A 56-year-old patient with complains of thirst and frequent urination was diagnosed to have

Diabete mellitus and butamin was prescribed. What is the mechanism of action of this


A It stimulates beta-cells of Langergans' islets

B It helps to absorb the glucose by the cells of the organism tissues

C It relieves transport of glucose through the cells' membranes

D It inhibits alpha cells of Langergans' islets

E It inhibits absorption of glucose in the intestines


A 37 year old patient suffering from obliterating vascular endarteritis of lower limbs takes daily

Microgram/kilogram of phenylin. Because of presentations of convulsive disorder

Craniocerebral trauma in anamnesis) he was prescribed phenobarbital. Withholding this drug

Caused nasal hemorhage. What is this complication connected with?

A Induction of enzymes of microsomal oxidation in liver caused by phenobarbital

B Aliphatic hydroxylation of phenobarbital

C Conjugation of phenylin with glucuronic acid

D Oxidative deamination of phenylin

E Inhibition of microsomal oxidation in liver caused by phenobarbital


Patient with complaints of dryness in the mouth, photophobia and vision violation was admitted

To the reception-room. Skin is hyperemic, dry, pupils are dilated, tachycardia. Poisoning with

Belladonna alkaloids was diagnosed on further examination. What medicine should be


A Prozerin

B Diazepam

C Pilocarpine

D Armine

E Dipyroxim


Patient was on glucocorticoids for a long time, discontinuation of usage caused exacerbation of

The illness, decreased BP, weakness. How can you explain it?

A Insufficiency of adrenal glands

B Adaptation to the medicine

C Sensitization

D Hyperproduction of ACTH

E Cumulation


Patient complaines of weakness, dyspnea, low extremities oedema. Diagnosis: chronic cardiac

Insufficiency. What medicine should be prescribed first of all?

A Digitoxin

B Caffeine

C Papaverine

D Propranolol

E Raunatin


Signs of gastropathy develop in the patient with rheumatoid arthritis who was treated with

Indometacin. With what activity of the drug can this complication be connected?

A Anticyclooxygenase

B Antiserotonin

C Antihistamine

D Antikinine

E Local irritating


Testosterone and it's analogs increase the mass of skeletal muscles that allows to use them for

Treatment of dystrophy. Due to interaction of the hormon with what cell substance is this action


A Nuclear receptors

B Membrane receptors

C Ribosomes

D Chromatin

E Proteins- activators of transcription


A patient ill with neurodermatitis has been taking prednisolone for a long time. Examination

Revealed high rate of sugar in his blood. This complication is caused by the drug influence upon

The following link of carbohydrate metabolism:

A Gluconeogenesis activation

B Glycogenogenesis activation

C Intensification of glucose absorption in the bowels

D Inhibition of glycogen synthesis

E Activation of insulin decomposition


Proserin increases skeletal muscle tone when given systematically. Halothane induces

Relaxation of skeletal muscles and reduces proserin effects. What is the nature of proserin and

Halothane interaction?

A Indirect functional antagonism

B Direct functional antagonism

C Competitive antagonism

D Independent antagonism

E Noncompetitive antagonism


A 70-year-old man, who suffered from chronic bronchitis, was prescribed medicine for the

Cough - codeine. What is the mechanism of anticoughing effect?

A Central

B Reflex

C Competitive

D Local effect

E Peripheral effect


A patient with frequent attacks of stenocardia was prescribed sustak-forte to be taken one tablet

Twice a day. At first the effect was positive but on the second day stenocardia attacks resumed.

What can explain inefficiency of the prescribed drug?

A Tachyphylaxis

B Cumulation

C Sensibilization

D Idiosyncrasy

E Dependence


A 37-year-old man was admitted to the surgical department with symptoms of acute pancreatitis:

Vomiting, diarrhea, bradycardia, hypotention, weakness, dehydration of the organism. What

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