B. Venereal lymphogranulomatosis

C. Gonorrhoea

D. Chancroid

E. Melioidosis


A patient with bronchial asthma during 2 months was taking pills of prednisolon. After she began feeling much better she suddenly stopped taking the medicine. What complication can develop in this case?

A. Abstinence syndrome

B. Gastric hemorrhage

C. Hypotension

D. Itsenko-Cushing syndrome

E. Obesity of upper part of the body


A 39-year-old patient after radiotherapy because of hepatoma developed ulcer of small intestine. It was caused by the inhibition of mytotic activity of the cells, which are responsible for regeneration of small intestine surface epithelium. Inhibition of what cells mitotic activity does this patient have?

A. Crypt columnar cells without margins

B. Columnar cells

C. Endocrine cells

D. Caliciform exocrynocytes

E. Exocryocytes with acidophilic granules


Where should the cathetor for evacuation of the lymph from the thoracic lymph duct be inserted?

A. To the inferior vena cava

B. To the right venous corner

C. To the left venous corner

D. To the left inguinal vein

E. To the superior vena cava


Patients with similar complaints applied to the doctor: weakness, pain in the intestines, disorder of GIT. Examination of the faeces revealed that one patient with four nucleus cysts should be hospitalized immidiately. For what protozoa are such cysts typical?

A. Balantidium

B. Intestinal amoeba

C. Dysenteric amoeba

D. Trichomonas

E. Lamblia


A 42-year-old man was admitted to the cardiological department because of angina pectoris. Among the medicines administered to the patient there was inhibitor of phosphodiesterase. The concentration of what substance in the heart muscle will be increased?





E. Cyclo-AMP


A patient has a suspected pneumonia. In his sputum there were revealed grampositive diplococci, prolonged with the slightly pointed opposite ands. What microorganisms are revealed in the sputum?

A. Staphylococcus aureus

B. Neisseria gonorrhoeae

C. Neisseria meningitidis

D. Klebsiella pneumoniae

E. Streptococcus pneumoniae


 199. A patient has tissue ischemia lower the knee joint, accompanied with "intermittent claudication". Which artery is occluded in this case?

A. Posterior tibial

B. Proximal part of the femoral

C. Anterior tibial

D. Popliteal

E. Fibial


A patient with clinical signs of encephalitis was admitted to the infectious hospital. In his anamnesis there is information about tick bite. During the hemagglutination ihibition reaction there were found antybodies against the pathogen of tick-borne encephalitis in diluton 1:20, which is not diagnostic. What should the doctor do next, after he has got such results?

A. Use more sensitive reaction

B. Remake the examination with another diagnosticum

C. Reexamine the same serum

D. Canceal the diagnosis of tick-borne encephalitis

E. Remake the examination of the serum taken 10 days later

Krok 1. Medicine. 2005

A 25-year-old woman with red and itchy eczematoid dermatitis visits your office. She had a dental procedure one day earlier with administration of a local anesthetic. There were no other findings, although she indicated that she had a history of allergic reactions. Which of the following drugs is most likely involved?

A. Procaine

B. Bupivacaine

C. Lidocaine

D. Etidocaine

E. Cocaine

After the trauma, the patient’s right n.vagus was damaged. Which violation of the cardiac activity is possible in this case?

A. Violation of a conductivity in the right auricle

B. Violation of the automatism of a atrio-ventricular node

C. Block of a conductivity in the atrio-ventricular node

D. Arrhythmia

E. Violation of the automatism of a Kiss-Fleck node

Some diseases reveal symptoms of aldosteronism with hypertension and edema due to sodium retention in the organism. What organ of the internal secretion is affected on aldosteronism?

A. Hypophysis

B. Testicle

C. Ovaries

D. Pancreas

E. Adrenal glands

A patient complains of frequent and difficult urination. Imperfection of what formation can cause it?

A. Bulb-uretic glands

B.   Prostate

C. Testicles

D. Testicle adnexa

E. Sperm bubbles

On autopsy of a still-born infant abnormalities have been revealed: ventricles are not separated, a single arterial trunk originates from the right part. For what class of vertebrates is such heart construction characteristic?

A. Fishes

B. Birds

C. Mammals

D. Amphibian

E. Reptiles

A 22-year-old patient was admitted to the hospital with complaints of heavy nasal breathing. During the examination of her nasal cavity the doctors found thickened mucous membrane, a lot of mucus and nodular infiltrates without erosions in the nose.The nasal rhinoscleroma was diagnosed. The biopsy was taken. What typical morphological changes may be found?

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