B. Diffuse exudate myocarditis

C. Myocardial infarction

D. Productive myocarditis

E. Myocardial ischemic dystrophy

Objective examination of a patient revealed: slender figure, big skull, highly developed frontal region of face, short extremities. What constitutional type is it characteristic for?

A. Respiratory

B. Mixed

C. Digestive

D. Cerebral

E. Muscular

An isolated muscle of a frog is rhythmically irritated with electric impulses. Every next impulse is in a period of relaxation from the previus contraction. What contraction of the muscle occurs?

A. Waved tetanus

B. Single

C. Continuous (smooth) tetanus

D. Tonic

E. Asynchronous

 28 A 60-year-old patient has reduced perception of high-frequency sounds. What structures' disorder of auditory analizer caused these changes?

A. Main membrane of cochlea near the oval window

B. Tympanic membrane

C. Muscles of middle ear

D. Main membrane of cochlea near helicotrema

E. Eustachian tube

Diagnostic scraping was performed to the woman with dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Multiple convoluted glands, ganglially dilated lumens of some glands were revealed histologically in the scrape. Name the type of general pathological process in endometry:

A. Hypertrophic excrescence

B. Displasia

C. Metaplasia

D. Atrophy

E. Hyperplasia glandulocystica

To prevent long-term effects of 4-day malaria a 42-year-old patient was prescribed primaquine. On the 3-rd day from the begin of treatment there appeared stomach and heart pains, dyspepsia, general cyanosis, hemoglobinuria. What caused side effects of the preparation?

A. Decreased activity of microsomal liver enzymes

B. Delayed urinary excretion of the preparation

C. Cumulation of the preparation

D. Genetic insufficiency of glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase

E. Drug potentiation by other preparations

An intraoperational biopsy of mammary gland has revealed the signs of atypical tissue presented by disorder of parenchyma stroma proportion with domination of the last, gland structures of different size and shape, lined with single-layered proliferative epithelium. What is the most probable diagnosis?

A. Mastitis

B. Fibroadenoma

C. Noninfiltrative cancer

D. Infiltrative cancer

E. Papilloma

Inhibition of  б -motoneuron of the extensor muscles was noticed after stimulation of б -motoneuron of the flexor muscles during the experiment on the spinal cord. What type of inhibition is this process based upon?

A. Depolarizational

B. Recurrent

C. Lateral

D. Presynaptic

E. Reciprocal

Desulfiram is widely used in medical practice to prevent alcocholism. It inhibits aldehyde dehydrogenase. Increased level of what metabolite causes aversion to alcochol?

A. Methanol

B. Acetaldehyde

C. Malonyl aldehyde

D. Ethanol

E. Propionic aldehyde

A 60-year-old patient fell ill with obturative jaundice as a result of malignant tumour of the big papillary of the duodenum. Lumen of what anatomical structure is compressed by tumour?

A. Left hepatic duct

B. Right hepatic duct

C. Common hepatic duct

D. Hepatopancreatic ampulla

E. Cystic duct

A 38-year-old patient died during intractable attack of bronchial asthma. Histologic examination revealed mucus accumulation in bronchial lumen, a lot of fat cells (labrocytes) in the wall of bronches, many of them are in the state of degranulation, there are also a lot of eosinophils. What pathogenesis of bronchial changes is it?

A. Atrophy

B. Cytotoxic, cytolytic action of antibodies

C. Granulomatosis

D. Immunocomplex mechanism

E. Cellular cytolysis

 36 Part of alveoles of a preterm infant didn't spread because of enhanced elastic recoil of lungs. How can this recoil be reduced?

A. By artificial pulmonary ventilation

B. By glycose introduction

C. By pure oxygene inhalation

D. By surfactant introduction

E. By fluid suction from the respiratory tracts

 37 Autopsy of a man who died from chronic cardiaovascular collapse revealed "tiger heart". Sidewards of endocardium a yellowish-white banding can be seen; myocardium is dull, dark-yellow. What process caused this pathology?

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