Choose appropriate words from the alternatives.

An (1) effective/efficiency customs administration that leverages technology can benefit from (2) improving/improved transparency, greater efficiency and (3) enhancing/enhanced security. However, the benefits that could be (4) deriving/derived from greater (5) reliant/reliance on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) have at times been undermining/undermined by the (6) failure/failing to streamline customs procedures, thus (7) creating/created a process of where (8) outdating/outdated manual processes (9) continue/continued alongside with computerized practices. Although ITC for customs administration is not a panacea or an end in itself, it can powerfully contribute to effective customs administration and operations when (10) integrating/integrated into a broader modernization effort. To meet (11) it’s/its mission, a customs administration must effectively integrate modern practices and processes with ICT-driven customs management systems.

Unscramble the jumbled order in the sentences below.

To, not, a, system, customs, automate, manual, is, automation, simply.

Sound, automating, many, are, customs, reasons, processes, for, there.

3. the, are, software, still, automation, different, use, but, of, administrations, levels, similar.

Countries, to, trade, their, have, measures, a, several, established, bodies, own, promote, as, facilitation, result.

Find the Perfect Tenses in the text “Customs automation”. Explain their meanings. Use a grammar reference book if necessary.

Use the verbs in brackets in appropriate tense-aspect forms – Simple or Perfect. Mind the correct word order.

The new electronic data processing system (to install) in a month.

The new electronic data processing system (to install) by next June.

The customs formalities (to complete) already.

The customs formalities (to complete) two hours ago.

The contracting parties (to sign) a convention last year.

The convention just (to sign).

The declarant (to fill in) an e-declaration.

The e-declaration (to fill in) incorrectly and the customs officer (to ask) to fill in a new form.

Many countries (to create) their own automated systems of customs control.

Automated systems of customs control (to simplify) many customs procedures.

Render the text in English.

Электронное декларирование товаров и транспортных средств

Сегодня современные информационные технологии стали краеугольным камнем таможенных процессов, связанных с построением единого информационного пространства государств-членов Таможенного союза. Прилагаются огромные усилия по внедрению современных информационных технологий в работу таможенных органов и обновлению существующих компьютерных программ, включая инфраструктуру, обеспечивающую бесперебойное функционирование всех компонентов Единой автоматизированной информационной системы таможенных органов (the Unified Automated Data System).

Ключевым звеном в этой работе является переход на новую систему организации таможенного оформления и таможенного контроля, применение которой позволит снизить затраты времени на проведение таможенного контроля, повысить его эффективность и осуществлять максимально быстро таможенное оформление товаров и транспортных средств, перемещаемых через таможенную границу Российской Федерации.

В соответствии с Таможенным кодексом Российской Федерации декларанту предоставляется возможность декларирования товаров и подачи документов, необходимых для таможенного оформления, в электронной форме.

Speak on the following issues:

· the importance of trade facilitation;

· the reasons for automating customs processes;

· the levels of customs automation in different countries.


You are going to a foreign country. You have to fill in some documents. The customs officer advises you to do it electronically and explains why it is more convenient for you.


Browse the internet for extra information and make a 5-min presentation in class on one of the issues below:

· One-stop-shop;

· Single Window;

· Revised Kyoto Convention.

Self-assessment grid

Tick (✓) “Yes” or “No” answers in appropriate columns and lines to self-assess your knowledge and skills. Yes No

I know:

- the topical vocabulary “Customs automation”;
- what international organizations promote trade facilitation;
- why it is important to automate customs processes;
- the levels of automation of customs processes achieved in different countries;
- what is to progress from ‘Vertical integration’ to ‘Horizontal Integration’;
- the difference between the simple and perfect tense meanings.
I can:
- use perfect tenses in proper language contexts;
- choose proper words while speaking on the problems of automating customs processes;
- render Russian texts in English using the appropriate grammar and vocabulary;
- speak on the topics related to e-customs;
- search the Internet for extra information about one of the issues (One-stop-shop, Single Window or Revised Kyoto Convention).
Total number of positive/negative answers:

Module 1 4

Pre-reading issues


1. What is risk?

2. What possible risks can Customs face?

3. How can risks be prevented or managed?

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