Write out useful vocabulary from the text. Say what new facts you have learned from this text.

Say what new facts you have learned from this text.

                               Text 2. Russia - A hotspot for higher education!

When we are talking of the largest country in the world which has the unique distinction of stretching across 9 time zones & 2 continents and which is home to great literature, classical music, and stunning architecture, you're bound to be interested in studying here!

Russia, part of the BRICS nations, is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. What's interesting is that this country is also home to around 600 varsities, out of which 14 are ranked in Top 100 Universities of BRICS & Emerging Economies, 2015. The government of Russia has been investing heavily, since 2011, to upgrade the infrastructure and facilities of its varsities and has been working hard to make its education system more compatible with the rest of the nations in the continent. An increasing number of universities in Russia are now using English as a medium of instruction, which has made the country a popular destination for higher education amongIndian students, especially in medicine and engineering.

The varsities in Russia offer courses in medicine, engineering, business management, humanities as well as economics. These degrees are recognized and accepted globally. If you have decided to pursue your higher education in Russia, you are most likely to achieve satisfaction with the knowledge acquired and experienced gained here.

Why study in Russia?

  • The education system in Russia is based on the principle that educational institutions should provide individual attention to students. This approach helps the students to achieve proficiency in any subject that they choose to study.
  • The tuition fees in most institutions are quite low and so is the cost of living; which is why many students decide in favour of studying abroad in Russia. (Read: Cost of study in Russia)
  • The technical and medical universities in Russia are counted among the top 100 in the world. It is quite easy to find a job once a student has a degree in hand. (Read: Medical Courses in Russia)
  • Russian degrees are offered with European appendix, which enables students to apply to post-graduate courses in other European countries after completing their undergraduate course in Russia.
  • Education here is training-oriented, so that students (local or foreign), get good placements once they finish their studies.
  • The job opportunities are many for students, once they complete their courses and get a degree.
  • Getting a student visa for Russia is quite easy. (Read: Russian Students Visa For Indians)

Top Five Universities in Russia

Most universities in Russia offer world-class education. Yet, there are some that top the list.

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