After resection of the middle third of femoral artery obliterated by a thromb the lower extremity is

Supplied with blood due to the surgical bypass. Name an artery that plays the main role in

Reestablishment of blood flow:

A Deep femoral artery

B Superficial circumflex artery of hip bone

C Descending genicular artery

D Superficial epigastric artery

E Deep external pudendal artery


A patient's knee joint doesn't extend, there is no knee-jerk reflex, skin sensitivity of the anterior

Femoral surface is disturbed. What nerve structures are damaged?

A Femoral nerve

B Superior gluteal nerve

C Big fibular nerve

D Obturator nerve

E Inferior gluteal nerve


The electronic microphoto of kidney fragment has exposed afferent glomerular arteriole, which

Has giant cells under its endothelium, containing secretory granules. Name the type of these


A Juxtaglomerular

B Mesangial

C Smoothmuscular

D Juxtavascular

E Interstitial


A 50 y.o. patient was admitted to the hospital with complaints about pain behind his breastbone,

Asphyxia during physical activity. Angiography revealed pathological changes in the posterior

Interventricular branch of the right coronary artery. What heart parts are affected?

A Posterior wall of the right and left ventricles

B Left atrium

C Anterior wall of the right and left ventricles

D Right atrium

E Right atrioventricular valve


A patient was admitted to the surgical department with suspected inflammation of Meckel's

Diverticulum. What part of bowels should be examined in order to discover the diverticulum in

Course of an operation?

A Ileum

B Duodenum

C Jejunum

D Caecum

E Colon ascendens


Examination of a newborn boy's genitals revealed a cleft of urethra that opens on the inferior

Surface of his penis. What developmental anomaly is meant?

A Hypospadia

B Hermaphroditism

C Epispadia

D Monorchism

E Cryptorchism


A patient complains about impaired evacuatory function of stomach (long-term retention of food

In stomach). Examination revealed a tumour of initial part of duodenum. Specify localization of

The tumour:

A Pars superior

B Pars inferior

C Pars descendens

D Pars ascendens

E Flexura duodeni inferior


A man after 1,5 litre blood loss has suddenly reduced diuresis. The increased secretion of what

Hormone caused such diuresis alteration?

A Vasopressin

B Corticotropin

C Natriuretic

D Cortisol

E Parathormone


A young man consulted a doctor about disturbed urination. Examination of his external genitals

Revealed that urethra is split on top and urine runs out of this opening. What anomaly of external

Genitals development is the case?

A Epispadia

B Phimosis

C Hermaphroditism

D Paraphimosis

E Hypospadia


A 35 year old patient applied to a doctor with complaints about having intense rhinitis and loss of

Sense of smell for a week. Objectively: nasal cavity contains a lot of mucus that covers mucous

Membrane and blocks olfactory receptors. In what part of nasal cavity are these receptors


A Superior nasal turbinate

B Median nasal turbinate

C Inferior nasal turbinate

D Common nasal meatus

E Vestibule of nose


Inflammatory process of modified subserous layer around cervix of the uterus caused an

Intensive pain syndrome. In what region of genitals does the pathological process take place?

A Parametrium

B Mesometrium

C Myometrium

D Endometrium

E Perimetrium


In course of an operation surgeon removed a part of a lung that was ventilated by a tertiary

Bronchus accompanied by branches of pulmonary artery and other vessels. What part of a lung

Was removed?

A Bronchopulmonary segment

B Middle lobe

C Inferior lobe

D Superior lobe

E Pulmonary lobule


While examining the oral cavity a stomatologist revealed inflammation of papillae on the border

Of the median and posterior third of the back of tongue. What papillae are inflamed?

A Papillae vallatae

B Papillae fungiformes

C Papillae foliatae

D Papillae filiformes

E Papillae conicae


Examination of a patient revealed an abscess of pterygopalatine fossa. Where can the infection

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