. Renal amyloidosis

B. Pyelonephrosis

C. Nephrolithiasis

D. Nephrotic syndrome

E. Glomerulonephrosis


 153. During the postsynthetic period of mitotic cycle the synthesis of proteins - tubulines, which take part in the mitosis formation, was destroyed. It can cause the impairment of:

A. Chromosome despiralization

B. Cytokinesis

C. Duration of mitosis

D. Chromosome separation

E. Chromosome spiralization


A 35-year-old woman with chronic renal disease has developed osteoporosis. Deficiency of which from the belowmentioned substances causes such complication?

A. 25OHD3

B. Cholesterol

C. D2

D. D3

E. 1.25(OH)2 D3


A 43-year-old man suffers from chronic atrophic gastritis and megaloblastic hyperchromic anemia. He also has methylmalonic aciduria. Insufficiency of what vitamin led to the development of such complex of symptoms?

A. Vitamin В 3

B. Vitamin В 12

C. Vitamin В 2

D. Vitamin В 1

E. Vitamin В 5


 156. On autopsy of the 58-year-old man it is revealed: mitral valve is deformed, thickened, not totally closed. Microscopically: centers of collagen fibers are eosinophilic, have positive fibrin reaction. The most likely it is:

A. Mucoid swelling

B. Fibrinoid inflammation

C. Amyloidosis

D. Hyalinosis

E. Fibrinoid swelling


A man in a quiet condition has increased activity of the muscles, responsible for the inspiration. What from the belowmentioned can cause this?

A. Infrequent breathing

B. Superficial breathing

C. Airways narrowing

D. Negative intrapleural pressure

E. Reduction of minute respiratory capacity


 158. A child with diphtheria 10 days after injection of antitoxic antidiphtherial serum has developed skin rash, accompanied by severe itch, rising temperature up to 38^0C and joints pain. What is the cause of these symptoms?

A. Delayed type of hypersensitivity

B. Anaphylactic reaction

C. Contact allergy

D. Atopia

E. Serum sickness


The autopsy of the dead body revealed enlarged, solid with rounded margins liver, on section the tissue was yellow-brown in colour with dark red spots and stripes, which resembled nutmeg. What pathological process led to such liver changes?

A. Chronic hemorrhage

B. Chronic venous polyemia

C. Acute venous polyemia

D. Arterial polyemia

E. Arterial anemia


A 40-year-old man was admitted to the surgical department with spleen rupture. What anatomic formation will accumulate the blood?

A. Bursa pregastrica

B. Right lateral canal

C. Hepatic bursa

D. Rectovesical excavation

E. Omental bursa


A child, suffering from pylorostenosis accompanied by frequent vomiting, developed signs of dehydration. What form of acid-base disbalance can develop in this case?

A. Gaseous alkalosis

B. Gaseous acidosis

C. Nongaseous acidosis

D. Nongaseous alkalosis

E. Metabolic acidosis


A 33- year-old woman who has been treated for a long time from chronic polyarthritis complains of increased blood pressure, changes in the distribution of the adipose tissue and dysmenorrhea. The usage of what medicine could cause such complaints?

A. Butadion

B. Prednisolone

C. Sinaflan

D. Indometacin

E. Beclometasone


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