Тема: Стан та перспективи розвитку галузі.( 2 год)

Читання, переклад та переказ тексту. Виконання після текстових вправ.

Read the texts and compare the information in section 1 and section 2.

Internet Facts

        The prototype for the Internet was created in the sixties by the US Defense Department. To ensure that communication could be kept open in the event of a nuclear attack, it created a computer network known as Arpanet — the Advanced Research Project Agency Network.
The first attempt to connect two computers and allow them to communicate with one another was made by researchers at the University of California in Los Angeles and the Stanford Research Institute on 20 October 1969.The first people to coin the term 'internet' were two scientists, Vinton Cerf (known as 'father of the Internet') and his collaborator Bob Kahn, who in 1974 devised a means by which data could be transmitted across a global-network of computers. An Oxford graduate, Tim Berners-Lee, set up the first 'www server' (a Server receives and sends messages) to store the archive of the European Particle Physics Laboratory in Switzerland. The first e-mail ever sent was in 1972 between computers in two American universities. The most frequently used search word on the net is "sex", typed in 1,550,000 times every month. The most mentioned male on the Internet is President Bill Clinton, whose name is linked to 1,542,790 sites. The most mentioned female on the Internet is the actress Pamela Anderson, whose name is linked to 1,542,282 sites.

Робота над текстом за професійним спрямуванням: “Protein, Minerals, Vitamins”.

Proteinis a component of every body cell and important for building the maternal blood supply. Protein also is nec­essary for hair, skin, muscle, nerve tissue and brain de­velopment. Women need approximately 10 more grams of protein daily.

Minerals.Calcium and phosphorus are important miner­als in bone development.

Dairy products are excellent sources of both calcium and phosphorus, as well as of vitamin D which is necessary for calcium absorption.

Zinc is another mineral needed for body growth and de­velopment. Good food sources of zinc include meat, liver, eggs, seafood.

Iron builds blood volume and muscle. Many women enter pregnancy with low iron stores, resulting in anemia. Foods rich in iron include red meat, es­pecially liver, raisins and fortified breads and cereals.

Vitamins.Folic acid is a vitamin important in protein metabolism, particularly in periods of rapid growth. Pregnant women should start the day with a good breakfast. Fortified ready-to eat cereal with milk and a glass of orange juice will provide at least half needs. Green leafy vegetables, liver and lentils are other good sources of folic acid.

Ex 1 Translate into English.

каждая клетка тела, для построения, развитие мозга, более 10 г белка ежедневно, 50 %, до беременности, мо­лочные продукты, кальций, фосфор, витамин Д, цинк — другой минерал, включают мясо, печень, яйца, мореп­родукты, низкое содержание железа, анемия, пища, бо­гатая железом, злаки, начинать день, стакан апельсино­вого сока, листовые овощи, фолиевая кислота.

Робота над граматичним матеріалом. Revision.

1. Назвіть випадки вживання Present Perfect.

2. З якими числівниками в реченні найчастіше вживається Present Perfect. Наведіть приклад.

Ex. 1. Read the situations and write sentences. Use the following verbs:arrive break fall go up grow improve lose leave

1. Tom is looking for his key. He can't find it. He has lost his key.
2. Margaret can't walk and her leg is in plaster. She
3. Last week the bus fare was 80 pence. Now it is 90. The bus fare
4. Maria's English wasn't very good. Now it is better. Her English
5. Dan didn't have a beard before. Now he has a beard. He
6. This morning I was expecting a letter. Now I have it. The letter
7. The temperature was 20 degrees. Now it is only 12. The
8. What time is David leaving? He __________ already.
9. Is Sue coming to the cinema with us? No, she _______ already _______ this film.
10. Do you know where Julia is? Yes, I _______ just ______ her.

3. Яким чином утворюється форма Past Perfect. Чи вживається вона для вираження минулої дії, що вже закінчилася до певного моменту в минулому. Яким чином це позначається у реченні?

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