Characteristic of blood serum is of diagnostic importance in case of this pathology?

A C-reactive protein

B Uric acid

C Urea

D Creatinine

E Transferrin


Patient experienced increased susceptibility of the skin to the sunlight. His urine after some time

Became dark-red. What is the most likely cause of this?

A Porphyria

B Hemolytic jaundice

C Albinism

D Pellagra

E Alkaptonuria


A patient with serious damage of muscular tissue was admitted to the traumatological

Department. What biochemical urine index will be increased in this case?

A Creatinine

B Common lipids

C Glucose

D Mineral salts

E Uric acid


Hours after an accute attack of retrosternal pain a patient presented a jump of aspartate

Aminotransferase activity in blood serum. What pathology is this deviation typical for?

A Myocardium infarction

B Viral hepatitis

C Collagenosis

D Diabetes mellitus

E Diabetes insipidus


Donor skin transplantation was performed to a patient with extensive burns. On the 8-th day the

Graft became swollen and changed colour; on the 11-th day graft rejection started. What cells

Take part in this process?

A T-lymphocytes

B Erythrocytes

C Basophils

D Eosinophils

E B-lymphocytes


A 30 y.o. woman had been ill for a year when she felt pain in the area of joints for the first time,

They got swollen and skin above them became reddened. Provisional diagnosis is rheumatoid

Arthritis. One of the most probable causes of this disease is a structure alteration of a

Connective tissue protein:

A Collagen

B Mucin

C Myosin

D Ovoalbumin

E Troponin


Autopsy of a 12-year-old girl revealed: multiple cutaneous hemmorhages (mostly into the skin of

Buttocks, lower extremities), serous and mucous memrane hemmorhages, cerebral

Hemmorhages. Adrenal glands show focal necrosis and massive hemmorhages; kidneys show

Necrotic nephrosis, suppurative arthritis, iridocyclitis, vasculitis. What is the most probable


A Meningococcemia

B Epidemic typhus

C Periarteritis nodosa

D Systemic lupus erythematosus

E Radiation sickness


Examination of a 27-year-old patient revealed pathological changes in liver and brain. Blood

Plasma analysis revealed an abrupt decrease in the copper concentration, urine analysis

Revealed an increased copper concentration. The patient was diagnosed with Wilson’s

Degeneration. To confirm the diagnosis it is necessary to study the activity of the following

Enzyme in blood serum:

A Ceruloplasmin

B Carbonic anhydrase

C Xanthine oxidase

D Leucine aminopeptidase

E Alcohol dehydrogenase


A patient complains about dyspnea provoked by the physical activity. Clinical examination

Revealed anaemia and presence of the paraprotein in the zone of gamma-globulins. To confirm

The myeloma diagnosis it is necessary to determine the following index in the patient’s urine:

A Bence Jones protein

B Bilirubin

C Haemoglobin

D Ceruloplasmin

E Antitrypsin


Examination of a child who hasn't got fresh fruit and vegetables during winter revealed numerous

Subcutaneous hemorrhages, gingivitis, carious cavities in teeth. What vitamin combination

Should be prescribed in this case?

A Ascorbic acid and rutin

B Thiamine and pyridoxine

C Folic acid and cobalamin

D Riboflavin and nicotinamide

E Calciferol and ascorbic acid


As a result of exhausting muscular work a worker has largely reduced buffer capacity of blood.

What acidic substance that came to blood caused this phenomenon?

A Lactate

B Pyruvate

C 1,3-bisphosphoglycerate

D 3-phosphoglycerate

E -


A 2-year-old child with mental and physical retardation has been delivered to a hospital. He

Presents with frequent vomiting after having meals. There is phenylpyruvic acid in urine. Which

Metabolism abnormality is the reason for this pathology?

A Amino-acid metabolism

B Lipidic metabolism

C Carbohydrate metabolism

D Water-salt metabolism

E Phosphoric calcium metabolism


A patient was delivered to the hospital by an emergency team. Objectively: grave condition,

Unconscious, adynamy. Cutaneous surfaces are dry, eyes are sunken, face is cyanotic. There

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