B. Genetic disorders of fetus development

C. Development of female fetus

D. Trisomy

E. Polyploidy

 159 A 68-year-old woman can't move her upper and lower right extremities due to the stroke. Muscle tone of these extremities and their reflexes are increased. There are pathological reflexes. What form of paralysis is it?

A. Tetraplegia

B. Paraplegia

C. Dissociation

D. Monoplegia

E. Hemiplegia

 160 A 17-year-old boy fell seriously ill, body temperature rose up to 38,50 С , there is cough, rhinitis, lacrimation, nasal discharges. What kind of inflammation is it?

A. Fibrinous inflammation

B. Hemorrhagic inflammation

C. Suppurative inflammation

D. Catarrhal inflammation

E. Serous inflammation

Nowadays about 50 minor bases have been found in the t-RNA structure besides the main four nitrogenous bases. Choose the minor nitrogenous base:

A. Uracil

B. Dihydrouracil

C. Cytosine

D. Cysteine

E. Adenine

The energy inputs of a healthy man have been measured. In what state was the patient if his energy inputs were less than the main exchange?

A. Nervous exertion

B. Calmness

C. Rest

D. Easy work

E. Sleep

A patient, who suffers from congenital erythropoietic porphyria, has skin photosensitivity. The accumulation of what compound in the skin cells can cause it?

A. Coproporphyrinogen 3

B. Uroporphyrinogen 2

C. Uroporphyrinogen 1

D. Protoporphyrin

E. Heme

 164 A woman with 0 (I) bllod group has born a child with AB blood group. This woman's husband has A blood group. What genetic interaction explains this phenomenon?

A. Recessive epistasis

B. Codominance

C. Polymery

D. Incomplete dominance

E. Complementation

 165 The donor who didn't donate the blood for a long time was investigated with IFA method. Anti-HBs antibodies were revealed. What does positive result of IFA in this case mean?

A. Chronic hepatitis С

B. Previous hepatitis B

C. Acute hepatitis B

D. Acute hepatitis C

E. Chronic hepatitis В

The effect of electric current on the exitable cell caused depolarization of its membrane. Movement of what ions through the membrane caused depolarisation?

A. НСО 3 -

B . Na +

C . К+

D . С l -

E . Са2+

A patient with clinical signs of immunodeficiency has no changes of the number and functional activity of T- and B- lymphocytes. Defect with disfunction of antigen-presentation to the immunocompetent cells was found during examinatio on the molecule level. Defect of what cells is the most probable?

A. Macrophages, monocytes

B. Т -lymphocytes, В -lymphocytes

C. NK-cells

D. Fibroblasts, Т -lymphocytes, В -lymphocytes

E. 0-lymphocytes

A patient with encephalopathy was admitted to the neurological in-patient department. There was revealed a correlation between increasing of encephalopathy and substances absorbed by the bloodstream from the intestines. What substances that are formed in the intestines can cause endotoxemia?

A. Butyrate

B. Ornithine

C. Acetacetate

D. Biotin

E. Indole

A 1-year-old child with symptoms of muscle involvement was admitted to the hospital. Examination revealed carnitine deficiency in his muscles. What process disturbance is the biochemical basis of this pathology?

A. Lactic acid utilization

B. Substrate phosphorylation

C. Transporting of fatty acids to mitochodrions

D. Actin and myosin synthesis

E. Regulation of Ca2+ level in mitochondrions

A 44-year-old woman complains of common weakness, heart pain, considerable increase of body weigt. Objectively: moon-like face, hirsutism, AP- 165/100 mm Hg, height - 164 cm, weight - 103 kg; fat is mostly accumulated in the region of neck, upper shoulder girdle, stomach. What is the main pathogenetic mechanism of obesity?

A. Decreased production of glucagon

B. Increased production of glucocorticoids

C. Increased production of mineralocorticoids

D. Increased production of insulin

E. Decreased production of thyroidal hormones

Examination of initial molecular structure revealed substitution of the glutamic acid by valine. What inherited pathology is it typical for?

A. Hemoglobinosis

B. Favism

C. Sickle-cell anemia

D. Thalassemia

E. Minkowsky-Shauffard disease

A patient with serious damage of muscular tissue was admitted to the traumatological department. What biochemical urine index will be increased in this case?

A. Glucose

B. Creatinine

C. Uric acid

D. Common lipids

E. Mineral salts

Increased fragility of vessels, enamel and dentine destruction resulting from scurvy are caused by disorder of collagen maturation. What stage of procollagen modification is disturbed under this avitaminosis?

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