A woman delivered a dead child with multiple developmental defects. What protozoan disease

Might have caused the intrauterine death?

A Toxoplasmosis

B Leishmaniasis

C Malaria

D Amebiasis

E Lambliasis


Tuberculosis can be treated by means of combined chemotherapy that includes substances with

Different mechanisms of action.What antituberculous medication inhibits transcription of RNA

Into DNA in mycobacteria?

A Rifampicin

B Isoniazid

C Streptomycin

D Ethionamide

E Para-aminosalicylic acid


A patient experienced a sudden temperature rise up to 390 С . After 6 hours the temperature

Normalized. On the 2-nd day the attack recurred: in the period of paroxysm the temperature

reached 410 С , apyrexial period began after 8 hours. What type of temperature profile is it?  

A Intermitting

B Recurrent

C Hectic

D Septic

E Continued


Larvae were detected occasionally on the microscopic examination of the sputum of the patient

With pneumonia. Eosinophiles were detected on the blood examination. What helminthiasis can

Be diagnosed?

A Ascariasis

B Enterobiosis

C Trichocephaliasis

D Paragonimiasis

E Opistorchis


You are studying functioning of a bacteria operon. The operator gene has been released from

The repressor gene. Immediately after this the following process will start in the cell:

A Transcription

B Translation

C Replication

D Processing

E Repression


While studying maximally spiralized chromosomes of human karyotype the process of cell

division was stopped in the following phase:

A Metaphase

B Prophase

C Interphase

D Anaphase

E Telophase


It is known that the gene responsible for development of blood groups according to AB0 system

Has three allele variants. If a man has IV blood group, it can be explained by the following

Variability form:

A Combinative

B Mutational

C Phenotypic

D Genocopy

E Phenocopy


A patient complains of pain in the area of his liver. Duodenal intubation revealed yellowish, oval,

Narrowed at the poles eggs with an operculum at the end. Size of these eggs is the smallest

Among all helminth eggs. What is the most probable diagnosis?

A Opisthorchosis

B Teniasis

C Beef tapeworm infection

D Echinococcosis

E Diphyllobothriasis


A patient consulted an urologist about pain during urination. Analysis of his urine taken in the

Daytime revealed eggs with a characteristic sharp point. It is known from the anamnesis that the

Patient has recently returned from Australia. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A Urogenital schistosomiasis

B Intestinal schistosomiasis

C Japanese schistosomiasis

D Opisthorchiasis

E Dicroceliasis


A child complains of general weakness, loss of appetite, a troubled sleep, itching in the perianal

Area. The provisional diagnosis is enterobiasis. In order to specify this diagnosis it is necessary

To perform:

A Scraping from perianal folds

B Roentgenoscopy

C Biopsy of muscle tissue

D Immune diagnostics

E Duodenal contents analysis


The cell of the laboratory animal was overdosed with Roentgen rays. As a result albuminous

Fragments formed in the cytoplasm. What cell organoid will take part at their utilization?

A Lysosomes

B Golgi complex

C Ribosome

D Endoplasmic reticulum

E Cells centre


In course of practical training students studied a stained blood smear of a mouse with bacteria

Phagocyted by leukocytes. What cell organella completes digestion of these bacteria?

A Lisosomes

B Mytochondrions

C Granular endoplasmic reticulum

D Golgi apparatus

E Ribosomes


A woman with ІІІ (B), Rh- blood group born a child with ІІ (A) blood group. The child

Is diagnosed with hemolytic disease of newborn as a result of rhesus incompatibility. What

Blood group is the child's father likely to have?

A ІІ (A), Rh+

B I (0), Rh+

C III (B), Rh+

D I (0), Rh-

E II (A), Rh-


According to the phenotypic diagnosis a female patient has been provisionally diagnosed with

X-chromosome polysomia. This diagnosis can be confirmed by a cytogenetic method. What

Karyotype will allow to confirm the diagnosis?

A 47( ХХХ )

B 48(XXXY)

C 48(XXYY)

D 47(XXY)

E 46(XX)


Two days after consumption of smoked pork a patient got face and eye-lid edemata,

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