Vocabulary and grammar acquisition

Read the words paying attention to the pronunciation of the bold-typed letters. Consult a dictionary if necessary.


Financial, corporate, finance, area, primarily, entity, cash, acquiring, borrowing, issuing, stocks, broad, funds, acquisition, simultaneously, success, purchase, shares, specified, period, raise, ownership, whether, specific, factors, potential, uncertainty, associated, analysis, tool, evaluation, industry, even, forecasting, goal, alternatives, distributing, current, shareholders, actually, maximization, wealth.


Translate the following expressions into Russian.

An area of finance; financial decision-making; maintaining cash balances; extending credit; borrowing from banks; issuing stocks and bonds; the acquisition of the firm’s funds; to meet the purchase price; selling additional shares of stock; exchanging existing shares of stock; to raise funds; selling ownership interests; to be paid back; expected return; potential benefits; degree of uncertainty; a tool of financial management; an evaluation of the financial condition and operating performance of a business firm; a means for examining risk; so far; choose between financial alternatives; distributing current income among shareholders; to increase future income; financial objective; maximization of the economic well-being.

Find English equivalents in the text.

Финансовый менеджмент; главным образом; субъект предпринимательской деятельности; широкие классы; инвестиционные решения; те, кто дает деньги взаймы; наличные деньги; одновременно; купить (приобрести) фирму; взять деньги взаймы; в течение указанного периода времени; кредиторы; с другой стороны; прибыли; расходы (издержки); отрасль; финансовый анализ; прогноз (прогнозирование); другими словами; цель; владельцы бизнеса.

4. Make collocations with the words investment, finance and financial and translate the collocations into Russian.

Investment: analyst, bank, bond, grade, portfolio, securities, trust.

Finance: bill, committee, company, department, house.

Financial: adviser, aid, burden, centre, circle(s), commitment, futures, institution, interests, intermediary, resources, ruin, state, statement, structure, support, world, year.

Find the text the terms related to the area of economy and finance. Explain their meanings. Use a dictionary if necessary.

Fill in the grid with the missing parts of speech where it is possible.

Noun Verb Adjective Adverb


Fill in the gaps with appropriate words given the box.

 risk income bond entity shares borrows interest   stock shareholder returns costs lend investors

1. Banks will only … out money at a high rate of … .

2. Financial records are prepared for a distinct unit or … regarded as separate from the individuals that own it.

3. The value of the company’s … rose by 86%.

4. When a government or company issues a …, it … money from … .

5. Higher … and higher … usually go hand in hand.

6. Three quarters of my … goes on running … of the house and car.

7. A … is a person who owns … in a company.


Explain the meaning of the bold-typed idioms.

1. ‘Cash on the nail!’ roared the proprietor.

2. These supplies could be financed for the time being, a matter of a few months, on the cash and carry basis.

3. After an honorable and fruitful career he cashed in his chips at the age of ninety years.

4. It was time to take stock of the situation.

5. He gave me a stock answer.

6. ‘You stock and stone!’ exclaimed the woman. ‘You cold, cold heart!’

7.  The company wants to protect their product designs at all costs.

8. A good manager should count the cost before taking a decision.

9. It cost him a pretty penny.

10. After the company announced plans to reduce benefits, the union threatened to return like for like.

11. His behavior means that he has returned to former practices.

12. He turned his back on us rather abruptly and returned to his muttons.


Use a Business English-Russian dictionary to translate the following expressions into Russian. Make up sentences of your own with them.

Return cargo; return fare; return on equities; return to scale; joint return; marginal return; net cash returns; return of capital; rate of return; submission of returns; tax return.

10.   Choose the best answer.

Financial analysis

Within the firm, (1)_______ analysis may be used not only to evaluate the (2)_______ of the firm, but also its (3)_______ or departments and its product lines. (4)_______ may be performed both periodically (5)_______ as needed, not only to ensure informed investing and financing decisions, but also as an (6)_______ in implementing personnel policies and (7)_______ systems.

Outside the firm, financial analysis may be used to (8)_______ the (9)_______ of a new customer, to evaluate the ability of a supplier to hold to the conditions of a (10)_______ contract, and to evaluate the market performance of competitors.

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