A. Cellulotoxic immune reaction

B. Cell-mediated immune reaction

C. Stimulating immune reaction

D. Anaphylactic immune reaction

E. Aggregate immune reaction

A newborn child was found to have reduced intensity of sucking, frequent vomiting, hypotoni a . Urine and blood exhibit increased concentration of citrullin e . What metabolic process is disturbed?

A. Glyconeogenesis

B. Cori cycle

C. Tricarboxylic acid cycle

D. Glycolysis

E. Ornithinic cycle

A histological specimen of a kidney shows a part of the distal tubule going between the afferent and efferent arteriole. The cells building the tubule wall have dense nuclei; basal membrane is absent. Such structural formation is called:

A. Macula densa

B. Juxtavascular cells

C. -

D. Mesangial cells

E. Juxtaglomerular cells

A 5-year-old child has been diagnosed with acute right distal pneumonia. Sputum inoculation revealed that the causative agent is resistant to penicillin, but it is senstive to macrolides. What drug should be prescribed?

A. Gentamycin

B. Tetracycline

C. Azithromycin

D. Ampicillin

E. Streptomycin

A victim with a head trauma in the temporal region has been diagnosed with epidural hematoma. What artery is most likely to be damaged?

A. Posterior auricular artery

B. Superficial temporal artery

C. Anterior membranous artery

D. Medial cerebral artery

E. Medial membranous artery

 103 Vitamin B1 deficiency causes disturbance of oxidative decarboxylation of a -ketoglutaric acid. This leads to the impaired synthesis of the following coenzyme:

A. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide

B. Lipoic acid

C. Coenzyme A

D. Flavine adenine dinucleotide

E. Thiamine pyrophosphate

A patient who has been treated in a neural clinic and has been taking a sedative for a long time got the following complication: cough, rhinitis, epiphora. What drug caused these disturbances?

A. Valerian

B. Phenazepam

C. Reserpine

D. Diazepam

E. Sodium bromide

The secretion of whixh hypophysial hormones will be inhibited after taking the oral contraceptives containing sex hormones?

A. Ocytocin

B. Thyrotrophic hormone

C. Vasopressin

D. Gonadotropic hormone

E. Somatotropic hormone

A 45-year-old woman has breast cancer. Her left arm has symptoms of lymphatic system insufficiency - limb edema, lymph node enlargement. What form of lymphatic circulation insufficiency is it?

A. Combined insufficiency

B. Dynamic insufficiency

C. -

D. Mechanic insufficiency

E. Resorption insufficiency

A doctor asked a patient to breath out fully after taking a normal breath. What muscles contract during such exhalation?

A. Trapezius muscles

B. External intercostal muscles

C. Abdominal muscles

D. Diaphragm

E. Pectoral muscles

A female patient presents with endocrine dysfunction of follicular cells of the ovarian follicles resulting from an inflammation. The synthesis of the following hormone will be inhibited:

A. Lutropin

B. Follistatine

C. Estrogen

D. Follicle stimulating hormone

E. Progesterone

The minute blood volume in a patient with transplanted heart has increased as a result of physical activity. What regulative mechanism is responsible for these changes?

A. Sympathetic conditioned reflexes

B. Parasympathetic conditioned reflexes

C. Sympathetic unconditioned reflexes

D. Catecholamines

E. Parasympathetic unconditioned reflexes

An alcoholic has alcoholic psychosis with evident psychomotor agitation. What neuroleptic drug should be administered for emergency care?

A. Sodium bromide

B. Halothane

C. Aminazine

D. Reserpine

E. Diazepam

A 4-year-old child presents with general weakness, sore throat and deglutitive problem. After his examination a doctor suspected diphtheria and sent the material to the bacteriological laboratory. In order to determine the diphtheria causative agent the material should be inoculated into the following differential diagnostic medium:

A. Blood tellurite agar

B. Ploskyrev's agar

C. Endo's agar

D. Levenshtein-Yessen agar

E. Sabouraud's agar


A 35-year-old patient complains about having severe rhinitis and loss of sense of smell for a week. Objectively: the nasal cavity contains a lot of mucus covering the mucous membrane and blocking olfactory receptors. In what region of the nasal cavity are these receptors located?

A. Vestibule of nose

B. Median nasal concha

C. Inferior nasal concha

D. Superior nasal concha

E. Common nasal meatus

Examination of the anterior abdominal wall of a pregnant woman revealed a tumour-like formation that arose on the spot of a tumour that was removed two years ago. The neoplasm was well-defined, dense, 2х1 cm large. Histological examination revealed that the tumour was composed of differentiated connective tissue with prevailing collagen fibres. What tumour might be suspected?

A. Lipoma

B. Desmoid

C. Hibernoma

D. Leiomyoma

E. Fibrosarcoma

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