D. Proteins-activators of transcription

E. Chromatin

An autopsy revealed large (1-2 cm) brownish-red, easy crumbling formations covering ulcerative defects on the external surface of the aortic valve. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A. Diffusive endocarditis

B. Recurrent warty endocarditis

C. Polypous-ulcerative endocarditis

D. Acute verrucous endocarditis

E. Fibroplastic endocarditis

A 50-year-old man has felt vague abdominal discomfort within past 4 months. Physical examination revealed no lymphadenopathy, and no abdominal masses or organomegaly at palpation. Bowel sounds are heard. An abdominal CT scan shows a 20 cm retroperitoneal soft tissue mass obscuring the left psoas muscle. A stool specimen tested for occult blood is negative. Which of the following neoplasms is this man most likely to have?

A. Lipoma

B. Adenocarcinoma

C. Hamartoma

D. Melanoma

E. Lymphoma

A patient had been taking glucocorticoids for a long time. When the preparation was withdrawn he developed the symptoms of disease aggravation, decreased blood pressure and weakness. What is the reason of this condition?

A. Sensibilization

B. Cumulation

C. Habituation

D. Appearance of adrenal insufficiency

E. Hyperproduction of ACTH

 190 While shifting the gaze to the closely situated object the refracting power of eye's optical mediums will increase by 10 diopters. It results from changing of such eye structure:

A. Cornea

B. Muscle that dilatates pupil

C. Lens

D. Vitreous body

E. Liquid of the anterior chamber of eye

Parents with an ill child consulted an infectionist. They had been working in one of Asian countries for a long time. The child has sallow skin, loss of appetite, laxity, enlarged liver, spleen, peripheral lymph nodes. What protozoal illness can be suspected?

A. Amebiasis

B. Visceral leishmaniasis

C. Balantidiasis

D. Lambliasis

E. Toxoplasmosis

A person felt thirsty after staying under the conditions of hot weather for a long time. Signals of what receptors caused it first of all?

A. Osmoreceptors of hypothalamus

B. Baroreceptors of aortic arch

C. Glucoreceptors of hypothalamus

D. Osmoreceptors of liver

E. Sodium receptors of hypothalamus

Blood analysis of a patient showed signs of HIV infection (human immunodeficiency virus). Which cells does HIV-virus primarily affect?

A. Cells that contain receptor T4 (T-helpers)

B. Cells that contain receptor IgM (B-lymphocytes)

C. Specialized nervous cells (neurons)

D. Proliferating cells (stem hematoplastic cells)

E. Mast cells

Blood sampling for the haematology is recommended to carry out on an empty stomach and in the morning. What changes in blood formula are possible if blood sampling was carried out after food intake?

A. Increase of leukocyte number

B. Increase of erythrocyte number

C. Increase of plasm proteins

D. Decrease of erythrocyte number

E. Decrease of thrombocyte number

Part of the DNA chain turned 180 degree as a result of gamma radiation. What type of mutation took place in the DNA chain?

A. Inversion

B. Doubling

C. Replication

D. Translocation

E. Deletion

A patient has got a spasm of smooth muscles of bronchi. Activators of what membrane cytoreceptors are phisiologically reasoned to stop an attack?

A. в -adrenoreceptors

B. б - and в - а drenoreceptors

C. Н -cholinoreceptors

D. б - а drenoreceptors

E. М -cholinoreceptors

A patient with hypochromic anemia has splitting hair and loss of hair, increased nail brittling and taste alteration. What is the mechanism of the development of these symptoms?

A. Deficiency of vitamin А

B. Decreased production of parathyrin

C. Deficiency of iron-containing enzymes

D. Deficiency of vitamin В 12

E. Decreased production of thyroid hormones

A 22-year-old patient was admitted to the hospital with complaints of heavy nasal breathing. During the examination of her nasal cavity the doctors found thickened mucous membrane, a lot of mucus and nodular infiltrates without erosions in the nose.The nasal rhinoscleroma was diagnosed. The biopsy was taken. What typical morphological changes may be found?

A. Granulomas with Langhan's cells

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