Vocabulary and grammar acquisition

Read the words paying attention to the pronunciation of the bold-typed letters. Consult a dictionary if necessary.

Right, levied, fees, excise, antidumping, measures, foreign, accordance, regard, comprises, determined, approved, factual, furnished, ought, authentic, legal, stipulated, currency, conversion, purposes, said,  acceptance, dispatched, partial, exemption, possession, wholesale, upon, quoted, pursuant, prescribed, refinance, period, disbursed, concurrently.

Translate the following expressions into Russian.

 Customs duties and taxes levied on the goods conveyed across the customs border; customs fees; antidumping and compensational duties; the Federal Law on Measures for Protecting Economic Interests of the Russian Federation in Foreign Trade Operations with Goods and Commodities; methods of appraising customs value; authentic documentarily certified information; calculations of the payable amounts of customs duties and taxes; the legal tender of the Russian Federation; classification code of the goods and commodities; the terms of payment; goods dispatched by international mail; electric power lines; goods imported with partial conditional exemption from customs duties and taxes; non-payment (delay of payment) of customs duties and taxes; within prescribed time limits.

Find English equivalents in the text.

Таможенные платежи; экспортные пошлины; налог на добавленную стоимость; акцизный налог; в соответствии с Таможенным кодексом Российской Федерации; подлежащий взиманию таможенных пошлин и налогов; товары, перевозимые через таможенную границу; налогооблагаемая база; декларант; Таможенный тариф Российской Федерации; Таможенный кодекс Российской Федерации; конвертация заявленной иностранной валюты; обменный курс; Центральный банк Российской Федерации; физические лица; в личных целях; трубопроводный транспорт; операции оптовой и розничной продажи; закон Российской Федерации «О валютном регулировании и валютном контроле»; штраф; ставка рефинансирования; одновременно.

Form adjectives from nouns/verbs using the suffix –able. Translate the adjectives into English. Follow the model.

Model: tax – taxable, pay – payable.

Convey, charge, value, appraise, exchange, account, accept, prefer, duty, calculate, import, export.

5. Use an English dictionary to define the following terms:

Customs value – ...; value-added tax – ...; import duty – ...;
export duty – ...; excise tax – ...; antidumping duty – ...;
exchange rate – …; penalty fee – ...; refinance rate – ... .

6. Comment on the meanings of the modal verbs shall and ought to in the sentences below. Translate the sentences into Russian.

1. Subject to customs duties and taxes shall be the goods conveyed across the customs border.

2. The customs value and the factual details used for appraising the goods customs value furnished by the declarant ought to be based on authentic documentarily certified information.

3.  Calculations of the payable amounts of customs duties and taxes shall be made in using the legal tender of the Russian Federation.

4. ... conversion of said foreign currency into the legal tender of the Russian Federation shall be based on the exchange rate established by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation … .

5. The penalty fee shall be charged for non-payment (delay of payment) of customs duties and taxes within prescribed time limits.

6. Penalty fees shall be disbursed concurrently with the due customs duties and taxes or after said payments ... .

Match the left and right columns to make word-combinations.

1 value-added a tender
2 antidumping/ compensational b fees
3 taxable c persons
4 legal d transport
5 refinance e operations
6 classification f limits
7 natural g tax
8 pipeline h code
9 time i regulation
10 penalty g basis
11 wholesale/retail k duties
12 currency l rate


8.   Fill in the gaps with the words which or whose.

1. He’s a man _____ opinion I respect.

2. What were the talents and virtues by _____ he acquired this great reputation?

3. _____ was the better performance? – Their competitor’s.

4. I can’t remember _____ idea it was for us to meet again.

5. _____ of the currencies should I pay in?

6. That kind of person likes to spend money, it doesn’t matter _____ it is.

7. Joanne Rowling is a writer _____ book has become a bestseller.

8. They are busy with implementing the project _____ success means much to them.

9. A skilled workforce is essential, _____ is why our training programme is so important.

10. They fully comply with the articles _____ provisions are stipulated by the Customs Code.

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