A patient with infectious mononucleosis had been taking glucocorticoids for two weeks. He was

Brought into remission, but he fell ill with acute attack of chronic tonsillitis. What action of

Glucocorticoids caused this complication?

A Immunosuppressive

B Anti-inflammatory

C Antishock

D Antiallergic

E Antitoxic


A 45-year-old man with domestic apper arm injuiry came to the trauma unit. The objective data

Are: there are no extension, adduction or pronation functions of the arm. What muscle damage

Caused this condition?

A Teres major

B Subscapular

C Teres minor

D Subspinous

E Supraspinous


A man with internal abdominal right side injury and suspicion of liver rupture was admitted to the

Traumatological department. In what peritonial structure will blood accumulate?

A Excavatio rectovesicalis

B Bursa omentalis

C Recessus intersigmoideus

D Fossa ischio-analis

E Recessus duodenalis inferior


A histological spacemen presents parenchymal organ, which has cortex and medulla. Cortex

Consists of epitheliocytes bars with blood capillaries between them; the bars form three zones.

Medulla consists of chromaffinocytes and venous sinusoids. Which organ has these

Morphological features?

A Adrenal gland

B Kidney

C Lymph node

D Thymus

E Thyroid


After trauma a 44-year-old patient had a rupture of left palm muscle tendons and of the surface

Of blood vessels. After operation and removal of the most part of the necrotically changed

Muscle tissue the bloodstream was normalized. What vessels have helped with restoration of


A Arcus palmaris profundus

B Arcus palmaris superficialis

C Aa. digitales palmares communes

D Aa. metacarpeae palmares

E Aa. perforantes


A 45-year-old man applied to the trauma unit because of domestic shoulder trauma. Objectively:

Flexibility, reduction and pronation functions of the shoulder are absent. What muscle was


A Teres major muscle

B Subscapular muscle

C Teres minor muscle

D Infraspinous muscle

E Supraspinous muscle


Ovarian tumour was diagnozed in the woman. Surgery was indicated. What ligament should be

Cut by the surgeon to disconnect the ovary and the uterus?

A The ovarial ligament

B Broad ligament of uterus

C Lateral umbilical ligament

D Suspensory ligament of  ovary

E Round ligament of uterus


An old woman was hospitalized with acute pain, edema in the right hip joint; the movements in

The joint are limited. Which bone or part of it was broken?

A The neck of the thigh

B The body of the thigh bone

C Condyle of the thigh

D Pubic bone

E Ischial bone


A 53-year-old female patient was diagnosed with liver rupture resulting from a blunt abdominal

Injury. The escaped blood will be assembled in the following anatomic formation:

A Rectouterine pouch

B Vesicouterine pouch

C Right mesenteric sinus

D Omental bursa

E Left mesenteric sinus


A patient complains about edemata of legs, skin cyanosis, small ulcers on one side of the lateral

Condyle. Examination revealed a swelling, enlarged veins, formation of nodes. The pathological

Process has started in the following vein:

A V. saphena parva

B V. saphena magna

C V. femoralis

D V. profunda femoris

E V. iliaca externa


A 70 year old female patient was diagnosed with fracture of left femoral neck accompanied by

Disruption of ligament of head of femur. The branch of the following artery is damaged:

A Obturator

B Femoral

C External iliac

D Inferior gluteal

E Internal pudendal


A woman underwent an operation on account of extrauterine (tubal) pregnancy. In course of the

Operation the surgeon should ligate the branches of the following arteries:

A Uterine and ovarian

B Superior cystic and ovarian

C Inferior cystic and ovarian

D Uterine and superior cystic

E Uterine and inferior cystic


A 6 month old baby ill with bronchitis was taken for an X-ray of chest. Apart of changes

Associated with bronchi the X-ray film showed a shadow of thymus gland. What might have

Caused such changes?

A The above-mentioned condition is a normal variant for this age

B It's the effect of bronchitis

C It is caused by abnormal position

D It is caused by thymus inflammation

E It is caused by neoplastic process


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