E. Fluids and Dobutamine infusion

A 35-year-old man under the treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis has acute-onset of right big toe pain, swelling, and low-grade fever. The gouty arthritis was diagnosed and high serum uric acid level was found. Which of the following antituberculosis drugs are known for causing high uric acid levels?

A. Pyrazinamide

B. Aminosalicylic acid

C. Rifampicin

D. Thiacetazone

E. Cycloserine

A patient has a malignisation of thoracic part of esophagus. What lymphatic nodes are regional for this organ?

A. Anulus lymphaticus cardiae

B. Nodi lymphatici mediastinales posteriores

C. Nodi lymphatici pericardiales laterales

D. Nodi lymphatici paratrachealis

E. Nodi lymphatici prevertebralis

A highly injured person has gradually died. Please choose the indicator of biological death:

A. Disarray of chemical processes

B. Autolysis and decay in the cells

C. Absence of movements

D. Absence of palpitation and breathing

E. Loss of consciousness

A 62-year-old patient was admitted to the neurological department due to cerebral haemorrage. His condition is grave. There is evident progression of deep and frequent breath that turnes into reduction to apnoea and the cycle repeates. What respiration type has developed in the patient?

A. Cheyne-Stockes respiration

B. Biot's respiration

C. Kussmaul respiration

D. Apneustic respiration

E. Gasping respiration

Where should the cathetor for evacuation of the lymph from the thoracic lymph duct be inserted?

A. To the inferior vena cava

B. To the superior vena cava

C. To the left inguinal vein

D. To the left venous corner

E. To the right venous corner

A 30-year-old patient was hospitalized due to bleeding of the facial artery . What place on the face has to be pressed to stop bleeding?

A. The mandible’s edge

B. The molar bone

C. The mental process

D. The nose’s back

E. The mandible’s branch

 172 Purulent endometritis developed in a woman after delivery. Treating with antibiotics inhibitors of murein synthesis was ineffective. Wide spectrum bactericidal antibiotic was administered to her. In 6 hours temperature rapidly increased up to 400C with shiver. Muscle pains have appeared. BP dropped down to 70/40 mmHg. Oligura has developed. What is the main reason for the development of this condition?

A. Toxic effect of preparation

B. Internal bleeding

C. Endotoxic shock

D. Anaphylactic shock

E. Bacteremia

Blood sampling for bulk analysis is recommended to be performed on an empty stomack and in the morning. What changes in blood composition can occur if to perform blood sampling after food intake?

A. Reduced contents of erythrocytes

B. Increased contents of erythrocytes

C. Increased contents of leukocytes

D. Increased plasma proteins

E. Reduced contents of thrombocytes

A patient has undergone an amputation of lower extremity. Some time later painful nodules appeared in a stump. Amputatious neuromas were found out at the microscopic examination. To what pathological processes do those formations relate?

A. Hyperemia

B. Dystrophy

C. Metaplasia

D. Inflammation

E. Regeneration

Oval and round organelles with double wall are seen at the electron micrograph. The outer membrane is smooth, the inner membrane folded into cristae contain enzyme ATPase synthetase. These are:

A. Ribosomes

B. Centrioles

C. Golgi complex

D. Lysosomes

E. Mitochondria

 176 Periodic renal colics attacks are observed in a woman with primery hyperparathyroidizm. Ultrasonic examination revealed small stones in the kidneys. What is the most plausible reason of the stones's formation?

A. Hyperphosphatemia

B. Hypercalcemia

C. Hypercholesterinemia

D. Hyperuricemia

E. Hyperkalemia

A sick man with high temperature and a lot of tiny wounds on the body has been admitted to the hospital. Lice have been found in the folds of his clothing. What disease can be suspected in the patient?

A. Scabies

B. Malaria

C. Plague

D. Tularemia

E. Epidemic typhus

Part of the DNA chain turned about 180 degrees due to gamma radiation. What type of mutation took place in the DNA chain?

A. Replication

B. Inversion

C. Translocation

D. Deletion

E. Doubling

When the pH level of the stomach lumen decreases to less than 3, the antrum of the stomach releases peptide that acts in paracrine fashion to inhibit gastrin release. This peptide is:

A. Acetylcholine

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