A patient suffering from chronic myeloleukemia has got the following symptoms of anemia:

Decreased number of erythrocytes and low haemoglobin concentration, oxyphilic and

Polychromatophilic normocytes, microcytes. What is the leading pathogenetic mechanism of

Anemia development?

A Substitution of haemoblast

B Intravascular hemolysis of erythrocytes

C Deficiency of vitamin B12    

D Reduced synthesis of erythropoietin

E Chronic haemorrhage


A 7-year-old child can't abduct the shoulder, raise it to the horizontal level. He can raise the

Hand to the face only with dorsal side with abduction of the shoulder (with help of supraspinous

muscle ) - "bugler" arm. Active function of what muscle is absent?

A Deltoid

B Infraspinous

C Pectoral major

D Teres minor

E Teres major


A 7-year-old girl has signs of anemia. Laboratory examination revealed pyruvate kinase

Deficiency in erythrocytes. What process disturbance plays the main role in anemia


A Anaerobic glycolysis

B Oxidative phosphorylation

C Tissue respiration

D Peroxide decomposition

E Aminoacids desamination


A patient complained about being unable to adduct and abduct fingers in the

Metacarpophalangeal articulations towards and away from the 3rd finger. Which muscles'

Function is impaired?

A Interosseous muscles

B Lumbrical muscles

C Breviflexors of fingers

D Long flexors of fingers

E Extensors


A 45-year-old patient was admitted to the surgical department with complaints of abrupt sharp

Pain in the epigastric region. After examination it was diagnosed: perforated ulcer of the

Posterior wall of the stomach. Where did content of the stomach flow out while perforation?

A To the omental bursa

B To the liver bursa

C To the proventriculus sack

D To the left mesenteric sinus

E To the right mesenteric sinus


A 25-year-old patient complained of the decreased vision. Accommodation disorders, dilated

Pupil, not reacting on the light were revealed on examination. Function of what muscles is


A Pupil narrowing muscle, ciliary

B Pupil dilating muscle, ciliary

C Inferior oblique muscle, ciliary

D Lateral rectus muscle, pupil narrowing

E Pupil narrowing and dilating muscle


Microspecimen of spinal cord contains a nucleus that should be analyzed. Its neurons form

Motor endings in the skeletal muscles. What nucleus of spinal cord is meant?

A Proper nucleus of the anterior horn

B Thoracic nucleus

C Intermediate lateral nucleus

D Proper nucleus of the posterior horn

E Proper nucleus of gray substance


A man with cut wound of his right foot sole was admitted to the hospital ward. The patient has

Limited elevation of the lateral foot edge. In course of wound management the injury of a muscle

Tendon was revealed. What muscle is injured?

A Long peroneal

B Anterior tibial

C Long extensor muscle of toes

D Triceps muscle of crus

E Short peroneal


A 35 year old man with a trauma of his left hand was admitted to the traumatology department.

Objectively: cut wound of palmar surface of left hand; middle phalanxes of II–V fingers don't

Bend. What muscles are damaged?

A Superficial finger flexor

B Profound finger flexor

C Lumbrical muscles

D Palmar interosseous muscles

E Dorsal interosseous muscles


A 38-year-old patient came to a traumatology centre and complained about an injury of his right

Hand. Objectively: the patient has a cut wound in the region of the thenar eminence on the right

Hand; distal phalanx of the I finger cannot be flexed. What muscle was injured?

A Long flexor muscle of thumb

B Short flexor muscle of thumb

C Short abductor muscle of thumb

D Opposer muscle of thumb

E Abductor muscle of thumb


A patient with neuritis of femoral nerve has disturbed flexion of thigh as well as disturbed crus

Extension in the knee joint. What muscle's function is disturbed?

A Quadriceps muscle of thigh

B Biceps muscle of thigh

C Triceps muscle of thigh

D Semitendinous muscle

E Semimembranous muscle


In the specimen of one of the parts of respiratory system a tubular organ was found. It has low

Epithelium, well developed muscular tunic, glands and cartilage are absent. Name this organ:

A Minor bronchs

B Trachea

C Larynx

D Major bronchs

E Median bronchs


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