A patient has corestenoma. What is the reason of such condition?

A. Noradrenaline action

B. Increased tonus of parasympathetic centres

C. Increased activity of sympathoadrenal system

D. Increased tonus of sympathetic centres

E. Adrenaline action

A patient is 44 years old. Laboratory examination of his blood revealed that content of proteins in plasma was 40 g/l. What influence will be exerted on the transcapillary water metabolism?

A. Metabolism will stay unchanged

B. Filtration will be increased, reabsorption - decreased

C. Both filtration and reabsorption will be increased

D. Filtration will be decreased, reabsorption - increased

E. Both filtration and reabsorption will be decreased

 45 Ultramicroscopical examination of "dark" hepatocyte population in the cell cytoplasm detected a developed granular endoplasmic reticulum. What function has this organella in these cells?

A. Carbohydrate synthesis

B. Calcium ion depositing

C. Deintoxicative function

D. Synthesis of blood plasma proteins

E. Bile production

A sensitive neural ganglion consists of roundish neurocytes with one extension that divides into axon and dendrite at a some distance from the perikaryon. What are these cells called?

A. Multipolar

B. Pseudounipolar

C. Bipolar

D. Unipolar

E. Apolar

A 55-year-old male patient was hospitalised to a surgical clinic for suspected septicemia. What material should be taken for analysis?

A. Liquor, serum agar

B. Blood, sugar broth

C. Lymph node punctate, cysteine agar

D. Urine, beef-extract broth

E. Pus, yolk saline agar

This drug has a destructive effect on erythrocytic forms of malarial plasmodia and dysenteric amoebae. It is used for treatment and prevention of such diseases as malaria, amebiasis and interstitial disease. What drug is it?

A. Quinine

B. Erythromycin

C. Tetracycline

D. Emetine hydrochloride

E. Chingamin

A disaster fighter at a nuclear power plant developed hemorrhagic syndrome on the background of acute radiation disease. What is the most important factor of syndrome pathogenesis?

A. Increased activity of anticoagulative system factors

B. Vascular wall damage

C. Thrombocytopenia

D. Decreased activity of coagulative factors

E. Increased activity of fibrinolysis factors

A patient with enteritis accompanied by massive diarrhea has low water rate in the extracellular space, high water rate inside the cells and low blood osmolarity. What is such disturbance of water-electrolytic metabolism called?

A. Hypo-osmolar hyperhydration

B. Hypo-osmolar hypohydration

C. Hyperosmolar hyperhydration

D. Hyperosmolar hypohydration

E. Osmolar hypohydration

Some students developed myodynia after continuous physical activity during physical education. The reason for such condition was accumulation of lactic acid in the skeletal muscles. It was generated in the students' bodies after activation of the following process:

A. Gluconeogenesis

B. Glycolysis

C. Glycogeny

D. Pentose-phosphate cycle

E. Lipolysis

An adult man presents with systemic arterial pressure drop from 120/70 to 90/50 mm Hg. This resulted in reflex vasoconstriction. Vasoconstriction will be minimal in the following organ:

A. Bowels

B. Liver

C. Heart

D. Skeletal muscles

E. Skin

A three-year-old child has had marked diarrhea for three days. Immune electron microscopy of his excrements revealed bilayer pseudocovered capsid viruses that looked like small spoke wheels. What viruses have been revealed?

A. Coronaviruses

B. Reoviruses

C. Rotaviruses

D. Coxsackie viruses

E. ECHO viruses

A patient consulted an urologist about pain during urination. Analysis of his urine taken in the daytime revealed eggs with a characteristic sharp point. It is known from the anamnesis that the patient has recently returned from Australia. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A. Dicroceliasis

B. Urogenital schistosomiasis

C. Opisthorchiasis

D. Intestinal schistosomiasis

E. Japanese schistosomiasis

A tooth extraction in a patient with chronic persistent hepatitis was complicated with prolonged hemorrhage. What is the reason for the haemorrhagic syndrome?

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