A. Physiological anisocytosis

B. Pathological poikilocytosis

C. Pathological anisocytosis

D. Erytrocytosis

E. Physiological poikilocytosis

A patient has undergone an amputation of lower extremity. Some time later painful nodules appeared in a stump. Amputatious neuromas were found out at the microscopic examination. To what pathological processes do those formations relate?

A. Regeneration

B. Dystrophy

C. Hyperemia

D. Inflammation

E. Metaplasia

 147 Thyrotoxicosis leads to increased production of thyroidal hormones T3 and T4, weight loss, tachycardia, psychic excitement and so on. How do thyroidal hormones effect energy metabolism in the mitochondrion of cells?

A. Activate oxidative phosphorylation

B. Disconnect oxidation and oxidative phosphorylation

C. Stop substrate phosphorylation

D. Activate substrate phosphorylation

E. Stop respiratory chain

Microspecimen of spinal cord contains a nucleus that should be analyzed. Its neurons form motor endings in the skeletal muscles. What nucleus of spinal cord is meant?

A. Thoracic nucleus

B. Intermediate lateral nucleus

C. Proper nucleus of the anterior horn

D. Proper nucleus of gray substance

E. Proper nucleus of the posterior horn

A 45-year-old man applied to the trauma station because of domestic shoulder trauma. Objectively: extension, reduction and pronation functions of the shoulder are absent. What muscle was injured?

A. Infraspinous muscle

B. Teres major muscle

C. Teres minor muscle

D. Subscapular muscle

E. Supraspinous muscle

On autopsy it was revealed: pia mater of the upper parts of cerebral hemisphere is plethoric, of yellowish-green color, soaked with purulent and fibrose exudate, looks like a cap. What disease is it typical for?

A. Tuberculous meningitis

B. Meningococcal meningitis

C. Meningitis connected with anthrax

D. Grippal meningitis

E. Meningitis connected with typhus

A 16-year-old boy was performed an appendectomy. He has been hospitalized for right lower quadrant abdominal pain within 18 hours. The surgical specimen is edematous and erythematous. Infiltration by what of the following cells is the most typical for the process occuring here?

A. Basophils

B. Monocytes

C. Limphocytes

D. Eosinophils

E. Neutrophils

A patient had been ill with bronchial asthma for many years and died from asthmatic fit. Histologic lung examination revealed: lumen of bronchioles and small bronches contain a lot of mucus with some eosinophils, there is sclerosis of alveolar septums, dilatation of alveole lumen. What mechanism of development of hypersensibility reaction took place?

A. Cytotoxic reaction

B. Granulomatosis

C. Reagin reaction

D. Immunocomplex reaction

E. Cytolysis determined by lymphocytes

A young man felt acute pain in the back during active drawing up on the horizontal bar. Objectively: pain while moving upper extremity, reduced pronation and adduction functions. Sprain of what muscle can be observed here?

A. М .subscapularis

B. М .trapezius

C. М.latissimus dorsi

D. М .romboideus major

E. М .levator scapulae

An experiment proved that UV-radiated cells of patients with xeroderma pigmentosum restore the native DNA structure slower than cells of healthy individuals as a result of reparation enzyme defection. What enzyme helps this process?

A. Endonuclease

B. Primase

C. DNA gyirase

D. DNA polymerase III

E. RNA ligase

A 56-year-old patient complaining of thirst and frequent urination was diagnosed with diabete mellitus. Butamin was prescribed. How does the medicine act?

A. It inhibits б -cells of Langergans' islets

B. It stimulates в-cells of Langergans' islets

C. It relieves transport of glucose through the cells' membranes

D. It inhibits absorption of glucose in the intestines

E. It helps to absorb the glucose by the cells of the organism tissues

 156 While preparing a patient to the operation the heart chambers' pressure was measured. In one of them the pressure changed during one heart cycle from 0 to 120 mm Hg. What chamber of heart was it?

A. Left ventricle

B. -

C. Right atrium

D. Right ventricle

E. Left atrium

A 10-year-old girl often experiences acute respiratory infections with multiple punctate haemorrages in the places of clothes friction. Hypovitaminosis of what vitamin has the girl?

A. В 2

B. В 6

C. В 1

D. А

E. С

 158 Analysis of amniotic fluid that was obtained as a result of amniocentesis (puncture of amniotic sac) revealed cells the nuclei of which contain sex chromatin (Barr's body). What can it be evidence of?

A. Development of male fetus

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