A. Reduction of atrial natriuretic factor

B. Vasopressin reduction

C. Vasopressin increase

D. Aldosterone reduction

E. Aldosterone increase

Microscopic examination of a gram-stained scrape from a patient's tongue revealed oval, round, elongated chains of dark-violet gemmating cells. What disease can be caused by this causative agent?

A. Streptococcic infection

B. Candidiasis

C. Actinomycosis

D. Staphylococcic infection

E. Diphtheria

Autopsy of a 75-year-old man with a long history of atherosclerosis revealed a grey irregular-shaped focus of loose consistency in the right parietotemporal region of brain. What is the most likely cause of this process?

A. Thrombosis of the right medial cerebral artery

B. Thrombosis of tomentum cerebri

C. Thrombosis of the right anterior cerebral artery

D. Thrombosis of basilar artery

E. Thrombosis of the right posterior cerebral artery

A histological specimen shows a blood vessel. Its inner coat is composed by endothelium, subendothelium and internal elastic membrane. The middle coat is enriched with smooth myocytes. Such morphological characteristics are typical for the following vessel:

A. Muscular-type artery

B. Elastic-type artery

C. Capillary

D. Muscular-type vein

E. Non-muscular vein

Examination of a 6-month-old child revealed a delay in closure of the occipital fontanelle. When should it normally close?

A. Until the end of the second year of life

B. Until 3 months

C. Until the end of the first year of life

D. Until 6 months

E. Before the child is born

Quite often the cause of secondary immunodeficiency is an infection involvement, when the causative agents propagate directly in the cells of immune system and destroy it. The following diseases are characterized by:

A. Q-febris, epidemic typhus

B. Dysentery, cholera

C. Infectious mononucleosis, AIDS

D. Tuberculosis, mycobacteriosis

E. Poliomyelitis, type A hepatitis

 134 A 30-year-old patient complains about having abdominal pain and diarrhea for five days; body temperature rise up to 37,5oC along with chills. The day before a patient had been in a forest and drunk from an open water reservoir. Laboratory analyses enabled to make the following diagnosis: amebic dysentery. What is the drug of choice for its treatment?

A. Metronidazole

B. Emetine hydrochloride

C. Levomycetin

D. Furazolidonum

E. Phthalazol

Examination of a 12-year-old boy with developmental lag revealed achondroplasia: disproportional constitution with evident shortening of upper and lower limbs as a result of growth disorder of epiphyseal cartilages of long tubal bones. This disease is:

A. Inherited, sex-linked

B. Inherited, dominant

C. Inherited, recessive

D. Congenital

E. Acquired

A newborn child with pylorostenosis has often repeating vomiting accompanied by apathy, weakness, hypertonicity, sometimes convulsions. What disorder form of acid-base balance is it?

A. Metabolic acidosis

B. Excretory acidosis

C. Nongaseous alkalosis

D. Gaseous acidosis

E. Gaseous alkalosis

 137 A patient has been diagnosed with influenza. His condition became drastically worse after taking antipyretic drugs. His consciousness is confused, AP is 80/50 mm Hg, Ps is 140/m, body temperature droped down to 35,8oC. What complication developed in this patient?

A. Alkalosis

B. Collapse

C. Hyperthermia

D. Acidosis

E. Hypovolemia

Which of the listed diuretic agents WILL NOT have diuretic effect on a patient with Addison's disease?

A. Ethacrynic acid

B. Triamterene

C. Hydrochlorothiazide

D. Spironolactone

E. Furosemide

Cytogenetic examination of a patient with reproductive dysfunction revealed normal karyotype 46 ХY in some cells, but most cells have karyotype of Klinefelter's syndrome - 47 ХХY. Such cell heterogenity is called:

A. Duplication

B. Transposition

C. Inversion

D. Mosaicism

E. Monomorphism

An 18-year-old man was delivered to the hospital after a road accident. Examination at the traumatological department revealed multiple injuries of soft tissues of face in the region of the medial eye angle. The injuries caused massive haemorrhage. What arterial anastomosis might have been damaged in this region?

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