An infant has apparent diarrhea resulting from improper feeding. One of the main diarrhea

Effects is plentiful excretion of sodium bicarbonate. What form of acid-base balance disorder is

The case?

A Metabolic acidosis

B Metabolic alkalosis

C Respiratory acidosis

D Respiratory alkalosis

E No disorders of acid-base balance will be observed


Methotrexate (structural analogue of the folic acid which is competitive inhibitor of the

Dihydrofolatreductase) is prescribed for treatment of the malignant tumour. On which level does

Methotrexate inhibit synthesis of the nucleic acids?

A Mononucleotide synthesis

B Replication

C Transcription

D Reparation

E Processing


RNA-polymeraseB(II) is blocked due to amanitine poisoning (poison of death-cup). It disturbes:

A Synthesis of m-RNA

B Synthesis of t-RNA

C Reverse transcription

D Primers synthesis

E Maturation of m-RNA


Pain along large nervous stems and increased amount of pyruvate in the blood were revealed in

The patient. Insufficiency of what vitamin can cause such change?

A В 1  

B В 2


D Pantothenic acid

E Biotin


Patient with encephalopathy was admitted to the neurological in-patient department. Correlation

Of increasing of encephalopathy and substances absorbed by the bloodstream from the

Intestines was revealed. Whatsubstances that are created in the intestines can cause


A Indole

B Butyrate

C Acetacetate

D Biotin

E Ornithine


Examination of a patient suffering from cancer of urinary bladder revealed high rate of serotonin

And hydroxyanthranilic acid. It is caused by excess of the following amino acid in the organism:

A Tryptophan

B Alanine

C Histidine

D Methionine

E Tyrosine


A mother consulted a doctor about her 5-year-old child who develops erythemas, vesicular rash

And skin itch under the influence of sun. Laboratory studies revealed decreased iron

Concentration in the blood serum, increased uroporphyrinogen I excretion with the urine. What is

The most likely inherited pathology in this child?

A Erythropoietic porphyria

B Methemoglobinemia

C Hepatic porphyria

D Coproporphyria

E Intermittent porphyria


A 3 year old child with fever was given aspirin. It resulted in intensified erythrocyte haemolysis.

Hemolytic anemia might have been caused by congenital insufficiency of the following enzyme:

A Glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase

B Glucose 6-phosphatase

C Glycogen phosphorylase

D Glycerol phosphate dehydrogenase

E γ -glutamiltransferase


Blood of a 12 year old boy presents low concentration of uric acid and accumulation of xanthine

And hypoxanthine. This child has genetic defect of the following enzyme:

A Xanthine oxidase

B Arginase

C Urease

D Ornithine carbamoyltransferase

E Glycerylkinase


Increased amount of free fat acids is observed in the blood of the patients with diabetes

mellitus. It can be caused by:

A Increased activity of triglyceridelipase adipocytes

B Storage of palmitatoil-CoA

C Activation of the ketone bodies utilization

D Activation of the synthesis of the apolipoproteins

E Decreased activity of phosphatidylcholine-cholesterol-acyltransferase blood plasma


A 46-year-old female patient has a continuous history of progressive muscular (Duchenne's)

Dystrophy. Which blood enzyme changes will be of diagnostic value in this case?

A Creatine phosphokinase

B Lactate dehydrogenase

C Pyruvate dehydrogenase

D Glutamate dehydrogenase

E Adenylate cyclase


A patient is ill with diabetes mellitus that is accompanied by hyperglycemia of over 7,2 millimole/l

On an empty stomach. The level of what blood plasma protein allows to estimate the glycemia

Rate retrospectively (4-8 weeks before examination)?

A Glycated hemoglobin

B Albumin

C Fibrinogen

D C-reactive protein

E Ceruloplasmin


In case of enterobiasis acrihine - the structural analogue of vitamin B2 - is administered.

The synthesis disorder of which enzymes does this medicine cause in microorganisms?

A FAD-dependent dehydrogenases

B Cytochromeoxidases

C Peptidases

D NAD-dependet dehydrogenases

E Aminotransferases


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