A. A. carotis interna et A. ophthalmica

B. A. carotis externa et A. subclavia

C. A. carotis interna et A. subclavia

D. A. carotis externa et A. carotis interna

E. A. subclavia et A. ophthalmica

Medical examination at the military registration and enlistment office revealed that a 15-year-old boy was high, with eunuchoid body proportions, gynecomastia, female pattern of pubic hair distribution. The boy had also fat deposits on the thighs, no facial hair, high voice, subnormal intelligence quotient. Which karyotype corresponds with this disease?

A. 47, XXY

B. 47, XXX

C. 45, XO

D. 46, XY

E. 46, XX

There is a severe time restriction for people's staying at a height of over 800 m above the sea level without oxygen bombs. What is the life limiting factor in this case?

A. Partial oxygen pressure

B. Moisture level

C. Temperature

D. Earth gravity

E. Ultraviolet intensity

On an electron micrograph a scientist has identified a structure formed by eight histone proteins and a part of DNA molecule which makes about 1,75 revolutions around the molecules. Which structure has been identified?

A. Chromatid

B. Chromosome

C. Elemetary fibril

D. Half-chromatid

E. Nucleosoma

Sanitary bacteriological research on water by the membrane filter method revealed two red colonies on a membrane filter (Endo agar) through which 500 ml of analyzed water were passed. Calculate the coli index and coli titer of the analyzed water:

A. 250 and 2

B. 250 and 4

C. 500 and 2

D. 4 and 250

E. 2 and 500

An aged man had raise of arterial pressure under a stress. It was caused by activation of:

A. Sympathoadrenal system

B. Functions of thyroid gland

C. Hypophysis function

D. Functions of adrenal cortex

E. Parasympathetic nucleus of vagus

A 46-year-old man had a bulging dark macula on skin that caused no discomfort. With time it began to increase in size and became painful. It turned dark brown and there was a nodule on palpation. Histological examination of tissues revealed spindle and polymorphous cells with multiple mitoses. Their cytoplasm contained brown pigment. What tumour is it?

A. -

B. Melanoma

C. Nevus

D. Basalioma

E. Hemangioma

 147 As a result of continuous starvation the glomerular filtration rate has increased by 20%. The most probable cause of the glomerular filtration alteration under the mentioned conditions is:

A. Increase in the permeability of the renal filter

B. Decrease in the oncotic pressure of blood plasma

C. Increase in the systemic arterial pressure

D. Increase of the filtartion quotient

E. Increase of the renal blood flow

Surgical approach to the thyroid gland from the transverse (collar) approach involves opening of interaponeurotic suprasternal space. What anatomic structure localized in this space is dangerous to be damaged?

A. Jugular venous arch

B. Superior thyroid arthery

C. External jugular vein

D. Inferior thyroid arthery

E. Subclavicular vein

A 49-year old female patient has limitation of left limbs arbitrary movements. Muscular tonus of left hand and leg is overstrained and spasmodic, local tendon reflexes are strong, pathological reflexes are presented. What is the most likely development mechanism of hypertension and hyperreflexia?

A. Motoneuron activation induced by stroke

B. Activation of excitatory influence from the focus of stroke

C. Reduction of descending inhibitory influence

D. Activation of synaptic transmission

E. Ihibition of cerebral cortex motoneurons

A patient with marked pneumofibrosis that developed after infiltrating pulmonary tuberculosis has been diagnosed with respiratory failure. What is its pathogenetic type?

A. Dysregulatory

B. Obstructive

C. Reflex

D. Apneistic

E. Restrictive

In response to a change in body position from horizontal to vertical blood circulation system develops reflectory pressor reaction. Which of the following is its compulsory component?

A. Weakening of the pumbing ability of heart

B. Decrease in the circulating blood volume

C. Increase in the heart rate

D. Systemic dilatation of the arterial resistive vessels

E. Systemic constriction of the venous vessels

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