C. For increasing renal excretion of phenobarbital

D. For bringing the patient to consciousness

E. For phenobarbital inactivation

A victim of an accident has bleeding from the soft tissues anteriad the mandibular angle. Which vessel should be ligated for the bleeding arrest?

A. A.alveolaris inferior

B. A.facialis

C. A.temporalis superficialis

D. A.lingvalis

E. A.carotis interna

A coprological survey revealed light-colored feces containing drops of neutral fat. The most likely reason for this condition is the disorder of:

A. Bile inflow into the bowel

B. Pancreatic juice secretion

C. Intestinal juice secretion

D. Intestinal absorption

E. Gastric juice acidity

A 10-year-old girl has a history of repeated acute respiratory viral infection. After recovering she presents with multiple petechial hemorrhages on the sites of friction from clothing rubbing the skin. What kind of hypovitaminosis has this girl?

A. B2

B. B1

C. C

D. B6

E. A

Researchers isolated 5 isoenzymic forms of lactate dehydrogenase from the human blood serum and studied their properties. What property indicates that the isoenzymic forms were isolated from the same enzyme?

A. Tissue localization

B. The same physicochemical properties

C. The same molecular weight

D. Catalyzation of the same reaction

E. The same electrophoretic mobility

Urine analysis of a 12-year-old boy reveals high concentration of all aliphatic amino acids with the highest excretion of cystine and cysteine. US of kidneys revealed kidney concrements. What is the most likely pathology?

A. Cystinuria

B. Phenylketonuria

C. Alkaptonuria

D. Cystitis

E. Hartnup disease

Tissue inosytol triphosphates are generated as a result of the phosphatidylinositol diphosphate hydrolysis and act as secondary agents (mediators) in the mechanism of hormone action. Their effect in cells is directed at:

A. Calcium ion liberation from cellular depot

B. Protein kinase A activation

C. Adenylate cyclase activation

D. Protein kinase A inhibition

E. Phosphodiesterase inhibition

During preparation of a patient to a heart surgery it was necessary to measure pressure in heart chambers. In one of them pressure varied from 0 mm Hg up to 120 mm Hg within one cardiac cycle. What heart chamber is it?

A. Left atrium

B. Right ventricle

C. Left ventricle

D. -

E. Right atrium

A patient working at a pig farm complains about paroxysmal abdominal pain, liquid feces with admixtures of mucus and blood, headache, weakness, fever. Examination of large intestine revealed ulcers from 1 mm up to several cm large, feces contained oval unicellular organisms with cilia. What disease should be suspected?

A. Balantidiasis

B. Lambliasis

C. Toxoplasmosis

D. Trichomoniasis

E. Amebiasis

After a trauma of the upper third of the anterior forearm surface a patient presents with difficult pronation, weakening of palmar flexor muscles and altered skin sensitivity of 1-3 fingers. Which nerve is damaged?

A. n. cutaneus antebrachii medialis

B. n. musculocutaneus

C. n. medianus

D. n. ulnaris

E. n. radialis

A patient died from cardiopulmonary decompensation. Histological examination revealed diffused pulmonary affection along with interstitial edema, infiltration of tissue by limphocytes, macrophages, plasmocytes; pulmonary fibrosis, panacinar emphysema. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A. Pulmonary atelectasis

B. Bronchopneumonia

C. Bronchial asthma

D. Chronic bronchitis

E. Fibrosing alveolitis

During fighting a man had a cardiac arrest as a result of a hard blow to the upper region of anterior abdominal wall. Which of the described mechanisms might have provoked the cardiac arrest?

A. Sympathetic unconditioned reflexes

B. Peripheric reflexes

C. Sympathetic conditioned reflexes

D. Parasympathetic unconditioned reflexes

E. Parasympathetic conditioned reflexes

A 38-year-old man died in the attempt of lifting weight. He had collaptoid state. Autopsy revealed an extensive aneurism rupture of thoracic aorta. He suffered from visceral syphilis during his lifetime. What pathological process caused weakness of aortic wall, its dilatation and rupture?

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