A man who is riding the carousel presents with increased heart rate, sweating, nause a . This condition is caused primarily by the stimulation of the following receptors:

A. Auditory

B. Vestibular otolithic

C. Visual

D. Proprioceptors

E. Vestibular ampullar

A doctor prescribed a cephalosporin antibiotic to the patient after appendectomy for infection prevention. Antimicrobial activity of this group of antibiotics is based upon the disturbance of the following process:

A. Nucleic acid synthesis

B. Choline esterase block

C. Ribosome protein synthesis

D. Energy metabolism

E. Microbial wall formation

Examination of a pregnant woman having Rh-negative blood revealed high level of antierythrocytic antibodies. For its reduction she was implanted with her husband's Rh-positive skin graft. The graft was rejected in two weeks. Its microscopic examination revealed circulatory disturbance, edema and cellular infiltration with lymphocytes, neutrophils and macrophages predominanc e . What is the most likely pathology?

A. Interstitial inflammation

B. Delayed-type hypersensitivity

C. Graft immunity

D. Immediate hypersensitivity

E. Granulomatous inflammation

A patient has been diagnosed with alkaptonuri a . Choose an enzyme whose deficiency can be the reason for this pathology:

A. Dioxyphenylalanine decarboxylase

B. Homogentisic acid oxidase

C. Phenylalanine hydroxylase

D. Glutamate dehydrogenase

E. Pyruvate dehydrogenase

A patient suffering from stomach ulcer has been treated with an antacid drug almagel. For acute bronchitis treatment he was prescribed the antibiotic methacyclin e . However within next 5 days the fever didn’t fall, cough and sputum nature remained unchange d . A physician came to the conclusion that the drugs were incompatibl e . What type of drug incompatibility is the case?

A. Pharmacodynamic

B. Pharmacokinetic, absorption stage

C. Pharmacokinetic, biotransformation stage

D. Direct antagonism

E. Pharmaceutic

A patient with acute myocardial infarction has been administered heparin as a part of complex therapy. Some time after heparin injection the patient developed hematuri a . What heparin antagonist should be injected in order to manage the complication?

A. Aminocaproic acid

B. Fibrinogen

C. Vicasol

D. Protamine sulfate

E. Neodicumarin

A pregnant woman was registered in an antenatal clinic and underwent complex examination for a number of infections. Blood serum contained IgM to the rubella virus. What is this result indicative of?

A. Of a chronic process

B. Of exacerbation of a chronic disease

C. Of primary infection

D. The woman is healthy

E. Of recurring infection with rubella virus

Extensive thromboembolic infarction of the left cerebral hemispheres, large septic spleen, immunocomplex glomerulonephritis, ulcers on the edges of the aortic valves, covered with polypous thrombus with colonies of staphylococcus were revealed on autopsy of the young man who died in com a . What disease caused cerebral thromboemboly?

A. Septic bacterial endocarditis

B. Acute rheumatic valvulitis

C. Septicemia

D. Rheumatic thromboendocarditis

E. Septicopyemia

 82 Vomiting matters of a patient suspected of having cholera were delivered to the bacteriological laboratory. The material was used for preparing a "hanging drop" specimen. What type of microscopy will be applied for identification of the causative agent by its mobility?

A. Fluorescence microscopy

B. Electron microscopy

C. Phase-contrast microscopy

D. Immersion microscopy

E. Immune and electron microscopy

While performing an inguinal canal operation on account of hernia a surgeon damaged the canal's contents. What exactly was damaged?

A. Funiculus spermaticus

B. -

C. Lig. teres uteri

D. Urarchus

E. Lig. inguinal е

During an experiment the myotatic reflex has been studied in frogs. After extension in a skeletal muscle its reflectory contraction was absent. The reason for it might be a dysfunction of the following receptors:

A. Nociceptors

B. Articular

C. Muscle spindles

D. Tactile

E. Golgi tendon organs

The liver puncture biopsy of a patient with hepatocellular insufficiency revealed hydropic and ballooning degenerationof hepatocytes, necrosis of certain cells, presence of Kaunsilmen's bodies. Portal and lobular stroma were infiltrated mostly with lymphocytes and macrophages as well as with a small number of polymorphonuclear lymphocytes. What is the most likely diagnosis?

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