A female patient consulted a physician about digestive disorder, extended abdominal pain.

Examination revealed drastic decrease in hemoglobin concentration. It is known from the

Anamnesis that while living in the Far East the patient used to eat freshly-salted caviar. Some

Relatives living with her had the similar condition. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A Diphyllobothriasis

B Echinococcosis

C Teniasis

D Trichiniasis

E Ascaridiasis


On autopsy of a still-born infant it is revealed heart development abnormalities: ventricles are

Not separated, originates from the right part single arterial trunk. For what class of vertebrate is

Such heart construction characteristic?

A Amphibian

B Fishes

C Reptiles

D Mammals

E Birds


If strong oxidizers get into the bloodstream, a methemoglobin is formed. It is a compound, where

Iron (II) becomes iron (III). What has to be done to save the patient?

A Interchangeable hemotransfusion has to be done

B Patient has to be exposed to the fresh air

C He has to be calmed down and put to bed

D He has to be given pure oxygen

E Respiratory centers have to be stimulated


A 10-year-old child complains of weakness, nausea, irritability. Helminthes of white color and

Mm long were found on the underwear. On microscopy of the scrape from the perianal

Folds achromic ova of the unsymmetrical form were revealed. Indicate what helminth is

Parasiting on the child?

A Enterobins vermicularis

B Ascaris lumbricoides

C ancylostoma duodenalis

D Trichina

E Trichuris


Parents with ill child came to the infectionist. They worked in one of the Asian countries for a

Long time. Child has eathy colored skin, loss of appetite, laxity, enlarged liver, spleen, peripheral

Glands. What protozoan illness can this child have?

A Visceral leishmaniasis

B Balantidiasis

C Amebiasis

D Toxoplasmosis

E Lambliasis


White-haired, with blue eyes girl was born in healthy parents. Irritability, anxiety, troubled sleep

And feeding developed in the first months of life of the infant. What method of genetic

Investigation should be used for the exact diagnosis?

A Biochemical

B Cytological

C Twin

D Genealogical

E Population-statistical


The calcium canals of cardiomyocytes have been blocked on an isolated rabbit's heart. What

Changes in the heart's activity can happen as a result?

A Decreased rate and force of heart beat

B Decreased heart beat rate

C Decreased force of the contraction

D Heart stops in systole

E Heart stops in diastole


After the trauma, the patient’s right n.vagus was damaged. Which violation of the cardiac

Activity is possible in this case?

A Violation of the automatism of a Kiss-Fleck node

B Violation of the automatism of a atrio-ventricular node

C Violation of a conductivity in the right auricle

D Block of a conductivity in the atrio-ventricular node

E Arrhythmia


In the ovary specimen colored with hematoxylin-eosin, follicle is determined where

Cubic-shaped follicle epithelium cells are placed in 1-2 layers, and scarlet covering is seen

around ovocyte. Name this follicle:

A Primary

B Primordial

C Secondary

D Mature

E Atretic


While studing of the family tree with history of hypertrichosis (hyperhirsutism of the ear) this

Sign was founded only in the men and it was inherited from father to the son. Define the type of

Hypertrichosis inheritance?

A Connected with Y-chromosome

B Autosomal- recessive

C Autosomal-dominant

D Connected with Х -chromosome recessive

E Connected with Х -chromosome dominant


In the perianal folds of a 5-year-old girl her mother has found some white "worms" that caused

itch and anxiety in the child. The "worms" were sent to the laboratory. During examination the

Physician saw white filiform helminths 0,5-1 cm long, with pointed ends, some helminths had

Twisted ends. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A Enterobiasis

B Diphyllobothriasis

C Teniasis

D Ascaridiasis

E Opisthorchiasis


Part of the DNA chain turned about 180 degree due to gamma radiation. What type of mutation

Took place in the DNA chain?

A Inversion

B Deletion

C Doubling

D Translocation

E Replication


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