A patient was diagnosed with active focal pulmonary tuberculosis. What drug should be

Prescribed in the first place?

A Isoniazid

B Sulfalen

C Cyclocerine

D Ethionamide

E Ethoxide


A patient taking clonidine for essential hypertension treatment was using alcohol that caused

Intense inhibition of central nervous system. What may it be connected with?

A Effect potentiating

B Effect summation

C Cumulation

D Intoxication

E Idiosyncrasy


Examination of a patient revealed extremely myotic pupils, sleepiness, infrequent Chain-Stoke's

Respiration, urinary retention, slowing-down of heart rate, enhancement of spinal reflexes. What

Substance caused the poisoning?

A Morphine

B Atropine

C Phosphacole

D Caffeine

E Barbital


A patient suffers from diabetes melitus. After the regular insulin injection his condition grew

Worse: there appeared anxiety, cold sweat, tremor of limbs, general weakness, dizziness. What

Preparation can eliminate these symptoms?

A Adrenaline hydrochloride

B Butamide

C Caffeine

D Noradrenaline

E Glibutide


Continuous taking of some drugs foregoing the pregnancy increase the risk of giving birth to a

Child with genetic defects. What is this effect called?

A Mutagenic effect

B Embryotoxic effect

C Teratogenic effect

D Fetotoxical effect

E Blastomogenic effect


A doctor administered a patient with allergic dermatitis a H1-histamine blocker as a part of

Complex treatment. Name this medication:

A Loratadine

B Cromolyn sodium

C Prednisolone

D Adrenaline

E Hydrocortisone


A 19 year old woman suffers from primary syphilis. Doctor administered her complex therapy

That includes benzylpenicillin sodium salt. What is the mechanism of action of this drug?

A It blocks synthesis of peptidoglycan of microbal membrane

B It blocks synthesis of cytoplasm proteins

C It blocks thiol enzymes

D It blocks RNA synthesis

E It blocks DNA synthesis


A 65 year old female patient suffers from chronic renal insufficiency accompanied by evident

Edemata caused by chronic glomerulonephritis. What diuretic should be administered for forced


A Furosemide

B Hydrochlorothiazide

C Chlorthalidone

D Cyclometazide

E Acetazolamide


A patient suffering from coronary artery disease had taken a certain drug many times a day in

Order to arrest stenocardia attacks. Overdose of this drug finally caused intoxication.

Objectively: cyanotic skin and mucous membranes, dramatic fall in the arterial pressure,

Tachycardia, respiration inhibition. Blood has increased concentration of methemoglobin. The

Drug the patient had taken relates to the following group:

A Organic nitrates

B α -adrenoceptor blockers

C Calcium channel blockers

D Adenosine drugs

E Myotropic spamolytics


A patient with II stage hypertension has been taking one of hypotensive medications for the

Purpose of treatment. After a time arterial pressure decreased, but the patient started

Complaining of flaccidity, sleepiness, indifference. A bit later he felt stomach pain. He was

Diagnosed with ulcer. What hypotensive medication has the patient been taking?

A Reserpine

B Dibazole

C Furosemide

D Verapamil

E Captopril


A child suffers from drug idiosyncrasy. What is the cause of such reaction?

A Hereditary enzymopathy

B Exhaustion of substrate interacting with pharmaceutical substance

C Accumulation of pharmaceutical substance

D Inhibition of microsomal liver enzymes

E Associated disease of target organ


Examination of a 70 year old patient rrevealed insulin-dependent diabetes. What drug should be


A Glibenclamid

B Insulin

C Mercazolilum

D Parathyroidin

E Cortisone


For the preparation of a patient's burn skin surface a certain medication was used. Its antiseptic

Action is provided by free oxygen that segregates in presence of organic substances. Choose

The right answer:

A Potassium permanganate

B Furacilin

C Chlorhexidine

D Boric acid

E Sodium bicarbonate


A patient suffering from chronic cardiac insufficiency was recommended to undergo a

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