A 25-year-old woman with red and itchy eczematoid dermatitis visits your office. She had a

Dental procedure one day earlier with administration of a local anesthetic. There were no other

Findings, although she indicated that she had a history of allergic reactions. Which of the

Following drugs is most likely involved?

A Procaine

B Cocaine

C Lidocaine

D Bupivacaine

E Etidocaine


The CNS stimulation produced by methylxanthines, such as caffeine, is most likely due to the

Antagonism of one of the following receptors:

A Adenosine receptors

B Glycine receptors

C Glutamate receptors

D GABA receptors

E Cholinergic muscarinic receptors


Patients with similar complaints applied to the doctor: weakness, pain in the intestines, disorder

Of GIT. Examination of the faeces revealed that one patient with four nucleus cysts should be

Hospitalized immidiately. For what protozoa are such cysts typical?

A Dysenteric amoeba

B Intestinal amoeba

C Balantidium

D Trichomonas

E Lamblia


According to the data of WHO, for about 250 mln of Earth population fall ill with malaria. This

Disease is mostly spread in tropical and subtropical regions. Range of its spread falls into the

Areal of the following mosquitoes:

A Anopheles

B Culex

C Aedes

D Mansonia

E Culiseta


Labeled aminoacids alanine and tryptophane were introducted to a mouse in order to study

Localization of protein biosynthesis in its cells. Around what organellas will the accumulation of

Labeled aminoacids be observed?

A Ribosomes

B Agranular endoplasmic reticulum

C Cell centre

D Lysosomes

E Golgi apparatus


Highly injured person gradually died. Please choose the indicator of biological death:

A Autolysis and decay in the cells

B Disarray of chemical processes

C Loss of consciousness

D Absence of palpitation

E Absence of movements


After breathing with poisonous steams there is an increased quantity of slime in respiratory

Passages of a chemical production worker. What of respiratory tract epithelial cells participate

In mucousa moistening?

A Goblet cells

B Fibroblasts

C Endocrine cells

D Langergans cells

E Intercalated cells


A patient suffering from thyrotoxicosis symptoms of vegetoasthenic syndrome was revealed.

What of the following would show the histological appearance of a thyroid gland being stimulated

By thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)?

A Columnar-shaped follicular cells

B Decreased numbers of follicular cells

C Increased numbers of parafollicular cells

D An abundance of colloid in the lumen of the follicle

E Decreased numbers of parafollicular capillaries


The reason of occurrence of some diseases of an oral cavity is connected with structural

Peculiarities of its mucous membrane. What morphological attributes characterize these


A No muscularis mucosa, stratified squamous epithelium

B Transitional epithelium, no submucosa

C Simple columnar ciliated epithelium

D Well developed muscularis, no submucosa

E Transitional epithelium, no muscularis mucosa


There is the change of teeth at the 6-8-year-old children: deciduous are replaced by

Permanent. What embrionic tissues are the sources of formation of permanent teeth tissues?

A Ectodermal epithelium of a tooth plate and mesenhime

B Entodermal epithelium of a tooth plate and mesenhime

C Mesodermal epithelium and mesenhime

D I, II brachial arches

E Entodermal epithelium and mesoderm


The B cells of endocrine portion of pancreas are selectively damaged by alloxan poisoning. How

Will it be reflected in blood plasma?

A The content of sugar increases

B The content of fibrinogen decrease

C The level of sugar decreases

D The content of globulins decreases

E The content of albumins decreases


In some regions of South Africa there is a spread sickle-shaped cell anemia, in which

Erythrocytes have shape of a sickle as a result of substitution of glutamin by valine in the

Hemoglobin molecule. What is the cause of this disease?

A Gene mutation

B Disturbance of mechanisms of genetic information realization

C Crossingover

D Genomic mutations  

E Transduction


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