Translate the following word-combinations into Russian.

Risk management; to achieve an appropriate balance between trade facilitation and regulatory control; routine “gateway” checks; varying degrees of sophistication and success; too much of one makes it difficult to achieve the other; the flow of legitimate trade; to apply a set of management procedures; to verify the movements of goods and passengers; the establishment of documentary controls and physical inspection procedures; technological advances; a more disciplined and structured approach to managing risk; to jeopardize the attainment of stated objectives.

Find English equivalents in the text.

Управление рисками; препятствовать организации в достижении целей; несоблюдение таможенного законодательства; распознавание, анализ, оценка и уменьшение рисков; разработка мер борьбы с контрабандой; тем не менее; в последнее время; возрастающая сложность, скорость и объем внешней торговли; создать карту рисков; быть нацеленным на более успешное достижение своих целей.

Form pairs of synonyms.

Jeopardy, affect, attempt, prevent, vulnerability, ensure, verify, fundamental, risk, advance, volume, interfere (with), implement, check, breach, attainment, influence, amount, progress, basic, achievement, guarantee, carry out, effort, weakness, violation.

Find in the text the antonyms of the following words.

Compliance, illegitimate, exclude, impossible, success, old, slightly, easiness.

Match the words with their definitions.

1 “gateway” check a balance or compromise
2 sophistication b reducing the severity or painfulness
3 physical inspection c put sb/sth into a situation of danger or failure
4 gear d experience and wisdom
5 trade-off e customs inspection of ingoing/outgoing passengers or goods
6 mitigation f adapt to a new situation
7 jeopardize g material examination of vehicles, cargo or passengers by customs officers

Define the part of speech of the words in bold type. Translate the sentences into Russian.

1. Customs authorities are now applying the principles of risk management.

2. One of the principal tasks of the customs is the application of risk management.

3. Customs risks include the potential for noncompliance with the customs laws.

4. There are always the potential breaches of customs laws.

5. Basic risk management has always been fundamental to customs operations.

6. The fundamentals of the customs theory and practice must be observed.

7. Customs officers and managers should be well-informed about the basics of risk management.

8. All this is to be done without big rises in the basic level of taxation.

9. The personnel of an organization are the people who work for it.

10.  It is only your personal opinion, nobody else’s.

11. Form compound words using the prefix anti-.Follow the model. Make up sentences with some of the words.

Model: smuggling – anti-smuggling

Ageing, constitutional, corruption, fraud, globalist, government, piracy, smoking, social, virus.

12. Fill  in the gaps using  one  of  the options:  a) other; b) the other; c) others, d) the others, e) another. Explain your choices.

1. I don’t know any so self-disciplined person … than you.

2. We always think every … man’s job is easier than our own.

3. I heard a familiar voice on … end of the line.

4. The two countries do little trade with one … .

5. Think of ..., don’t be so self-centered.

6. He believes prices will not rise by more than … 4 per cent.

7. I called her … day.

8. The customs authorities had no … choice than to take formal action.

9. In … words, the problem that deserved professional discussion was risk management.

10. The customs officer was the only one on duty, … were gone.

Use appropriate prepositions where necessary.

1. Drug traffickers violate customs laws … an effort to make fast money.

2. The organization stresses the need to maintain … possible risks.

3. The captain abandoned … the passengers and the sinking ship.

4. To apply … the border crossing rules is every passenger’s obligation.

5. They are going to refer … the Examination Board.

6. Noncompliance … the customs regulations is punishable.

7. The flow … narcotics and counterfeit goods must be reduced.

8. The model takes … account a given database management system.

9. Price hikes will affect … us all.

10. Hard work is fundamental … success.

11. … recent times European nations controlled almost the whole world.

12. The economic boom was fueled … easy credit.

13. The Customs has adopted … new risk management rules.

14. Education should be geared … the students’ needs and abilities.

14. Translate the sentences into Russian. Pay attention to the meanings of the underlined words in bold type.

1. The cost of the alcohol duty varies according to the amount of wine in the bottle.

2. Prices vary from ten to fifteen dollars.

3. People’s opinions vary with age.

4. He had a varied career.

5. The company has been working with varied success.

6. Events can depend on constant and variable conditions.

7. There are too many variables involved.

8. The products we sell are many and various.

9. His various achievements are most impressive.

10. The device has a variety of uses.

11. Variety is the spice of life.

Render the text in English.

Управление рисками

Управление рисками – это процесс принятия и выполнения управленческих решений, направленных на снижение вероятности возникновения неблагоприятного результата и минимизацию возможных потерь, вызванных его реализацией.

Современная экономическая наука представляет риск как вероятное событие, в результате наступления которого могут произойти только нейтральные или отрицательные последствия.

Цель риск-менеджмента в сфере экономики – повышение конкурентоспособности хозяйствующих субъектов (business entities) с помощью защиты от реализации чистых рисков.

Базовыми методами риск-менеджмента являются отказ от риска, снижение, передача и принятие.

Риск-инструментарий значительно шире. Он включает в себя политические, организационные, правовые, экономические, социальные инструменты, причем риск-менеджмент как система допускает возможность одновременного применения нескольких методов и инструментов риск-управления. Наиболее часто применяемым инструментом риск-менеджмента является страхование. Страхование предполагает передачу ответственности за возмещение предполагаемого ущерба сторонней организации (страховой компании).


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