Buffer capacity of blood was decreased in the worker due to exhausting muscular work. Entry of

What acid substance to the blood can this state be explained?

A Lactate

B Pyruvate

C 1,3-bisphosphoglycerate

D α -ketoglutarate

E 3-phosphoglycerate


While examining the child the doctor revealed symmetric cheeks roughness, diarrhea,

Disfunction of the nervous system. Lack of what food components caused it?

A Nicotinic acid, tryptophane

B Lysine, ascorbic acid

C Threonine, pantothenic acid

D Methionine, lipoic acid

E Phenylalanine, pangamic acid


A13-year-old boy complains of general weakness, dizziness, tiredness. He is mentally retarded.

Increased level of valine, isoleucine, leucine is in the blood and urine. Urine has specific smell.

What is the diagnosis?

A Maple syrup urine disease

B Addison's disease

C Tyrosinosis

D Histidinemia

E Graves' disease


Increased breaking of vessels, enamel and dentine destruction in scurvy patients are caused by

Disorder of collagen maturing. What stage of modification of procollagen is disordered in this


A Hydroxylation of proline

B Formation of polypeptide chains

C Glycosylation of hydroxylysine residues

D Removal of C-ended peptide from procollagen

E Detaching of N-ended peptide


A 62-year-old female patient has developed a cataract (lenticular opacity) secondary to the

Diabetes mellitus. What type of protein modification is observed in case of diabetic cataract?

A Glycosylation

B Phosphorylation

C ADP-ribosylation

D Methylation

E Limited proteolysis


Aspirin has antiinflammatory effect due to inhibition of the cyclooxygenase activity. Level of what

Biological active acids will decrease?

A Prostaglandins

B Leucotriens

C Catecholamines

D Biogenic amines

E Iodinethyronyns


At the aboratory experiment the eukocyte culture was mixed with staphylococci. Neutrophile

Leukocytes engulfed and digested bacterial cells. This processes are termed:

A Phagocytosis

B Pinocytosis

C Diffusion

D Facilitated diffusion

E Osmosis


Examination of a patient revealed typical presentations of collagenosis. This pathology is

Characterized by increase of the following urine index:

A Hydroxyproline

B Arginine

C Glucose

D Mineral salts

E Ammonium salts


Marked increase of activity of МВ -forms of CPK (creatinephosphokinase) and LDH-1 were

Revealed on the examination of the patient's blood. What is the most likely pathology?   

A Miocardial infarction

B Hepatitis

C Rheumatism

D Pancreatitis

E Cholecystitis


Untrained people often have muscle pain after sprints as a result of lactate accumulation. This

Might be caused by intensification of the following biochemical process:

A Glycolysis

B Gluconeogenesis

C Pentose phosphate pathway

D Lipogenesis

E Glycogenesis


A 16-year-old boy was performed an appendectomy. He has been hospitalized for right lower

Quadrant abdominal pain within 18 hours. The surgical specimen is edematous and

Erythematous. Infiltration by what of the following cells is the most typical for the process

Occuring here?

A Neutrophils

B Eosinophils

C Basophils

D Limphocytes

E Monocytes


ATP synthesis is totaly blocked in a cell. How will the value of membrane rest potential change?

A It will disappear

B It will be slightly increased

C It will be considerably increased

D First it will increase, then decrease

E First it will decrease, then increase


The concentration of albumins in human blood sample is lower than normal. This leads to edema

Of tissues. What blood function is damaged?

A Maintaining the oncotic blood pressure

B Maintaining the Ph level

C Maintaining the body temperature

D Maintaining the blood sedimentation system

E All answers are correct


Examination of a patient suffering from frequent haemorrhages in the inner organs and mucous

Membranes revealed proline and lysine being included in collagen fibers. Impairment of their

Hydroxylation is caused by lack of the following vitamin:







A 20 year old patient complains of general weakness, dizziness, quick fatigability. Blood analysis

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