B. Acute cavernous tuberculosis

C. Infiltrative tuberculosis

D. Acute focal tuberculosis

E. Caseous pneumonia

There are several groups of molecular mechanisms playing important part in pathogenesis of insult to cells which contributes to the pathology development. What processes are stimulated by proteinic damage mechanisms?

A. Acidosis

B. Phospholipase activation

C. Osmotic membrane distension

D. Lipid peroxidation

E. Enzyme inhibition

During hypersensitivity test a patient got subcutaneous injection of an antigen which caused reddening of skin, edema, pain as a result of histamine action. This biogenic amine is generated as a result of transformation of the following histidine amino acid:

A. Isomerization

B. Decarboxylation

C. Methylation

D. Deaminization

E. Phosphorylation

A patient has been diagnosed with a compression fracture of a lumbar vertebra. As a result he has a considerable increase in curvature of the lumbar lordosis. Which ligament damage can induce such changes in the spine curvature?

A. Iliolumbar ligament

B. Posterior longitudinal ligament

C. Yellow ligament

D. Interspinous ligament

E. Anterior longitudinal ligament

 169 A culture of monkey cells (Vero) and a group of mouse sucklings were infected with an inoculum taken from a child with provisional diagnosis "enterovirus infection". There was no cytopathic effect on the cell culture but mouse sucklings died. What enteric viruses might have caused disease of this child?

A. ECHO virus

B. Unclassified enteric viruses 68-71

C. Coxsackie B

D. Polioviruses

E. Coxsackie A

A patient suffering from myasthenia has been administered proserin. After its administration the patient has got nausea, diarrhea, twitch of tongue and skeletal muscles. What drug would help to eliminate the intoxication?

A. Physostigmine

B. Atropine sulfate

C. Mesatonum

D. Pyridostigmine bromide

E. Isadrine

A man died from an acute infectious disease accompanied by fever, jaundice, haemorrhagic rash on the skin and mucous membranes as well as by acute renal insufficiency. Histological examination of renal tissue (stained by Romanovsky-Giemsa method) revealed some convoluted bacteria looking like C und S letters. What bacteria were revealed?

A. Spirilla

B. Borrelia

C. Treponema

D. Campilobacteria

E. Leptospira

A 10-year-old child had the mantoux tuberculin test administered. 48 hours later a papule up to 8 mm in diameter appeared on the site of the injection. What type of hypersensitivity reaction developed after the tuberculin injection?

A. Type II hypersensitivity reaction

B. Atopic reaction

C. Arthus phenomenon

D. Type IV hypersensitivity reaction

E. Seroreaction

Lung ventilation in a person is increased as a result of physical activity. Which of the following indices of the external respiration is much higher than in a state of rest?

A. Respiratory volume

B. Expiratory reserve volume

C. Vital capacity of lungs

D. Inspiratory reserve volume

E. Total lung capacity

A patient has been given high doses of hydrocortisone for a long time. This caused atrophy of one of the adrenal cortex zones. Which zone is it?

A. Reticular

B. Fascial

C. Glomerular and reticular

D. Glomerular

E. -

Autopsy of a 1,5-year-old child revealed haemorrhagic skin rash, moderate hyperaemia and edema of nasopharyngeal mucous membrane, small haemorrhages in the mucous membranes and internal organs; dramatic dystrophic alterations in liver and myocardium; acute necrotic nephrosis; massive haemorrhages in the adrenal glands. What disease are these alterations the most typical for?

A. Meningococcal infection

B. Epidemic typhus

C. Diphtheria

D. Scarlet fever

E. Measles

A 17-year-old girl took a high dose of phenobarbital to commit a suicide. An ambulance doctor cleansed her stomach and gave her an intravenous injection of bemegride and sodium hydrocarbonate solution. What was sodium hydrocarbonate injected for?

A. For breathing stimulation

B. For arterial pressure normalization

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