Choose a correct form of negation. Explain the grammar rule. Translate the sentences into English. Think of some situations to illustrate their meanings.

1. No/not compromise!

2. That’s no/not a bad idea.

3. No/not a chance!

4. No/not a hope!

5. No/not comment!

6. No/not a bit of it!

7. It's no/not big deal.

Write a mini-essay (70-100 words). Use one of the proverbs or sayings as a title of your essay.

· No cross, no crown.

· No answer is also an answer.

· Not a bean.

· Not a cat’s chance!

· Not a particle of doubt.

Use the words in the margins in appropriate forms.

The present customs landscape in Europe The European Union (EU) is the _____ customs union in the world, with an internal market of some 5000 mln citizens. EU customs _____ handle nearly 20% of world imports, some 1,545 mln tones of sea cargo and 3 mln tones of air cargo each year. In _____ to _____ over 12 bln euro _____, EU member states administrations have to guard against _____, fraud, _____ contamination and _____. They protect _____ species, the area’s _____ heritage, and the _____ capital rights. They collect trade statistics to help policymakers detect _____ trends.                                                                                           LARGE     SERVE     ADD, COLLECT, ANNUAL   SMUGGLE, ENVIRONMENT COUNTERFEIT DANGER, CULTURE INTELLECT   ECONOMY



Put the words in brackets into participial forms (present or past participles). Translate the sentences into Russian.

1. The customs (poise) on the international borders is the nation’s guard against external threats.

2. Customs organizations (structure) as departments are fully accountable to the Ministry of Finance.

3. (protect) domestic industry customs also collects revenue to support the government.

4. Public and private sector organizations address new challenges (modify) their structures continually.

5. The mission (assign) to customs by the government includes national obligations to trade and transport treaties and conventions.

6. (accomplish) its mission, customs administrations use a professional workforce and modern technologies.

7. The headquarters develops operational policy and procedures, (monitor) the activities of the regional and local offices.

8.  Customs organizations must be rationally (structure) and (maintain).

Study the table with English numerals and fractions.



Cardinal Ordinal Common (simple) Decimal
247,863 – two hundred and forty-seven hundred thousand eight hundred and sixty-three; 621 mln – six hundred and twenty-one million; 489 bln – four hundred and eighty-nine billion; 50 % – fifty  percent 1st – the first; 2nd – the second; 3rd – the third; 4th – the fourth; 5th – the fifth; 12th – the twelfth; 20th – the twentieth; 67th – the sixty-seventh; 100th – the one hundredth; 1,000 – the one thousandth ½ – a half (one half); ⅓ – a third (one third); ¼ – a quarter (one quarter); ⅜ – three eighths; 5 ⅞ – five and seven eighths   0.5 – zero point five; 0.05 – zero point zero five; 0.005 – zero point two zeros five; 0.75 – zero point seven five; 10.469 – ten point four six nine  


Practice reading the following numbers.

  37; 333; 42,506; 935,770; ; 5,884.227; 8,623,984; 23,481,047,225; 1/7; 9/11; 8 3/8; 45.321; 704.003; the 3rd attempt; the 6th sense; the 7th of January; the 21st century; the 22nd of June; 25%; 100%.

Read the text. Discuss its main idea with your partner(s). Suggest a title to the text.

Transparency is a key issue for all customs administrations. Increasing accountability and maintaining an open and honest relationship with clients and stakeholders is crucial to maintaining public trust and confidence in the performance of customs functions. Clients must be able to expect a high degree of certainty in their dealings with customs authorities. This can only be achieved when customs laws, regulations, procedures, and administrative guidelines are made public, are easily accessible, and are applied in a consistent manner.

Render the text in English.

Всемирная таможенная организация

Всемирная таможенная организация (ВТамО) является межправительственной международной организацией со штаб-квартирой в Брюсселе (Бельгия). Секретариат ВТамО возглавляется Генеральным секретарем, который избирается членами организации сроком на пять лет.

Членами ВТамО являются таможенные службы практически всех стран мира. Работа ВТамО сосредоточена в сфере разработки международных конвенций по таким вопросам, как таможенные сборы, безопасность и упрощение процедур международной торговли, борьба с правонарушениями в таможенной сфере и с контрафактной продукцией, а также борьба с коррупцией.

ВТамО особое внимание уделяет программам институционального развития, целью которых является оказание поддержки при проведении реформ и модернизации таможенных служб.

Главной целью ВТамО является повышение эффективности работы таможенных служб стран-членов организации с помощью мер, способствующих их национальному развитию: укрепление национальной безопасности, увеличение собираемости налогов и сбор статистики по внешней торговле.

17. Speak on:

· the role of customs organizations as border guards and revenue collectors;

· the history and present day of customs management;

· the structural organization of the customs.



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