B. Vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP)

C. Somatostatin


E. Gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP)

A 2-year-old child has got intestinal dysbacteriosis, which results in hemorrhagic syndrome. What is the most likely cause of hemorrhage of the child?

A. Activation of tissue thromboplastin

B. PP hypovitaminosis

C. Fibrinogen deficiency

D. Vitamin K insufficiency

E. Hypocalcemia

 181 In case of enterobiasis acrihine - the structural analogue of vitamin B2 - is administered. The synthesis disorder of which enzymes does this medicine cause in microorganisms?

A. NAD-dependet dehydrogenases

B. Cytochromeoxidases

C. FAD-dependent dehydrogenases

D. Peptidases

E. Aminotransferases

Decreased blood supply to the organs causes hypoxia that activates fibroblasts function. Volume of what elements is increased in this case?

A. Vessels of microcircular stream

B. Parenchymatous elements of the organ

C. Nerve elements

D. Lymphatic vessels

E. Intercellular substance

A 45-year-old woman suffers from allergic seasonal coryza caused by the ambrosia blossoming. What adipose cells group stabilizer medicine can be used for prevention of this disease?

A. Diazoline

B. Dimedrol

C. Phencarol

D. Tavegyl

E. Ketotifen

Live vaccine is injected into the human body. Increasing activity of what cells of connective tissue can be expected?

A. Adipocytes and adventitious cells

B. Plasmocytes and lymphocytes

C. Macrophages and fibroblasts

D. Pigmentocytes and pericytes

E. Fibroblasts and labrocytes

A patient with tissue trauma was taken a blood sample for the determination of blood clotting parameters. Specify the right sequence of extrinsic pathway activation.

A. III – VIII: TF – Xa

B. III – VIIa – Xa

C. III – IV – Xa

D. IV – VIII: TF – Xa

E. IV – VIIa – Xa

A patient suffering from thyrotoxicosis symptoms of vegetoasthenic syndrome was revealed. What of the following would show the histological appearance of a thyroid gland being stimulated by thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)?

A. Increased numbers of parafollicular cells

B. Decreased numbers of follicular cells

C. Decreased numbers of parafollicular capillaries

D. An abundance of colloid in the lumen of the follicle

E. Columnar-shaped follicular cells

A 10-year-old child complains of weakness, nausea, irritability. Helminthes of white color and 5-10 mm long have been found on the underwear. On microscopy of the scrape from the perianal folds achromic ova of the unsymmetrical form have been revealed. Which helminth is in the organism of the child?

A. Enterobins vermicularis

B. Trichina

C. Ascaris lumbricoides

D. Trichuris

E. Ancylostoma duodenalis

A 68-year-old woman can not move her upper and lower right extremities after stroke. Muscle tone of these extremities and reflexes are increased. There are pathological reflexes. What form of the paralysis is it?

A. Monoplegia

B. Paraplegia

C. Dissociation

D. Tetraplegia

E. Hemiplegia

 189 A person was selling "homemade pork" sausages on the market. State sanitary inspector suspected falcification of the sausages. What serological immune reaction can identifiy food substance?

A. Agglutination test

B. Precipitation test

C. Immunofluorescence test

D. Complement- fixation test

E. Indirect hemagglutination test

A patient with complaints of 3-day-long fever, general weakness, loss of appetite came to visit the infectionist. The doctor suspected enteric fever. Which method of laboratory diagnosis is the best to confirm the diagnosis?

A. Detachment of urine culture

B. Detachment of myeloculture

C. Detachment of pure culture

D. Detachment of feces culture

E. Detachment of blood culture

 191 A patient has been brought to the hospital with the complaints of headache, pain in left hypochondrium. He has been ill for 1,5 weeks. The sudden illness began with the increase of body temperature up to 39,90C. In 3 hours the temperature decreased and hydropoiesis began. The attacks repeat rhythmically in 48 hours. The patient had visited one an African country. The doctors have suspected malaria. What method of laboratory diagnostics is necessary to use?

A. Urine examination

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