If a man has an attack of bronchiospasm it is necessary to reduce the effect of vagus on smooth muscles of bronchi. What membrane cytoreceptors should be blocked for this purpose?

A. b -adrenoreceptors

B. a - and b -adrenoreceptors

C. N-cholinoreceptors

D. a -adrenoreceptors

E. M-cholinoreceptors

While studying maximally spiralized chromosomes of human karyotype the process of cell division was stopped in the following phase:

A. Anaphase

B. Metaphase

C. Interphase

D. Prophase

E. Telophase

 154 A worker of a cattle farm fell acutely ill and then died from the progressing intoxication. Autopsy revealed enlarged, hyposthenic spleen of dark-cherry colour when dissected; excessive pulp scraping. At the base and fornix of brain pia maters are edematous, soaked with blood, dark-red ("scarlet hat"). Microscopic examination revealed serous haemorrhagic inflammation of brain tissues and tunics along with destruction of small vessel walls. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A. Brucellosis

B. Cholera

C. Anthrax

D. Tularemia

E. Plaque

 155 Autopsy of a man who died from chronic cardiovascular collapse revealed "tiger heart". Sidewards of endocardium a yellowish-white banding can be seen; myocardium is dull, dark-yellow. What process caused this pathology?

A. Carbohydrate degeneration

B. Fatty parenchymatous degeneration

C. Fatty vascular-stromal degeneration

D. Amyloidosis

E. Hyaline degeneration

 156 Blood plasma of a healthy man contains several dozens of proteins. During an illness new proteins can originate, namely the protein of "acute phase". Select such protein from the listed below:

A. C-reactive protein

B. Prothrombin

C. G immunoglobulin

D. Fibrinogen

E. A immunoglobulin

A 28-year-old female patient consulted a gynecologist about sterility. Examination revealed underdeveloped ovaries and uterus, irregular menstrual cycle. Analysis of the sex chromatin revealed 2 Barr’s bodies in most somatic cells. What chromosome disease is most likely?

A. Klinefelter's syndrome

B. Turner's syndrome

C. Edwards' syndrome

D. Patau's syndrome

E. Triple X syndrome

A child suffers from drug idiosyncrasy. What is the cause of such reaction?

A. Inhibition of microsomal liver enzymes

B. Exhaustion of substrate interacting with pharmaceutical substance

C. Hereditary enzymopathy

D. Accumulation of pharmaceutical substance

E. Associated disease of target organ

A 46-year-old patient suffering from the diffuse toxic goiter underwent resection of the thyroid gland. After the surgery the patient presents with appetite loss, dyspepsia, increased neuromuscular excitement. The body weight remained unchanged. Body temperature is normal. Which of the following has caused such a condition in this patient?

A. Reduced production of thyroxin

B. Reduced production of parathormone

C. Increased production of thyroliberin

D. Increased production of calcitonin

E. Increased production of thyroxin

A child has mental and physical retardation, grave damage of internal connective tissue. Urine analysis reveals keratan sulfates. What metabolic process is disturbed?

A. Fibronectin

B. Glycosaminoglycans

C. Hyaluronic acid

D. Elastin

E. Collagen

Pulmonary examination of a patient who has worked as a stone grinder for 9 years revealed small dense roundish nodules consisting of connective tissue. The nodules were found to have peripheral macrophages. Such pulmonary alterations are indicative of the following disease:

A. Silicosis

B. Multiple bronchiectasis

C. Bronchial asthma

D. Chronic bronchitis

E. Acute pneumonia

A histologic specimen shows an organ's parenchyma which is presented by lymphoid tissue making some lymph nodes. The nodes are located diffusively and contain a central artery. What anatomic formation might have such morphological structure?

A. Lymph node

B. Red bone marrow

C. Spleen

D. Thymus

E. Tonsil

A 32-year-old patient consulted a doctor about the absence of lactation after parturition. Such disorder might be explained by the deficit of the following hormone:

A. Prolactin

B. Vasopressin

C. Glucagon

D. Somatotropin

E. Thyrocalcitonin

Medical examination of a 20-year-old woman revealed a dense incapsulated node 1 cm in diameter that was palpated in the mammary gland. The postoperative biopsy revealed connective tissue overgrowth around the mammary ducts and glandular components of different diameter that didn't make lobules and bore no signs of cellular abnormality. What diagnosis will be made?

A. Fibroma

B. Adenoma

C. Metastatic cancer

D. Fibrocarcinoma

E. Fibroadenoma

A patient with tuberculosis died from progressing cardiopulmonary decompensation. Autopsy in the region of the right lung apex revealed a cavity 5 cm in diameter communicating with lumen of a segmental bronchus. On the inside cavity walls are covered with caseous masses with epithelioid and Langhans cells beneath them. What morphological form of tuberculosis is it?

A. Tuberculoma

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